Original title: What brand of tape measure is good? If you use it, you can never go back. It is believed that many friends have this kind of experience in their daily life. When measuring the customized furniture at home, the tape measure is basically indispensable, and it is also necessary to measure the size accurately. Usually the range of measurement is in the room, so I have encountered a lot of people have encountered trouble, such as the ruler is too soft,bespoken tape measure, a stretch on the fold. A measure is often not fixed in place, and after a few months of use, the tape measure is difficult to take back,bra tape measure, or it is so worn that even the number can not be seen clearly. So it can be seen how important a good tape measure is, and many friends around me are also worried about what brand of tape measure is good? It wasn't until I came across this Stanley tape measure that I realized what a really good tape measure is. Everyone has a tape measure, but do you know how it works? The tape measure is mainly composed of a tape, a disc spring (clockwork spring) and a tape measure shell. The so-called disc spring is like the clockwork in the old chain clock. When the graduated scale is pulled out, the disc spring is wound up to generate a rewinding force, tailor measure tape ,keychain tape measure, and when the pulling force of the graduated scale is released, the graduated scale can be pulled back by the pulling force of the disc spring. This Stanley tape measure is available in 3m, 5m and 8m sizes, all of which are metric tapes in centimeters. In addition, the automatic zeroing system of the tape is added to further enhance the accuracy of the measurement. The tape hook has a zeroing setting for its own thickness to ensure that the measurement object, whether from the outside or from the inside, starts from zero. It is often said that details determine success or failure, and the details of Stanley's tape measure can not be said. The Stanley tape measure has a rubber shell, which is skid-proof, fall-resistant and durable. The nylon coating on the surface of the tape is not easy to bend and is thickened. As we all know, if the tape is too thin, it is easy to cut fingers in the use process. If it is thickened, it will be safer and more reliable. And this is also an easy hook tape measure, the unique big ruler hook can hook wherever you want at any time and anywhere, no longer afraid of the embarrassing scene that a person can not hook things. The double-sided scale on the white tape is clear and easy to read, but it can also read which side you want to read, unlike many tape measures on the market that only have a single-sided tape, which have to be turned over if you accidentally draw the wrong side,custom tape measure, which is really troublesome. The lanyard also makes it easy for us to carry and prevent the tape measure from falling and causing damage. The overall workmanship of this Stanley tape measure is definitely much better than those ten or twenty on the market. At the same time, as a simple shape, the function is better than the general tape measure. I think friends who are still struggling with what brand of tape measure is good can start with this Stanley tape measure. It is so good that they don't want to touch other tape measures. Good products are worth recommending. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com