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  • Two months later
    However, in an unknown corner, a young girl of only eleven years old was squatting beside a dry well in a desolate atrium, burning a brazier and throwing in the last string of paper money in her hand! Two months later, the imperial mausoleum of Canglang Mountain was successfully built.   Do you think you can really deceive the world?" When Mo Zhaonan heard this, his face stagnated,...
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  • Infinite seckill of online games
    So, although the night Aries grinned at me, he couldn't get close to me at all! In fact, I did not tangle, in my heart forever churning with a fire of abuse of rookies, the fire jumped up from my feet to the whole body at the moment, so that the whole body was excited and sad, and I wanted to fly out and compete with several top players in the dark night! At this moment, all the way dust,...
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  • White Moonlight dressed as a stand-in for the president
    Ji Yunsi narrowed his eyes dangerously and suddenly turned around and pinched Song Xiao's chin. "You all speak for him, very good." He rubbed her lips with one hand and bowed his head to kiss her symbolically. "I'm disappointed." Song Xiao quickly grabbed Ji Yunsi's hand, looking at the black line on Jiang Muyang's face, and looking at Ji Yunsi's face of frost, "Jiang Muyang drew 600cc of blood...
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  • First Pharmacist
    Ye Lanlan is not polite to him, now two people are tied to a rope of grasshoppers, only she completed the task as soon as possible, everyone can leave here. The mountain is high and the water is far away. After staying on the island for so many days, she knows more about the situation than she does. She would not put aside such a good guide and go to find her way foolishly! So she simply said...
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  • she is the eldest daughter of the Xu family
     Including the purchase of flowers, the list of guests, invitations, and all the details of the wedding, go through everything in detail. Xu Ruyi appears to be much more idle. Song Mohan is afraid that she is tired, does not want her to work hard, almost does not let her do anything. During this time, Xu Ruyi returned to his home. She was so bored that besides writing, all she could do was...
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  • I was reversed by the president
    "All right." Gu Jue nodded, spoke slowly, and said word by word, "I'll try my best to catch up." - When Ruan Anan got home, his mobile phone kept shaking in his bag. She felt out and saw a call from a strange number jumping on the screen. Few people know Ruan Anan's mobile phone number in China. Basically, they are very familiar with it. They seldom receive calls or advertisements from...
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  • Cover the sky
    "Just as well, if there is a saint, when our sages and the ancient holy war king are vegetarian, so many mother ships are enough to obliterate him in an instant!" Many mother ships, with longing and good hope, formally entered the ancient star and rushed to Taichu Ancient Mine, Immortal Mountain, Huolin Cave, Wanlong Nest and other places. But at this time, Ye Fan also finally took action, the...
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  • Underworld Student 4
    Literature Literature Literature Literature "Who are you?" The arhat could not see the man on the opposite chair clearly even if he was too blind. Literature Literature Literature Literature Literature Literature Literature Literature "Why kill me?" Shen can speak with a little hatred, people can not help but think of gods and ghosts. Literature Literature Literature Literature Literature...
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