Next to him, a middle-aged man dressed in white clothes and with a black horn belt around his waist glared at each other and stared at Zhangsun Fuliang, who was kneeling in front of him with some shyness. "If you hurt the boy of Pei Fu's family today, I'm afraid it will push my Zhangsun's family into the fire pit!" Between the rebukes, his eyes slightly glanced at the old man on the rattan chair. Although he was already one of the Grand Maesters of the Cabinet, he was still respectful in front of his father. The reason why the Zhangsun family was able to become the first of the eight great families was that it was the old man on the rattan chair who closed his eyes and rested. The Duke of Qi, Zhangsun Zongheng, was a minister of the dragon and a patriarch of three Dynasties. Now, although he has resigned from the post of minister of the Ministry of Personnel, he is at home with a sinecure. However, he had served as the chief officer of the examination for many times, and his students were all over the officials of the Chu Dynasty! As far as talent is concerned, Zhangsun Zongheng is definitely not outstanding among the advisers and good prime ministers. But from the relationship with Taizu, it was once the heart of Taizu. Because of the special trust of Taizu, Zhangsun Zongheng not only played a special role at the beginning of the founding of the country, but also was entrusted to assist Emperor Wen, becoming a special figure in the political history of early Chu. It was with the favor of the two emperors that he promoted the Zhangsun family to the top of the eight families step by step! However, after Emperor Wen died of a sudden illness, Emperor Wu began to gradually withdraw from the political arena after he ascended the throne. Because of this, Shangguan Hong began to be in power without this constraint. There is a word hanging on the study, dragons and phoenixes dancing. Clever understanding, elegant military strategy! This is exactly the calligraphy of Taizu, bestowing on Zhangsun Zongheng. ………… .... "Ji'er, Fu Liang is young and has little conflict with others.". It's just a young mind, and it's just competitive. The old man on the rattan chair slowly opened his eyes and said in a hoarse voice, "But Fu Liang, you are now the son of my eldest grandson.". The way you do things, you should have a rule. That's all for today. What did grandpa teach you when you were young! Dealing with people is measured by Machiavellian tactics. Relying on personal bravery, you will fight with the boy of the Hou family. As he spoke,gold shaking table, he sat up and said with a smile, "If you want to eat meat, don't you have to kill it yourself?" When Zhangsun Fuliang, who was kneeling on the ground, heard this, he trembled all over and his eyes shone fiercely: "Grandpa, save your grandson!" "Well, you go down first!" Zhangsun Ji, who had a faint worry in his eyes, watched his son go out. Then he said doubtfully, "Father, if you teach him like this, I'm afraid it's hard to be good to Pei Fu!"! "Isn't it my father's strategy to hide our capacities and bide our time now?" "Pei Jia!"! Even though Pei Shuye is extremely brave, he is no better than Wu Fuer! No matter how honored and favored he is, he can hardly make up for the fact that he comes from a poor family. Although he married a Wang family, portable gold wash plant ,Portable gold trommel, did the Wang family ever help him? This court dispute, but also fell on the side of Shangguanhong! He himself ended up neither fish nor fowl. Had it not been for the large number of troops in hand, there would have been no discussion today! "Shangguanhong acted too insolently, and the young emperor had hills and valleys in his mind.". He was afraid that he had forgotten the ancestor of the back (river crab) palace. How could he be so kind to each other? Seemingly weak and sickly Zhangsun Zongheng suddenly got up, emitting a momentum of pressure on Zhangsun Ji some chest tightness. You can never see through this father's behavior. The Zhangsun family was at the height of its power, but he retired in a hurry. He pretended to be ill to resign from a series of real powers such as the minister of the Ministry of Personnel, and instead felt at ease to be an idle Duke at home. This style seems to have been discussed with the Ning family. The head of the eight great families, how glorious do you think such a name is! Little did I know that at the time of the late emperor, I had already regarded my eldest grandson's family as a rock in the water. That's why he put Shangguan Hong in an important position and used martial arts to suppress literature! Otherwise, for his father's military life, is not even the position of Sangong unattainable? With a sneer, Zhangsun Zongheng sat down at his desk and said, "How could you see such a situation today despite the genius of the late emperor?" In addition to the constant wars in the border areas, the imperial court also suppressed the sects outside Fang on a large scale. It is no wonder that although the style of writing is prosperous, the style of martial arts is still the ambition of many princes' children! My father was a soldier all his life and was a minister of the dragon. But because of the fame of the head of the eight great families, he stopped outside the three public. Up and down the mansion of the Duke of Qi, they all hide their capacities and bide their time, which really makes some people feel that the Zhangsun family is difficult to support their fame! "Father, today I went to the Hall of Two Instruments and saw Zhong Taifu." "What's so strange about seeing Taifu as an imperial teacher?" Zhangsun Ji lowered his voice and said, "The Little Yellow Gate outside told me that Zhong Taifu didn't give a lecture to the emperor today.". And faintly heard inside, there is a mention of Shangguan Taishi! "Oh?" As soon as Zhangsun Zongheng's expression converged, he hesitated for a long time: "Act according to circumstances!"! This world, after all, is the emperor's world. But if the empress Dowager doesn't move, don't follow her. Although Zhong Xiufu is a Taifu, he is just a corrupt scholar after all! "The child understands and dares not move easily!" Legend has it that when Zhong Xiufu was a child, he went out with his relatives and met a fortune-teller. The fortune-teller said, "This boy has a noble appearance, but he will suffer from water. Be careful!" The result did not walk a few miles, when crossing the bridge, the horse was frightened, and Xiufu fell into the water and died. So his relatives thought that the physiognomist's words were right, and they valued him very much. Pay for it, let him concentrate on reading! For filial piety and honesty, moved to the head of the Ministry of Rites and the Minister of Rites. After Emperor Wudi ascended the throne, he was granted the title of Marquis of Neixiang, and was named Sangong together with Shangguan Hong and Hou Xianzhi. However, in the prejudice of the aristocratic family and the poor family, although Zhong Xiufu is the model of the world's scholars, he has never been taken seriously by the aristocratic family. Discussing the situation in the imperial court, Zhangsun Chong's eyes suddenly twinkled: "I'm afraid that the illegitimate son of the Pei family is going to be famous today!"! The poem presses Dao Lin Gong, a body of martial arts is better than the rebellious son. I heard that he is a disciple of Taixue! Is Taixue Palace going to be born again? His own Kirin son was outdone by the illegitimate son of a poor family, and Zhangsun Chong's heart was inevitably somewhat depressed. No matter, don't ask! Wait and see what happens. Zhangsun Zongheng's heart is also a fog, Taixue was born, afraid that between the sect and the court will lead to turmoil. The illegitimate son of the Pei family is really a disaster. For now, we can only wait and see what happens! —————————————————————— It was dark outside,gold cil machine, but the hall was brightly lit. On the table, Pei Donglai and Pei Duoduo sat on either side of the old lady. Side of a lot of servant girls to serve this, but also three generations at the same table.