Don't come over, don't come over, don't open your hands.. God didn't hear my cry. Or let a couple of lovers embrace each other in love. Poor me, caught in the middle of them, my right nostril smelled the fragrance of bamboo flowers on my aunt's body, and my left nostril smelled the smell of men on my uncle's body. Hell and heaven! Snake mother, don't run to the hole, take me with you.. Forget it, endure a moment of calm, take a step back. It's not easy for Uncle Hai to think about it. He fell in love with my Aunt Bai at first sight. He had body odor that was hard to cure. Although he was a talented person, he missed the love of beauty. As a result, he accidentally discovered that his former uncle Xu Xian was a lazy gigolo who kept a second wife. Braving the pressure of being misunderstood by the world and breaking up the two, Xu Xian was really not a good thing. On the second day after Aunt Bai was brought to Leifeng Temple, she married a second wife. Fahai's uncle was afraid that Aunt Bai would do something stupid when she was sad, so he didn't dare to let her out, and he came to amuse her every day when she scolded her. On a dark night, the two finally committed adultery.. I'm in love 。 After that, Aunt Bai closed off her sense of smell, while Uncle Fa Hai spent ten generations of merit to help her ascend to the ranks of immortals. Together with him, she attained the Tao and became a pair of immortal couples. But I don't have a closed sense of smell. Who can help me? In the rare'manliness' of the world,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, I finally fainted.. When I woke up, my aunt and uncle had gone, and my father and mother were sitting beside my bed with a serious face. Ice Crystal. 'it's Rare for snake dad to call me without a smile. ' You are not young, and you should go to practice and increase your knowledge. 'Father, just say what you want your daughter to do! ' I don't know you, the last time you talked to me like this, you tricked me into stealing my mother's garlic, the last time you tricked me into beating the rat demon who had a crush on the snake mother,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and the last time.. 'Well, my daughter! ' Even the snake mother spoke. 'What's the big deal this time?' Your aunt and uncle often come here to get together, but your uncle.. ' 'Well, 'Snake Dad continued,' we want you to go to the Fairy Valley behind the mountain and pick the thousand-year-old Phoenix mandala flower. ' 'Why Did you pick the flower? ' I am quite strange, 'isn't that special for the Phoenix people to eat? 'That Flower can get rid of all the odors in the world, and it is a special spice for the fairy world. ' The snake mother said unnaturally, 'Your aunt and uncle will have a wedding next month. We want to give it to them as a gift. It's just right to go to your uncle. No, add some fragrance to him..' I have a headache, this period of time happens to be the incubation and feeding period of the Phoenix clan! Chapter 4 Walking to the mouth of the cave, I saw a big grey snake, slightly thicker than me, lying in the snow with rolling eyes. I sighed and swam to wake him with my tail. What's wrong He hasn't seen himself yet. ' I'm going out. ' I said feebly, 'Mom and Dad, mirror stainless steel sheet ,brushed stainless steel sheet, help me take a picture, and don't let them come up with any strange ideas to punish me.' 'Oh! ' He answered and was about to leave. 'You go back quickly!' 'Change Your body and go in again! '! 'Appeared. ' Say that finish, I smile to look at him, he snake body a meal, flustered with the snake tail to cover his chin, hey! There is nothing to block, I have long been familiar with the poop birthmark! He used to be very proud of it, because the snake father said that the snake-shaped birthmark was the proof of the next snake king. But after I was born, I insisted that it was poop, but he didn't believe it, so I took him to the palace to see the elephant's poop, which was exactly the same. Since then, he has remained in human form (at least in his upper body) in front of me. How interesting! Slightly relieved the depression in my heart, I turned the mountain and slid back to the mountain. It is true that there are immortals in the Valley of Immortals, but they are all hidden gods and scattered immortals, unlike the cold stones in heaven. Most of them travel around the world like Aunt Bai and Uncle Fa Hai, or like the father and mother of snakes. Fairy Valley is spring-like all the year round, because it happens to be on the fairy vein, in addition to people coming to practice, there will be some special fairy flowers and fruits. The phoenix mandala flower is not rare, as long as there is a little fairy spirit or spiritual gathering place can grow out. But the thousand-year-old phoenix mandala, alas, I do not know why only here. Now it is the annual Phoenix season. Although the snow mountain is like winter all the year round, it is already early summer outside. The phoenixes will fall in love (that is, mate) in this season, the minors will evolve in this season, and the adults will hatch eggs in this season. And none of these can be less than the thousand-year-old phoenix mandala flower. Those who fall in love should eat it, those who evolve should eat it, and those who have just been born should also eat it (usually the phoenix people only eat ordinary phoenix mandala). I don't know if I can grab it with those guys of the Phoenix Clan? Just as he was thinking, he had reached the edge of the cliff behind the mountain. Taking a deep breath, I yelled, 'I'm Superman!' One jumped off the cliff.. The wind! Keep blowing.. Me ! It keeps falling.. Bottom ! Why haven't you arrived yet? 'Bang ', in the end. I shook the head of the snake and looked at my stomach with pity. Fortunately, it was still bulging and I didn't spit out the meat I ate at noon. Looking around, it turned out that I had fallen on the grass ball. I said, "Why didn't I spit it out as usual?"? But who laid a straw dumpling here? Eh? What is this white thing? I stood up suspiciously and looked into the middle of the straw. Mother! Finished.. 'Do not look good, this look, I was scared to cry, this white round is not a phoenix egg is what? There's a crack in it. I didn't hit it, did I? What is the greatest experience of doing bad things? If you succeed, you will smirk. If you are caught, you will die. If you fail, what if you are not caught? Run, of course. Seeing no one around me, I slipped away with a whoosh. Following the extraordinary fragrance, I came to the sea of flowers where the Phoenix Datura grows,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and the golden light in the middle is the Millennium Phoenix Datura. I climbed up the tree and opened my mouth to bite the flowers. Oh, God! Why does Datura grow on trees? This damn branch is biting my teeth. Have you heard? ' A human voice? When the gossip came, I stopped my work and listened attentively. I heard. ' There are more than two people chattering.