As soon as Zixu's voice fell, just as Wang Hanmei's catkin was slightly raised, the vigorous voice in the forest rose again: "Baby, this kind of person is not worth haggling with him. Don't spoil the embroidery needle." I'm sure it's too late for him to kowtow to me. " When Wang Hanmei heard this, she beeped her little mouth and put the thing she had touched back into her arms without anyone noticing. Qunhao did not see anything unusual after looking back, thinking that there must be someone else in the forest, and did not pay attention to the back. When Zixu Laodao heard this, he tightened his expression and subconsciously reined in his horse and stepped back. Ha! Ha The man in the forest suddenly gave a contemptuous laugh and said contemptuously, "Shaomao, you don't have to be so worried and afraid. Your little life doesn't deserve to be called out.." Zixu suddenly felt that the old man's face was hot, and he became angry from embarrassment. Fangsi scolded him. Suddenly there was another voice in the forest: "Eldest brother, you and my brother are so old, do you still have the leisure to amuse the children?" "Laosan, why are you still so hot-tempered? If I hurt this boy, when the three shaggers come, won't they fight with us again?"? Wait a minute, wait for this little shaggy to make a fool of himself! "Amitabha!" Master Huijue seemed to be impatient, but he was still holding back his temper. He immediately put his hands together and said to the forest, "I have something urgent to do. Why should Tan Yue and others hide in the forest again and again to play with each other? How about showing up to see me?" The man in the forest gave a strange laugh and said, "Brothers,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, did you hear that? The master of Shaolin has spoken!"! Little monk, the good fortune of Lao Jiaohua is shallow. This old bone can't stand your worship, eh! After all, he is an eminent Buddhist monk. As soon as he meets him, he makes the old people like him. He is much better than the little Shaggy in Wudang! All right, for the sake of the empty old bald and your little monk face, the old beggar's right and give you a gift to meet, catch it! Suddenly,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, a dark shadow, from the depths of the dense forest, flew faster than the lightning to Master Huijue. Master Huijue was so shocked that he opened his mouth in astonishment when the people in the forest called his first teacher "Kongkong Old Bald". One of the four Dharma protectors of Shaolin had already come out from the lightning behind him. He met the coming thing and took it in his hand. His hands felt that the coming thing was very strong. Even this eminent monk, one of the four Dharma protectors of Wulin, was brought by the coming thing! He stepped back three steps in a row before he took the stake and stood firm. He himself, as well as the heroes on the horse, could not help but turn pale at the sight of it. When dozens of eyes fell on this group of black things, Qunhao's face changed greatly, secretly shocked in his heart, and he could not help but gasp for cold air, because he did not rush into the forest and secretly say lucky. It turned out that the so-called meeting gift of the people in the forest, which was in the hands of the four Dharma protectors of Shaolin, turned out to be a black-clad and masked member of the Yougang in a coma. At the moment, all the heroes were discerning people, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Blue Bottle Serum, and people could see that the black-clad masked man in the coma was made by a very clever method of hitting acupoints in the air. From this, we can also know that Diyou Gang, as Master Huijue expected, had an ambush in this dense forest, and there was more than one person in the ambush. Sure enough, just when Qunhao was shocked, the voice of the people in the forest rose again: "Little monk, this gift is so valuable."? Do you still want it? They are so mean that they have become dead goods! More obviously, the people in the forest are friends rather than enemies, and they come in advance to remove obstacles for the group of heroes. At this point, Qunhao was greatly grateful. Master Huijue even announced the name of the Buddha and bowed to Lin Zhongwei on the horse, saying, "I would like to thank several old Tan Yue for their help on behalf of Qunhao in Wulin." Weidun added, "I dare to invite a few Tan Yue to show up, so that all the heroes in the martial arts world can have a look." "How about the third brother?" The man in the forest laughed and said, "I was right to say that this little monk is much more sensible than that little Shaomao." Hum! Slow down and go out, three old shaggy hairs are coming! Lao Jiaohua must give them a good scolding! As soon as the voice fell, Linnet was silent. Qunhao are the top players in the martial arts world at the moment. Hearing that three more people are coming, they can't help but listen carefully. How can there be any noise? Since Qunhao is a top player in Wulin, his hearing will not be wrong, and he will be puzzled. Suddenly a clear roar came across the sky, and the roar was like a dragon singing, and it came from half a mile away. When Qunhao heard this, he felt a shock in his heart. "Shame!" He whispered. As far as the whistling sound from half a mile away is concerned, when the people in the forest are aware of it, aren't they still a mile away? The people in the forest are afraid of the immortals and swordsmen. Whistling sound did not fall, a breeze rustling, between the dense forest and Qunhao has floated down three children's face and crane hair, immortal wind and bone, floating out of the dust of Gao Nian Quanzhen! It turned out that the bearer was actually a generation of immortal swordsman in the word: Wudang Sansheng! The leaders of each faction did not expect that the three immortals would suddenly appear here and now, nor did they expect that the "three old shaggers" in the forest would be the three predecessors. After a shock in their hearts, they all hurriedly floated off their horses. As the leader of the martial arts world, Master Huijue hurriedly stepped forward. He clasped his hands together and said in awe, "Shaolin Huijue, I have seen three predecessors!" As soon as Master Huijue gave a gift, Qunhao naturally dared not neglect to follow the gift. Master Huijue is the supreme leader of a faction, and now he is also the leader of the Wulin Alliance. Although Sansheng is now the most respected immortal swordsman in the universe, he does not dare to accept such a gift in vain, and he also returns the gift with a solemn expression. A Taoist priest in the middle of Sansheng said with a smile, "How are you masters?" Master Huijue, as the leader of the alliance, said in a respectful voice, "With the help of the three senior Hongfu and the younger generation, they are all still healthy. The murder case in Wulin has been settled. At this moment, the younger generation is invited by the Diyou Gang to go to Beigao for a banquet in order to get rid of demons and defend the Tao." Yipiao Taoist nodded his head with a smile and said,Glass Cosmestic Containers, "This poor Taoist and others have already known that the master personally led the masters of various factions to the north to attend the banquet. This matter has spread all over the martial arts world a few days ago, and the poor Taoist and others have also come for this matter!" Master Huijue was stunned for a moment and said with shame, "The younger generation is so stupid and incompetent that they are the chivalrous drivers of the three older generations. I feel very uneasy." 。