But Jiahui leaned over, put one arm around her shoulder and pointed to the watch with the other hand and said, "No problem, I have calculated it.". As long as you strictly follow my plan, I'm sure you can start and go home! Fanghua looked at him and murmured, "Are you as crazy as my boss?" Jiahui had already copied the form on the U disk and said while preparing to shut it down, "Would you like to go crazy with me?" Seeing that Fanghua was silent, he turned his head again, put his arms around Fanghua's shoulders, and asked with a smile, "Won't you go home with me?" Looking at his gentle smile like spring breeze, Fanghua could not help but impulsively burying her head on his shoulder: "Well, then I will throw caution to the wind, and I will go crazy with you." What she thought to herself was: People are not romantic-oh no! Yes-people are not crazy and young in vain. Jiahui patted her on the head and said softly, "Don't worry!"! Everything can be done with me as your logistics minister. But Fanghua looked up again and said, "No, I'll look at this watch again." Jiahui pointed to the computer that had been turned off and said, "OK,heavy duty rack manufacturers, don't look at it.". Let's go print it out for you. Fanghua is depressed: "You are acting first and reporting later.". It's not like you don't know that I'm slow to read literature when I have so little time to do so many things. Jiahui pulled her up and walked out: "Don't worry, I've thought about it, and I won't fail." Fanghua took a closer look at the printed work plan and found that Jiahui's design was very reasonable. The amount of reading he arranged for himself was gradual. In the first few days, I should be able to finish it with a little effort. The speed of the latter arrangement is getting faster and faster. It should be that Jiahui considers that after a few days of "strengthening", his reading speed will be significantly improved. And the procedure he arranged is also reasonable, reading reviews,heavy duty metal racking, looking up literature, reading literature, writing reviews, experimental design, everything is in order and orderly. She also looked at the plans for the Spring Festival days and found that there were also documents to read here, and the target was "on the car, on the road, on the plane". Sweat! Why does this man squeeze out all the time for himself? Uh? Back and forth by plane? There is no discount on air tickets at this time. What a luxury! Forget it, in order to go home, let's have a luxury! However, Fanghua still asked, "Is it easy to buy a ticket for the Spring Festival?" "I'll buy it in the afternoon. Don't worry about anything. Just read your literature." Fanghua nodded. "Well, that's what you said.". I'm going to throw away the shopkeeper. "She took out her bank card from her purse and said, shuttle rack system ,radio shuttle racking," You don't have that much money with you, do you? You can use this. " "No, I have money," said Jiahui. Fanghua still pushed the past: "I also want you to help me buy a gift for Dad!"! I really don't have time to go. I'll leave it to you. Jiahui still did not answer: "What do you want to buy?"? Use my money and save yourself the trouble. Fanghua: Just buy cashmere clothes, health care products and so on. By the way, I have to buy something for Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle Zhang. You can make up your mind. "If it's so much, it's better to use my money." Fanghua took Jiahui's hand and put the card in his hand: "Why are you so clear with me?"! Don't you have a job yet? What kind of money can you have? Just use my password. It's my birthday. Jiahui helplessly took the card and looked at it. Suddenly he smiled again: "It seems that you are not a rich man, are you?" Fanghua raised her face and said proudly, "Hum, I've made a small fortune these months." "Oh?"? Can you still make a fortune? "Yes, a fool is blessed with money that can fall from the sky even if he sits at home.". I thought I was going to sea to endure hardship, but I didn't think I could earn a lot of money by traveling around the world without spending a penny. Hey, hey! Jiahui looked at Fanghua's smile as if she had picked up a big bargain, and could not help shaking her head and smiling. He put away his bank card and said, "I'll keep it first. If I run out of money, I'll use yours." "Mmm." That afternoon, Fanghua went to Cory to formally ask for a long vacation, explained where she was going, and then went back to the laboratory to work hard. Jiahui took her cell phone and went out to work. In the evening, he called Fanghua and asked her to eat by herself. He was with Zhang Yong, a graduate student at Beijing Medical University. In the evening, Fanghua was in the room of the hostel, lying on the bed and reading the literature. Jiahui came back at about nine o'clock. Without raising her head, Fanghua asked him, "Did you get the ticket?" "Well, I've bought everything back and forth." Then Fanghua looked up at him and asked, "Haven't you bought a gift yet?" "Tomorrow." "Oh." Fanghua continued to read the literature. Also, I made an appointment with Zhang Yong to get together with Zhang Yong and Bai Yun on the sixth day of the first lunar month. "Oh-.". Uh? The sixth day? Are you still coming? Are you still going back to Beijing with me? Jiahui came over and sat down. "Yes, I haven't started to work. Who will accompany you if I don't?" Fanghua sat up and hugged his neck and asked, "How long can you stay?" Jiahui also hugged her waist and said, "I can go to Sichuan Medical College in May." All of a sudden, Fanghua was happy. "Can you stay with me for more than three months?" "Mmm." These two days, I was thinking about the literature, and I thought that Jiahui could only accompany me to Fanghua on the fourth day of junior high school. All of a sudden, I felt that the opening report and the impossible task given by Director Ji were not terrible. Because Jiahui will always be with him, whether he succeeds or fails. She immediately put her excitement into action and kissed Jiahui's face. Jiahui laughed and hid: "No, no.". I just came in from the outside with ice on my face. Fanghua kissed twice more before she stopped. "It doesn't matter.". But why do you always like to make a surprise attack? Tell me what you have arranged. Jiahui didn't say anything, but looked at Fanghua and smiled. But Fanghua read it in his eyes, because he liked to see himself surprised. Text 159,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, Spring Warm 159. Spring is warm In the next ten days, Fanghua became a "bookworm" and got into the sea of literature. She quickly read through the abstracts and selected nearly a hundred articles first. It took Jiahui two days to find the original texts for her in the library and on the Internet. Some of the documents were published in rare magazines, so Jiahui asked his friends in the United States to help him find the electronic version and send it over. kingmoreracking.com