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  • Quick-wear Chronicle (End)
    If the original owner wants to go home, he must seize the movement of the space-time machine from Xiao Wang. The movement of the space-time machine can become the key to start the space-time machine, which has the function of controlling time. Wu Tian dedicated the movement to Xiao Wang, and used the power of the movement to solidify the time on Xiao Wang, so that Xiao Wang was no longer old...
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  • Dai Li Chapter of Peerless Elegance
    Soon an attendant officer followed up, the original noisy street suddenly quiet eerie, passers-by looked carefully and surprised, Xiao Youcheng gradually restored calm, gradually returned to disappointment, his face again covered with a mask, as if just out of control, is not him. Xue Feiyao walked up to him and said, "Maybe I was wrong." You missed her so much that you didn't say the second...
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  • The eyes are charming
    Pang Di knew that today was her birthday, but she didn't expect to marry into her husband's family and someone remembered it, which was a pleasant surprise. Turning to look at Wang Jian, he said with a smile, "In order to let them clean up quietly, you went out for a day today.". Go to the room and change into new clothes. I asked Xuanji to prepare it for you. Then come to the hall, and your...
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  • Regeneration in the Mecha Empire
    More than half of the 20 SS-class warships, 200 S-class warships and 1000 A-class warships that Tianlong Imperial Staff came to participate in coordinated operations were lost. There are only seven SS-class warships, 89 S-class warships and 621 A-class warships left, not counting the damaged warships in urgent need of repair. Although the warships of the Dragon Empire Terracotta Corps, which...
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  • Jiaohua nurturance
    "He doesn't laugh, he doesn't have emotions, he seems to live in a different place from her.". Some people, perhaps living in seclusion in the mountains and forests will have a sense of detachment from the dust, but he just lives in the most prosperous Fancheng. Jiang Yue listened to Xuan Ning's words, only to feel that she was obsessed with the national teacher. But if really according to what...
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  • A collection of disorderly writings
    His eyes could not help staring at his mother's fat buttocks, and as her mother walked, it made waves of graceful and seductive buttocks, as if it was tempting itself to commit a crime. He was looking at his mother's plump buttocks in a trance when he suddenly noticed that her mother stopped at the door of the bathroom and smiled at him. "Love it, don't you?" She giggled and disappeared into...
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  • Supreme Rhapsody
    Suddenly a dark shadow fell on the scene. It turned out to be the coquettish woman. She moved to the side of Zhao Yongtian. She frowned and said in a coquettish voice, "I heard that you two old people are both in and out. Why are you alone tonight?" Huo Sha I don't complain about the cold hum, disdainful tunnel: "Taishan let you live. I thought you would turn over a new leaf, but I didn't...
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  • The Age of Technology: The Strongest Learning System
    As soon as he got up against the wall, he fell down again, with infinite chagrin. He had been enduring it all the time. He was so excellent, but now he was disabled. Whether this is a conspiracy or not, Ouyang Ming roared angrily, "Ah ~ ~ ~" Hit the wall with one punch to vent his anger. Followed by a scream: "Ah ~ ~ ~" It's that woman. There was a loud noise at the entrance of the cave, and a...
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