Original title: Luban Chi Ji Number Comparison Table, Luban Chi Ji Number Query Luban Chi Ji Number Query Commonly used lucky number sizes of the Luban ruler are 2123 cm, 4042 cm, 6062 cm, 81 cm, 88 cm, 89 cm, 106108 cm, 126128 cm, 133 cm, 146 cm, 155 cm, 171176 cm, 191 198 cm, 211216cm、 231236cm、 241cm、 253256cm。 There are many kinds of auspicious numbers in Luban ruler, and different numbers represent different meanings. First of all, wealth represents good luck, referring to money and talent. Financial virtue refers to the performance of wealth, virtue and virtue. And that treasure-house refer to the precious thing that can be obtained or stored. Liuhe refers to harmony and happiness. Yingfu refers to happiness and welfare. Righteousness in Luban Chi represents auspiciousness, which means conforming to justice and moral norms, as well as collecting donations and doing good deeds. Official on behalf of the auspicious, refers to the official luck. Shunke refers to passing the exam smoothly and winning the exam, while windfall refers to unexpected wealth. This represents auspiciousness, the standard or noumenon of things. The lower layer of Luban ruler is called Dinglan ruler, which is mostly used to measure Yin houses and ancestral niches. Luban ruler is a measuring tool used in ancient architecture. It is about 42.9 centimeters long. It is mainly used to check whether the planed boards, square materials and structures are perpendicular to each other and the edges are at right angles. Because of these special functions, it is widely used in ancient architecture. The ancient Luban ruler is 46.08 cm long, while the modern Luban ruler has two lengths, 42.9 cm and 50.4 cm. But relatively speaking,bespoken tape measure, when modern people carry out architectural design and interior decoration, because they are more casual, few people use the auspicious size of white ruler and Luban ruler to measure and layout. The Luban ruler is divided into four rows from left to right, which are the traditional inch, Luban ruler, Dinglan ruler and centimeter. The Luban ruler was later measured by geomantic omen and eight characters were added to measure the good or bad luck of the house. The eight characters are "wealth", "disease", "separation", "righteousness" and "official". "Robbery". "Harm" and "origin". Under each character, they are divided into four small characters to distinguish the meaning of good or bad luck. The best size of the entrance door of the Luban ruler is: Yingfu,keychain tape measure, Windfall, Caizhi and Daji. Measuring method of Luban ruler: Measure the inner diameter of the door: measure the left and right sides of the furniture. Expand the full text What is Luban Ruler: Luban ruler, also known as "Luban ruler", also known as "angle ruler", is about 42.9 centimeters long. It is said that it was made by Lu Ban of the State of Lu in the Spring and Autumn Period. Later, eight characters were added by geomantic circles to measure the good or bad luck of houses. This has been proved by the experiments of relevant people in the field of architecture at home and abroad, and has been widely adopted in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, North American Chinese society and the developed coastal areas of China. Nowadays, it has been widely used by craftsmen, mainly to verify whether the planed boards, square materials and structures are perpendicular to each other and the edges are at right angles. What do you think of Luban Ruler? The Luban ruler is divided into four rows, namely, the traditional inch, the Luban ruler (for measuring houses and furniture), the Dinglan ruler (for measuring Yin houses and ancestral tablets), and the centimeter. When making or purchasing mahogany furniture, when measuring with Luban ruler, try to choose the size of auspicious. In fact, personalized tape measure ,bespoken tape measure, this "Luban ruler" is not a "ruler", but a comparison table. 1 Luban foot = 1.368 square feet = 45.6 cm; in general There is a "scale system" for units of length; for example : 1 square foot = 10 inches, 1 inch = 10 minutes, that is, this is the decimal system. However, there is no "carry system" in "Luban ruler", only good or bad luck is marked in words. The eight characters in the first row are "1 wealth, 2 diseases, 3 separation, 4 righteousness, 5 officials, 6 plunder, 7 harm and 8 books". The usage of Luban ruler (click on the picture to enlarge and see the clear picture): The use of Luban ruler for good or bad luck: There are eight characters on the Luban ruler, which are respectively the wealth, illness, separation, righteousness, official, robbery, harm and origin mentioned above. Under each character, there are four small characters to distinguish the meaning of good or bad luck. The meanings of the eight characters and the accompanying small marks are as follows: 1. Wealth: auspicious. It refers to money and talent. A. Wealth and virtue: refers to the performance of wealth, virtue and virtue. B. Treasure house: It is a metaphor for getting or storing precious things. C. Liuhe: Harmony and happiness. Liuhe is the four directions of heaven and earth. D. Welcome the blessing: Welcome the blessing. Blessing is happiness and benefit. 2, disease: on behalf of the fierce. It refers to injury, disaster, illness, disadvantage, etc. A. Withdrawal of wealth: the meaning of losing or destroying wealth. B. Official business: It mostly refers to public affairs such as corruption, bribery and lawsuits. C. Imprisonment: refers to the disaster of imprisonment. D. Widowhood: refers to the behavior of being lonely and widowed. 3. Separation: on behalf of the fierce, refers to the separation of the six parents. A. Changku: In ancient times, there was the saying of prison. B. Robbery: waste and loss of wealth. C. Official ghost: It refers to the matter caused by official evil spirits. D. Loss: The meaning of loss of objects and separation of people. 4. Righteousness: represents auspiciousness. It refers to the act of conforming to the norms of justice and morality, or collecting donations to do good deeds. A. Tian Ding: In ancient times, a boy was called Tian Ding. B. Benefits: increase the financial benefits. C. Rich son: a son who can become a dignitary in the future. D. Good luck: good luck. 5. Official: On behalf of good luck, it refers to official fortune. A. Shunke: Successfully passed the exam and won. B. Windfall: a windfall. C. Income: income income. D. Riches and riches: rich and powerful. 6. Robbery: On behalf of fierce, it means being robbed or coerced. A. Farewell: Farewell forever. B. Retreat: It refers to the matter of filial piety. C. Leaving home: leaving home. D. Property loss: loss or loss of property. 7. Harm: On behalf of evil, meaning of disaster. A. Disasters: Disasters come. B. Death: a clean death. C. Illness: Illness is coming. D. Talking: Arguing and quarreling. 8. Ben: stands for Ji, the standard or noumenon of things. A. The arrival of wealth: the arrival of wealth. B. Entrance examination: being admitted to the examination. C. Jinbao: Zhaocaijinbao. D. Prosperity: Prosperity. The best size of the entrance door is: Yingfu, Windfall, Caizhi and Daji. The size of door of advocate bedroom is best: money comes, enter treasure, flourishing, 6 close. The best size of children's door is: Dengke, Guizi, Daji and Yili. Lucky number of door opening on Luban ruler: if converted into metric size, The usual auspicious scales are 21-23 cm, 40-42 cm, 60-62 cm, 81 cm, 88 cm, 89 cm, 106-108 cm, 126-128 cm, 133 cm, 146cm, 155cm, 171-176 cm, 191-198 cm, 211 216 cm, 231-236cm、241cm、253-256cm、261-263cm、275cm、281-283cm。 Generally speaking, the height of modern doors is not more than 283cm. For common houses, the width of the door (that is, the horizontal distance between the inner wall of the door frame, excluding the thickness of the door frame) is 108 cm, and the height is about 212 cm,bra measuring tape, while the width of the room door is 81 cm, and the height is 198 cm. Such a scale is suitable for all. Conclusion: Although Luban ruler has certain guiding significance in geomantic omen, it can only be used as an auxiliary tool. We should pay more attention to its measuring function. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com