A song of Qing Dynasty threw a mine. Time: 2019-01-16 11:10:22 Mada Chapter 077 Gu Jun trembled all over and his voice choked. "I killed my eldest brother.". Had it not been for my clamor to go to the sealed land, the eldest brother would not have taken this task, and none of this would have happened; had it not been for me, a burden, the eldest brother would not have had to protect me, and with his ability, he could have escaped; had it not been that I let go and broke the silver bell rope, the elder brother wouldn't have died. All because of me. Damn it, it should be me. Gu Jun saved his life, but his heart was destroyed. Things in the world are so strange sometimes. Demons are evil, but they usually come from people who still have a conscience. Some people are disloyal, unfilial, unkind, and unjust. In their eyes, human life is worthless. It is just a stepping stone for them to embark on the journey. It is not worthy of pity or sympathy. They even disdain to give a look. They never feel that there is anything wrong with such a big event. Naturally, there will be no demons in their hearts. And Gu Jun? This matter is not at the same level as those big evils. But he just had it. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, the mind is simple, and the heart of the Tao is unstable. It is at the time when people need to guide/teach. Gu Jun has not yet stepped into the threshold of grinding, has not experienced, has never seen the way of the world, encountered such a sudden change. He treated Gu Yan as his own brother. But his own brother died for him. It was his idea. He broke the silver rope. The elder brother put his life in his hands,30ml dropper bottle, but he lost his brother's life. But half a day, a good person, was "sent" to hell by himself. He was flustered, frightened, uncomfortable, and at a loss. If there are elders around to comfort at this time, perhaps there will be no opportunity for demons. But unfortunately, no. Gu Jun was the only one present at that time. He went all over the mountains and plains to look for the traces of Gu Yan. He even wanted to dig three feet into the area where the demon dragged him. He was bumping around like a headless fly. He didn't know how to deal with it,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, and he didn't even think of asking for help. By the time the Special Investigation Bureau found that something was wrong with the spiritual magnetic field and sent someone to check it, he had been in the mountains for two days, lost and muddy. He clung to the place where Gu Yan disappeared and refused to leave anyway. It took a lot of effort for the Special Investigation Bureau to carry him away and place him extra. Later, he found out his identity and called Gu's family over. Two kids, one out of his mind, one missing. The one who is out of his mind is at least alive. Everyone's focus is naturally on the missing one. Even though they know it's bad luck, they can't give up so easily. They try to search in various ways, even if the body becomes a sacrifice, it is good to find a trace of the soul. Besides, what if? What if Gu Yan can be saved? In this way, all their thoughts are on Gu Yan's side, thus ignoring a lot of things wrong with Gu Jun. By the time they were sure that Gu Yan was really gone and had recovered from all kinds of sad emotions, Gu Jun's demons had already formed. Demons are very special. Once generated, they will bewitch you day by day and pull you into the abyss of demons. It may not be the most powerful in the world, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Amber Dropper Bottles, but others can not touch it, there is no way to take it. The only one who can deal with it is the host itself. Gu Jun's demons are because of his self-reproach, guilt, unable to accept the fact that he killed his brother. Want to solve there are two ways, one is to lose their conscience, kill the feelings of self-reproach and guilt; however, Gu Jun can not do. The other is to look at yourself and get out of the incident completely. This seems to be more difficult for Gu Jun. Neither left nor right. He can only be trapped in the control of the demons, step by step, deeper and deeper. Gu Qingshan and Gu Qinghe are sighing, Gu Jun's aptitude is not worse than Gu Yan, Gu Yan is gone, if Gu Jun can come out and cultivate well, there is no need to worry about the family in the future. But who knows. An accident destroyed the two talented descendants of Gu's family, which is lamentable. However, Lu Yao felt a clue from this matter, "a bronze mirror?"? Where did the bronze mirror come from? Gu Junwei was stunned and shook his head after reacting, "I." I don't know. It just fell out of the sky. ” Falling from the sky.. Lu Yao murmured and asked, "What does that bronze mirror look like?" Everyone looked at Gu Jun, because they did not know about the bronze mirror at all, nor had they seen it, and everything was what Gu Jun said. Gu Jun frowned and thought, "like an antique, from the shape and pattern, the age should be very long.". But I can't see which Dynasty it is, and it seems that it is different from some of the production techniques and characteristics of the current historical Dynasties. Lu Yao asked Song Shi to take a pen and paper and hand it to Gu Jun. "Can you draw?" Gu Jun nodded, do not need to draw more carefully, just need to draw the outline, his speed is very fast, and so on to take the paper again, see the above pattern, Lu Yao stood up, a shock all over. What's going on? What's wrong with this bronze mirror? Lu Yao's face changed slightly, "Kunlun Mirror!" Kunlun Mirror, also known as Tianji Mirror, is an artifact. This is not strange, why a bronze mirror, the four directions of demons and ghosts scattered. It was this mirror that saved Gu Junyi's life and avoided the crisis of another chaos in Lingnan. Kunlun Mirror, Kunlun.. Several people present did not forget that Lu Yao said that he learned from Kunlun. Facing several pairs of eyes, Lu Yao smiled bitterly, "Kunlun Mirror is one of my master's treasures." "Sure enough," they said in their hearts. This kind of treasure, unexpectedly is only one? Then think of the day to subdue Mo Shaoqian, Lu Yao in the special investigation Bureau out of the hidden power of heaven and earth, the head of the Protoss blood token-Lingzhu. Gu Qingshan and Director Zhao looked at each other, shaking all over. Is this Kunlun related to the upper world? Director Zhao was moved, "It was two years ago that Lingnan was reborn.". You said that more than a year ago, when you first went to Yuzhou,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, your master had gone to see you. Didn't he tell you about it? Lu Yao's expression flashed, quite embarrassed. 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