The tall and thin staff officer who spoke first, he was alone, had no wife and children and no worries, so he was also a bachelor. As soon as Yang Ying came in, he decided to surrender and turn to the camp of Flynn Kingdom. Adult Tall and thin staff said, "originally in the base of the robot's supreme control, is controlled by Walker, now Walker is dead.". The orders he gave before he died are still there, and they are very senior, and no one in this room has the authority to cancel his orders. "And beyond this room?". Blade noticed that there was something in his words. Outside this room, there is a man. It was the chief of staff. After Walker died, his authority was naturally transferred to the hands of the chief of staff. The tall and thin staff officer pointed to Walker's body and said, "Fortunately, Walker's body is still there. Just use the body to confirm to the system that Walker is dead, and then convince the Chief of Staff.". You'll be able to control the rest of the droid army. The other staff officers in the room looked at the tall and thin staff officer with complicated eyes, and they were very contemptuous of the traitor's endless behavior. But I saw the golden lightsaber in Blade's hand. There were also eleven black-robed men who came in with unknown cultivation. They did not say anything, but in their hearts they expressed their understanding of the behavior of the tall and thin staff officer. At the same time, the idea of rebellion that had been suppressed in their hearts was burning like wildfire. I'll get the chief of staff. A staff officer with a turquoise head recommended himself. I'll go too! A fat staff officer echoed. Blade asked a doppelganger to follow the two men to bring the chief of staff, and after two minutes, the chief of staff arrived. Reading the Latest Children's Day, Washing the Stream Book,Narrow aisle rack, Drying the Fine Notch and Throwing Shan Qi Umbrella Chapter 561 of the main text. The experience of being locked in a dungeon. The chief of staff was clearly impressed, and was disappointed with the Republic of Flynn. Before Blade could speak, the chief of staff defected without hesitation, reset the robot control system, gained the authority of the supreme commander, and issued instructions to all robots to stop fighting and declare unconditional surrender. The offensive and defensive battle had come to an end, although there were still some stubborn people in the base who refused to obey the order to surrender and occupied some areas with a few people in an attempt to put up a desperate fight. A small number of Banjun officers and soldiers fled to the wild and became guerrillas, continuing to fight against Wang in this form. Later,Pallet rack beams, the Deng6 troops of the Telan Mercenary Regiment took over the base, organized the remaining people on the rebel side into prisoners, disarmed them and detained them in the concentration camp. The so-called concentration camp was formed by creating a daylight area in the rebel base, and after some modification, they installed many surveillance systems in every corner, and scattered the prisoners to prevent them from each other. Couplet. Yang Ying sent six combat troops from three divisions. Responsible for the management and security of the concentration camp, in addition to standing guard and patrolling, Yang Ying also ordered them to count the number of prisoners and ranks, while he also sent a ghost secret service group, presided over the interrogation of high-ranking officers. By the way, spy on the prisoners. Yang Ying's orders were passed to Deng6 troops one by one like running water on the giant beast, and when he finished, he said. The General Staff Department also put forward some supplementary suggestions, which Yang Ying also adopted. As for prisoner statistics, war results statistics, radio shuttle racking ,Steel racking system, casualty statistics, wounded treatment, intelligence analysis, these complicated work is mostly the work of the staff, Yang Ying just read the summary report made by the staff. After reading it, Edni, with a relaxed expression on her face, came over and said with a smile, "Master Yang Ying, congratulations on taking down that base. There are 500,000 soldiers and 2 million robots stationed in that base, which accounts for half of the ground troops of the rebels in Duolun Star. Now that we have solved them, the work in the future will be much easier." Yang Ying hum, there is no particularly happy expression on his face, the victory has long been expected, although slightly faster than expected. But there's nothing to be surprised about. You said before about the Toron Resistance. Has there been any news from the world? "Yes.". I came here just to say that when Edni saw Yang Ying's calm expression, her mood was also affected. It seemed that she was not as excited as she had just been. She said calmly, "Fausto, the leader of the four major resistance organizations on the net, Cai and Duolun Star, came to me for a contact. He hoped to see Master Yang Ying and have a face-to-face conversation with you." Yang Ying touched his chin and asked, "This Fausto is.". What character? Eadne replied, "Fausto was originally an officer of the king, serving in the Duolun garrison fleet.". When the rebels invaded and occupied Toronto, the commander of the garrison fleet mutinied and sent all the fleets into encirclement. The garrison fleet was wiped out. Only he and several of his colleagues escaped and fled back to Toronto in an escape boat. Then Fausto began to organize those who hated the rebels to attack the rebel forces and arm themselves with rebel weapons. Later, there were more and more of them, and today, they have become the largest resistance organization on the Star of Toronto. Yes, Fausto himself is a third-level master. Yang Ying hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, "All right, just go and meet him for a while. Time and place?" Fausto said, it's up to you. "The time is tonight, and the place is the rebel base we just captured." "All right, I'll get the information out right away." Edni smiled, said goodbye to Yang Ying, and walked out of the bridge. By the time the sun went down, the original rebel base, which was now the temporary base of the Telan mercenary regiment, was very quiet, and the flames that had been everywhere not long ago seemed to be yesterday's flowers. Has disappeared, a team of six combat team members scattered in various key areas of the base, standing guard, sentry sentry. Their expressions always seem to be so cold and focused, any sign of trouble can not hide their alert heart, coupled with high-altitude patrol observers, forming a three-dimensional alert system. Several groups of rebels have been caught trying to get out of or infiltrate the base by night. At this time,Pallet rack supplier, a gray aircraft flew far in front of the door, and it circled in front of the base. Sent one to the base. Signal. After a while, he got permission to enter the base.