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  • Dark sugar is hard to guard against
    He couldn't wait to meet Le Man and mentioned it to Fan Tou, who asked him to write for half a month on the grounds that he still needed training. Gu Yang has written all kinds of slogans, such as "burst the lights for you, turn around for you, call for you day and night", all kinds of sensational history of fame, all kinds of chicken blood looking forward to the future! From a middle-aged man...
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  • Stealing love
    After a brief silence, Qi Mo said coldly, "Now that your seller has accepted your order, they will definitely produce the corresponding equipment for you. I will take this batch of goods away. If you are not satisfied with your seller's breach of contract, you can come to me next time." Jiao Wen heard here not to Qi Mo raised his eyebrows and smiled, this Qi Mo in the destruction of each...
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  • Xianjue (Shisan) _
    However, the fact is even more incredible, if not for the scruples of killing Zheng Xing Hun will directly face the entire nine Tianmen, Zheng Xing Hun that day may not be the end of the bloody drink hate. The young friar chattered so much that Wuluo didn't bother to pay any attention to him. He looked at the other two men, who took a step across and stood behind the young friar, apparently...
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  • Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108
    "Prisoner Qian Jin, who ordered you to assassinate the princess?" Lu Shaolin asked again, in the heart also secretly worried, this money will not be elm wood head, should not say all, in that case, they in the punishment room, will be buried with it. [] Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 94 Fortunately, Lu Shaolin's worries are superfluous, even if Qian Jin was tortured to...
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  • Unlimited Upgrade
    "Sir Yalin, I think we should have a good talk." Li Yalin and Athena had not finished speaking, but the firewood boat suddenly came to Li Yalin, and his face was ugly. "Talk?"? What does senior Kusanagi want to talk to me about? Li Yalin looked up at the firewood boat, it seems that he and the old man should not have any intersection, right? Have you forgotten, sir? It seems that you still owe...
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  • Recommend [Xuanhuan] Tianjiao Zhan Ji (Male Frequency)
    "At that time, the situation of the Luo family was really not optimistic, and the woman and Luo Chong showed great means, promising a lot of things, so that the whole clan from top to bottom was excited, thinking that they saw the hope of re-emergence." Lu Boya looked complicated. "At that time, your mother and uncle were young and had no ability to stop all this. I was investigating the...
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  • Wan Long Shen Zun
    Just then, Wen Qingye also slowly scattered around, secretly saying: "There are many masters in this small room. There are two big Luo Jinxian and several Wuji Jinxian hidden in it.". Just entered the room, Wen Qingye did not pay attention to the people around, this time found that the monks around the crowd is not a simple character. Feng Hao walked slowly to the stove, with a smile on his...
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  • Female Forensic Examiner of Time Travel
    "It can't be compared!" She said, frowning: "Everyone looks at things, and the view of others, are not the same, everything has its own good!"! But, in my heart, as long as Xu Qing one person is enough! "But after all, he used to." He hesitated to speak. Once was once! She said, taking a deep breath, with a smile on her lips. "I don't deny that everyone's present is built up from the past, but...
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  • Ten Brocade Pictures-Xiao Yi _ txt Novel Paradise
    The old man frowned, looked up at the sky, and sighed: "My child, I have something important to tell you, you …" You must listen carefully! There were tears in the boy's eyes. After hearing this, he nodded. The old man pointed to the nearby cliff and said in a dumb voice, "Let's go over there and say that the snow is too heavy.." The boy in black obediently pulled the donkey aside, and...
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  • Move the universe with force
    "You've really offended him." Tang Dongling pursed his red lips and looked at Lin Dong and said. I don't like trouble, but if someone insists on sticking it up, I can only kick it away. Lin moved to smile, and then to Tang Dongyu arch hand: "Thank you, Miss Tang, I first seat, I think today's auction will be very exciting." As soon as the voice fell, he did not stay any longer, and took Mu...
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