But see, an eagle cries blood and cries, a sword stabs a wolf, the body of a sword "Xuan" word is particularly conspicuous. It seems to imply that Huaiying, they are really predestined, is this a coincidence? There is a stone under the sword, and there is also a word "Xuan" on it. Huaiying knew the stone. Huaiying looked at the stone room carefully. The wolf was a little surprised. Yes, "Huaiying smiled." We are destined. " At this moment, Li Huaiying thought of many things, but his face did not change at all. You are indeed a very deep man, and a very dangerous man. Fortunately, I am not your enemy, sighed the wolf. Huai Ying laughed. It's time for me to go. Take me out of the secret passage. I'm going to the end of the secret passage. I'm in a hurry. The wolf laughed. "Do you want to see the valley at the end of the secret passage?" "Li Huaiying nodded, just on the way.". I'll take you to the chief rudder of Qinglong. Don't forget that I was a member of Qinglong Gang. Yue Heng, they are also members of the Qinglong Gang. They have the leader of the hall and the leader of the sub-altar. They are all fighting for the position in the Qinglong Gang. They will spend thousands of yuan for those positions. The Green Dragon Gang will find you sooner or later. It's better to see them first. "I also want to take you to the exit of the secret passage, to see the valley, I know you will go," the wolf said lightly, "the secret passage is not near, eat something first." After eating, Huaiying followed the wolf away. But they turned back by the secret way into the stone chamber, and they were going out again? Out of the stone room, and walked more than ten feet, the wolf turned the square stone, just the stone door closed. There was a light in front of them again, and under the heart of the tree, there was also a door. From that door, there was a secret passage with no end in sight. There were oil lamps on both sides of the secret passage. They walked along the secret passage. Is there no hidden weapon mechanism in the secret passage? Huaiying asked as she walked. No, the person who can find the entrance of the secret passage can't be hurt by the wonderful hidden weapon. Your internal skills are very strong. You should know that you use internal force to sense the mechanism that opens the door. There are only two people in Wulin today who have such strong internal force. Apart from you, only the leader of the Green Dragon Sect, Wolf, paused and walked. Then he said,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, "Hidden weapons can't hurt you at all. You don't want me to lose confidence and hide your skills from me." Huai Ying said, "I should have known that when you saw the palm print I left behind, you would know that my martial arts are superior to yours. It's not what you said. I haven't practiced my martial arts yet, so I don't want others to know that I know martial arts." The wolf sighed, "The flag owner of the Green Dragon Club can't beat you. You leave her back to report." Huai Ying said, "She will report to Wu Chenlong when she goes back. She found the sword in your hand. The Qinglong Gang has been looking for it." The wolf couldn't help being surprised. "She can't see you?"? But how could the Green Dragon Gang know about this sword? Huai Ying said, "This secret passage, the chief rudder of the Qinglong Gang is at the end of this secret passage, on the mountain above the valley." "You know this secret passage?" The wolf had some doubts. "I just know," Huaiying said with a smiling face. "I'm sure it must be the valley I walked through." Wolf can not help but be surprised, Li Huaiying then said, "Fifteen years ago they knew that there was a magic weapon at the bottom of the valley, and all the magic weapons in the world have a sharp edge that can not be concealed.". You are the same, the talent of heaven, will also have this kind of edge. Li Huaiying said very plain, the wolf remembered one thing. The wolf said, "Fifteen years ago, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,calcium nitrate sol, the blood of the sword, through the cloth bag and the thick soil, reflected the whole valley.". It was just a hundred years since the rebirth of the sword, that is, Li Jing had just died for a hundred years. Because of this incident, my mother-in-law dug out the sword, and I took the sword at that time, and also took a mission to take my life. Huai Ying could not help feeling a little sad. The wolf sighed, "Does everyone in the world know the existence of this sword?" Huai Ying said, "At that time, they all thought that this was the Gan Kun Sword, and the Gan Kun Sword was also hidden on that mountain." "But you know it's not Gan Kun Jian," said the wolf. Huai Ying said slowly, "Qian Kun Jian took away a thousand lives, but it didn't have a murderous look.". For a hundred years, it has been a symbol of justice in people's minds. No one knows the existence of'blood ', and when they see such a heavy murderous look, they will certainly think that this is the sword of Gan Kun. Wolf way, "with the identity of Qinglong gang leader, only the world's magic weapon is the best match.". So, they're looking for this sword. "Yes," Huaiying didn't say much. "They walked along the secret passage." Do you know what's up the valley? Huai Ying asked the wolf, who seemed to have really been here. They had come out of the secret passage into a quiet valley. It was nearly dusk now, and there were autumn leaves falling in the valley. At the exit of the secret passage was an old tree, whose leaves had fallen. Is Huashan, known as the world's most dangerous peak, "revisit the old haunt, the wolf is somewhat sad." Elder Qin buried the blood here, "Li Huaiying asked, pointing to the ground in the valley.". The wolf said, "In Li Jing's life, only her mother-in-law pulled out a sword in front of him. Her mother-in-law pierced his heart with the sword, and Zixuan turned into blood. This is the story of blood, and that's what you want to know." "What about the cloth bag?" Huai Ying still has some doubts. The wolf said slowly, "At that time, the sword of Gan Kun also pierced Li Jing's heart. Li Jing turned into the sword soul of the sword of Gan Kun, and flew to Huashan Mountain with it. It has never appeared in Jianghu.". Li Jing's blood dissolved into Zixuan, and it would have flown away with Qiankun Sword. Zixuan is mother-in-law's sword, Li Jing is not heartless to mother-in-law, he left Zixuan. Zixuan was so fierce that only Li Jing's night clothes could calm it, so her mother-in-law made this cloth bag with Li Jing's clothes. In troubled times, the sword brought the mother-in-law to the secret passage. I don't understand why the cloth bag can suck blood, and I don't understand why the cloth bag can't suck my blood. Huaiying nodded, as if a little tired, as if more sad than the wolf. We walked in the secret passage for two days. Wolf way, "two days, almost, have you been here?" "Yes, this is the starting point for me to enter Jianghu, and also the starting point of fate," Huaiying sighed. As night fell again, Li Huaiying's mind came up with the scenes of the past,Magnesium Oxide MgO, which were somewhat crazy. The wolf sat quietly looking at him, also like crazy, he knew that Li Huaiying must have a very tragic past here. stargrace-magnesite.com