Tian Hongwu did not know whether to laugh or cry. "I solemnly declare that I am by no means a disciple of the elder Thai. Believe it or not, it depends on you two.." "Heaven," said the old man with a smile, "there are a few things I think you can explain to me. First, the two of you were asked by the'cold-blooded Taijun 'to come to the mountain to inquire about the festival, and you happened to be there. Second, this'Plain Girl Valley 'is very secret. Few people in Jianghu know it, but you come here calmly. Third, Qin Xiangqiong is very headstrong and seldom talks like a dummy. As a matter of course, when Jianghu people talk about private affairs, they don't allow a third party to be present. You stand beside her and she has nothing to do. How do you explain that? Tian Hongwu said impatiently: "Coincidence, no explanation!" "Did you admit it?" Asked the old man. Tian Hongwu was so angry that he rushed up and said in a cold voice, "What do you admit?" "Tian can," said the old man, "I admit that I am the disciple of the'Su Nu Fei Jian ', and that I am the same as the'Scarface Man'. I am the murderer of Master Ma." Tian Hongwu stood up and said, "It's all nonsense to talk about kungfu." With these words, he walked away. "The old man dodged to stop it." The "land shortage" old man also left the bench. The pavilion is only ten feet square, three people this station, the distance between each other, within reach. Tian Hongwu missed this trip, thinking that the tragic death of Xiao Xiuzi's family could be said to be so resentful that he didn't care about anything. He bent his elbow and crossed his sword. "Do you want to do it?" He said in an icy voice. "Heaven," said the old man, "the two of us have been close friends with Masson for many years. We have to do something for him and do our best to be friends to comfort the souls of the dead." The sword scar on Tian Hongwu's face was red and bright, which indicated that he had moved to kill. "Do you have anything to say?" Asked the old man. Tian Hongwu raised his eyebrows and said, "I would like to reiterate that I am not an'avenger,pipe cantilever rack, 'nor am I his fellow traveler. If you two believe so, I can't help it. Since you want to force me to do it, I will accept my fate. Don't complain in the future. Stop here. Now I can do it!" The old man of "Tiancan" quickly stretched out his hand and went to Tian Hongwu's "Qikan" point. Tian Hongwu snorted coldly and raised his sword to meet him. The sword was half out of its scabbard. He used "guarding the net and waiting for the fish" to attack and defend. The beauty of this move was waiting for his opponent to take the bait. Ka Chir! With a sound, one of the old man's right arms was bent at the elbow and broke off, falling to the ground with a sound, which was very crisp, not like the arm of flesh and blood. Did not see blood, "day incomplete" old man don't say hum, even the color of the face has not changed. Tian Hongwu suddenly suffocated, he had never encountered such a strange thing. As soon as he died,Narrow aisle rack, the old man flew a finger from behind him, and his whole body shook and his internal force disappeared. "Tian can" The old man laughed, picked up the amputated arm from the ground, brushed the dust on it, and said, "Hi!"! The swordsmanship is really amazing, but it's not broken in the right place, and I have to repair it again. Tian Hongwu suddenly realized that the other party was a one-armed man, and the broken limb was fake. No wonder it was called "Tiancan". The artificial arm was made too delicately, just like the real one. Unfortunately, it's too late to know now. "The old man added a finger, and Tian Hongwu fell down." "The old man said," Second brother, how to deal with it? " "The old man thought for a while and said," How about solving the problem on the spot? " The old man shook his head and said, "No, it's time to take it back and let the person concerned end it with his own hands. Maybe there are some words to ask. 'Su Nu Fei Jian' said that, but who knows what she was thinking. Why did my brothers make such a deadly enemy?" "The ground is short, Drive in racking system ,Steel racking system," the old man said. "Well, it's up to you." Tian Hongwu can not speak, but every word can be heard clearly, but regret and anger are all useless, fall on the hands, there is nothing to say. Now, he realized a truth, unless you don't want to kill people, you must do it first, God knows how "cold-blooded Taijun" will deal with himself? Mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth. This is a mourning hall, filial piety plain candle, in the middle for the "poisonous gallbladder iron face" Masson's spirit tablet, filial piety behind, placed lipstick lacquer coffin. There were many people standing in the mourning hall, men on the left and women on the right, all standing in silence. On the front of the table, Tian Hongwu was tied to a large chair, under which a thick quilt was laid, needless to say, to avoid blood stains on the ground. On the table, there was a mahogany tray with a bright dagger on it. Sitting on the side of the spiritual table was a woman with a pure vegetarian body and a black veil on her face. She was the widow of Masson, the "cold-blooded Taijun" who was famous in black and white. Ma Gongzi, dressed in mourning, stood on the other side, his face livid. Live sacrifice is the most cruel practice in Jianghu. Tian Hongwu has heard of it, but he hasn't seen it. And now, he is the sacrifice of a living sacrifice. His face was a little dull, but there was no expression of fear, as if he was not going to be killed. Now, he has some faith in fate. Unexpected misfortunes are often concentrated on the unfortunate, and it seems to be a rule. He had died several times, and he had become indifferent to death. Since a man was not even afraid of death, there was nothing in the world that he could fear. The atmosphere was grim. Pigs, chickens, geese, ducks.. And so on, is destined to be slaughtered and eaten, so the slaughter of livestock, is a matter of course, even children will not frown. But to tie up and kill a living person, the situation is not the same, that is the cruel behavior of people to people to the extreme. Although it was broad daylight, the wind in the mourning hall was gloomy and miserable. "Cold-blooded Taijun" slowly stood up, went to the front of the mourning hall to burn incense, melted a hundred yuan of paper, and whispered a blessing. Then he sat back in his original position and opened his mouth coldly: "It's time to start the sacrifice!" Ma Gongzi burned incense, bowed to the ground, then got up and grabbed the dagger in the tray, turned to face Tian Hongwu, now, his livid face added a murderous look, like a butcher. All the people present were forced to breathe. It is common for Jianghu people to kill and bleed, but if you want to slaughter a person alive, I'm afraid no one here has seen it. This is not killing, it should be said to be slaughtering people. Tian Hongwu held his head high,long span shelving, his eyes staring at Ma Gongzi, his mouth pursed tightly, and his teeth clenched more tightly. omracking.com