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  • Tang Shuanglong
    This person must have been lurking in the city of Xingyang, secretly watching their struggle with the Wagang Army, and then take advantage of the moment when Shen Luoyan broke up with him alone, to make a surprise attack. The man was not satisfied with robbing the book, but also committed animal atrocities against Shen Luoyan. Quickly, like a ghost, he penetrated left and right in the snow...
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  • My wife is born again.
    Dong Jie hurriedly broke off his hand, "how can it be so exaggerated?"? I have a small skeleton! Dashan silently bent his elbow and clenched his fist, and his other hand was obviously bulging on his arm. "This is called muscle.". Do you know Dong Jie pokes with the hand, hard, rubs again, then rubs, the mountain helplessly lets go, "do you think this is a toy?" She laughed, "Brother, you grew...
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  • Ashes of time
    Luni's heart suddenly jumped a few times, and with a surge of blood, she pulled down the things on her bed. "What are you doing?" Cried the girl angrily. Lu Ni said coldly: "This shop is mine!" " The girl looked at Lu Ni ferociously for two minutes, but Lu Ni ignored her and threw her things up and spread them. A loud noise made the bed rattle. The girl was bored and lowered her head to look at...
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  • Yamen of Rebirth (Don't believe in pie falling from the sky)
    Liu Jun is now in Ningbei County, the two bodyguards, can not be too ostentatious. After the reconstruction of the national highway. The car is moving very fast. In less than three hours, we arrived at Qiushui Hotel in Baozhou City. Wow, another Qiushui Hotel. Liang Dong, how many hotels does your chain company have in the whole country now? When Yu Guoxun got out of the car, he looked up and...
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  • The lingering sound of rebirth
    Smile, but also helpless, but after all, people deliberately want to embarrass her, she did not need to come forward to find suffering. The best thing to do at this time is to do nothing and wait for them to solve it. After all, there is nothing wrong with her now. That Liu Juan just feels that she will be very nervous if she can't shoot the play. Lin Su-pao would probably be nervous if he put...
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  • Wrong flower picture
    Guo Shaotang saw his expression a little dull on the side, startled in his heart, hurriedly ran to the house, took out the crying flower, and stuffed it into Su Xiaoying's arms. You You see, Huahua seems to be all right. Flower sandwiched in the parents, smell the thick blood, feel uncomfortable, cry more loudly, hands and feet move, small hands brush Su Xiaoying's neck. Su Xiaoying looked at...
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  • The Day Northrend Missed the Great God
    "This is the man." Elder Martial Brotherther leaned over and pointed to Zou Yu standing behind her in the photo. Zou Yu said that he had played in other servers for a while before, but he gave up early because of his studies. So he was a guild president? Are you sure it's him? "How so.". He used to be very mysterious and seldom appeared in public. Only a few of his classmates knew him. I knew...
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  • Dragon-playing _ Pai Pai Novels
    When Wu Shi Shu Xian went there, the younger disciples of Xiling Mountain were in filial piety. Second Elder Martial Brother and Fifth Martial Uncle had always had a good relationship. They were so sad that Su Xiaoman painted his scabbard white to amuse him. It had been a long time, but the color of Second Elder Martial Brother's scabbard had not changed. People in Jianghu, the sword is here....
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  • Endless sword outfit
    The two men jumped into the stone gate in turn, and the old man followed them. He patted the stone wall slightly again, and the stone gate closed. In the middle of the stone wall, there was a long and bottomless bluestone corridor. Ye Bai two people hide surprise, the old man's fingers do not know where to move, the eyes once again bright, a lit bronze animal lamp suddenly appeared in front of...
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  • The Fat Wife of the Reborn Military Marriage Turned Over
    There is an illustration below, a picture of a little boy she stole, two little people, dressed in bright red pockets, sitting on the grass under a big tree, each holding a big bread to eat, behind them are piled up with desserts, cakes, crisp candies, dumplings and other things, which are particularly festive. Finally, she wrote the name of'Plum Private Bakery ', and it was done. She looked...
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