Suddenly, all the words and voices were silent, all the expressions and movements stopped, and the four people seemed to have turned into four stone statues. Baoer's clasped hand has not been completely put down, his left hand is still below the "left Ruquan point", and his right hand is still beside the "Qi blood sac". These two hands to here, then suddenly stop, no longer dare to have the slightest movement, just because the other side of that move, has been ready to come out, if he has any trace of movement, may cause the disaster of killing. But at this moment, the two hands are about a foot apart from each other. Anyone who has a little foundation in martial arts can see that this posture is really an empty door. "Fang Baoer, Fang Baoer," sighed the little princess! How dare you be so careless? ? The way you look at the moment. There are at least thirty or forty empty doors all over your body. Even if it's an ordinary move, it can knock you down, not to mention. What's more, this missing knife, it seems that you are doomed today. "She wished that Baoer would be knocked down quickly, and at the same time she was worried about Baoer-what was her mind?"? Even she can't tell the difference. 。 Tiewa exulted and said, "My eldest brother is not my eldest brother after all. Only he can put on such a wonderful posture, and only he dares to put on such a wonderful posture. No one in the world can put on more postures than this empty door. The more empty doors there are, the more others don't know where to attack. Isn't this similar to a posture without an empty door?" No, it's higher than the posture without an empty door, Hee Hee! Ha-ha! Wonderful! Wonderful, it's really wonderful! The ideas between him and the little princess were so different,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, because he could often think from the simplest and most direct way. But the little princess's train of thought is too much, too complicated. Chairman Xiaogong is really "too" clever. The stillness of this man's rest lasted for nearly half an hour. Tiewa's hands and feet were already numb, but he did not dare to move-even the onlookers did not dare to move a little, not to mention Fang Baoer. "Strange," thought the little princess, "why doesn't this man do it? Is he deliberately torturing Boa? ? Let Boa suffer more pain. …… Could it be that he knew that he would die under a blow, so he couldn't bear to make a move? "The more she thought about it, the more complicated it became-obviously simple things became complicated when she thought about them, but she was still better than others. She finally figured out the result from the complexity. Oh! Yes, Boa's posture is really too many empty doors, he did not know where to shoot, so he has been hesitant, ah! In this way, the pain has become his own, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Oil Dropper Bottle, wonderful! That's wonderful. Suddenly, the light of the knife moved. The man in black held the knife in both hands and turned his body slowly. With his left foot as the center, he turned his body in a surprisingly slow way. The long knife, with the rotation of his body, drew an arc. This rotation, this arc, is surprisingly beautiful, so beautiful that people are dazzled, so beautiful that people can hardly breathe. No one could have believed that this ordinary turn would have such amazing beauty and charm if he had not seen it personally. There was no sound and no music. But this turn, it seems to be in the dance, as if the essence of the dance-Oh! Yes, silence is not the highest rhythm in music. This turn, it is stepping on the highest rhythm between heaven and earth, in that silent rhythm, dancing out of the most beautiful posture of heaven and earth. The little princess and the iron baby are already crazy. After this turn, the body of the man in black and the long knife seemed to have turned into one and connected into an unbreakable whole. And then, all of a sudden. The light of the knife trembled, and somehow it turned into a curtain of light. Hearing the telegram, Yin hit Fang Baoer. Which part of Fang Baoer did the knife hit? No one can see it. 。 This is a fleeting moment! The long knife brought the wind, like the roar of a wild animal. The little princess and the iron baby saw a flash of the figure in front of them-just a flash, the wind of the knife, the light and shadow, and then completely stopped like a miracle. The place where Fang Baoer and the man in black were standing had changed places. The man in black held the long knife high in his palm. Fang Baoer's left palm protected his chest, but his right palm stretched back like a wingspan. The two men stood back to back, still like stone statues, and neither of them moved. Who won? Who lost? ? Silence adds suspense, and the silence of suspense is even more suffocating. I don't know how long it has been-it seems very short, and it seems very long. The man in black finally exhaled a long, heavy breath and said: "Good move." Two words have not finished, the body of the soft fall. Boa wins! TieWa exultation shout way: "Big Brother won." Big Brother won. Baoer turned over a sweep, swept to the front of the man in black, panic way: "How is your excellency?" The man in black vertical sad laugh way: "What's the matter?"? Defeated …… Defeated.. Defeated "…" Defeated. He said "defeat" four times in a row, and his voice became weaker and more tragic-the laughter had already stopped completely. Boa gritted her teeth and suddenly tore open the skirt of the man in black. Under the starlight, she saw that the solid chest of the man in black had collapsed. It turned out that just when the two figures were interlaced, Boa's right palm swung back and hit the chest of the man in black. Although there was no palm print left in this palm, it had completely broken the flank of the man in black. What an amazing palm power! Treasure mixed with but hung his head, saying: "I missed." This palm.. This hand is too heavy! It's too heavy. He said, "It's too heavy," because he knew that the man in black had no hope of survival. The man in black said: "This.." No wonder you. Treasure way: "Blame me.." Is to blame me, I have no quarrel with you, this should not. The man in black light shout way: "咄 ! How can I blame you? You know I forced you to do this. …… I forced you to do the killing. Voice and gradually weak, suddenly sad laugh way: "Actually, I didn't force you to do this,cosmetic packaging wholesale, but I did force you to do that. Didn't I already say that if this move was made, there would be blood and death?" Treasure chestnut ran way: You.. Do you already know the way, this move. The man in black cut his mouth and said.