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  • The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 3
    I wrote this article in Chongqing forty years ago. At that time, my student Li Mangui was editing a women's journal, and she gave me this topic. At that time, people often asked me to "do something I don't want to do, say something I don't want to say, and meet people I don't like to see", but it was hard for me to force myself to do that, so I took this opportunity to give full play to my...
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  • Immortal Inverse _ Ear Root _ txt Novel Paradise
    But to look elsewhere. Hide the figure. Before all the masters of the deification period in the four factions of the alliance and the monks of the snowy land were shot. Wang Lin will not appear Chapter 275 Canglong. The woman in white in the sky closed her eyes and felt the battle in her special way. A sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth. Her right hand pinched the...
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  • The moment of rebirth
    But Jiahui leaned over, put one arm around her shoulder and pointed to the watch with the other hand and said, "No problem, I have calculated it.". As long as you strictly follow my plan, I'm sure you can start and go home! Fanghua looked at him and murmured, "Are you as crazy as my boss?" Jiahui had already copied the form on the U disk and said while preparing to shut it down, "Would you like...
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  • My husband is an evil man.
    "Second Sister, Doctor Zhu is here." Pingmei stretched out her hand to lift the beaded curtain and brought the hurried Doctor Zhu into the inner room. Doctor Zhu? Su Ruan put on his clothes and walked out from behind the painted screen. "Why did you come to me?" "Two girls." Doctor Zhu was carrying a medicine chest on his back, and his face was covered with hot sweat. "Just now, Lord Xing came...
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  • One Piece, I invite you to eat meat.
    In the midst of anger and hatred, Cyrus struck Diamanti down with a sword and won the victory, but before he could catch his breath, Pika, who had been fighting with Sauron, appeared on the heights of the flower fields. After some words, Pika sneered and put his eyes on King Liku, who was in the highland of the old king. King of Dresrosa, only Dauphine! Pika launched the ability to control the...
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  • Wulin Chunqiu
    "I understand," said Li Yanhao. "It's just that I always feel.." "What else do you think?" Asked Li Luan. "Isn't it enough for a handful of poisonous incense?" "I'm afraid it wasn't his idea," said Li Yanhao. "Maybe it wasn't his idea," said Li Luan, "but he didn't know. It was his idea. I understand. The bad thing is the woman. But she is Li Yu's wife, although you can't bear to do anything to...
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  • Violent fox
    "Uh-huh.". The strength has increased by about 30%. The defensive power of the extension bone armor has been increased by at least 50%. Now. I'm afraid it's not so easy for a level seven master to break my defense with fighting spirit! I felt a little bit about my physical condition at this time. Qin's heart was filled with excitement. With the help of the great energy of the dragon's bone...
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  • Cold Rain Fragrance Soul
    Ling Zhuangzhi looked at it and said to Huang Feiyan, "Sister, while there are still lights in the General Stronghold, they are excited and confused." Precautions must not be too strict. We can go to Zongzhai first and catch the old thief. We are not afraid that Xue Penghui will not come out. Huang Feiyan nodded her head and waved her sword to the strong man on the ground. "Get up and take us...
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