"Spoil it, girl, spoil it." Tong Zijian is smiling. All night long, she clung to the Iron River, and when the adults talked, she blinked her big eyes and listened. Iron River's chin was rubbed by her soft hair, and her mind drifted for a while; listening to what she was muttering in a low voice. When they left Grandpa's ward, they had slept in his arms for a long time. He gave Tuotuo to Gangchuan, who took one look at him and said, "You don't know what Tuotuo has been muttering about, do you?" Tiehe looked at the proper child's flower head. She was talking about playing the piano for her little aunt. Gangchuan whispered, seeing that Tiehe did not respond, he looked back at his parents and Eden who had just come out of the building, "What's wrong with you?"? Although I sounded as if something was not very good, I thought it would not be so bad, so I never asked you. Don't mind if Eden doesn't speak carefully. Tiehe just said nothing and urged Gangchuan to get on the bus. The night wind was warm, but the child was delicate, how good to be blown by the wind-he looked at Gangchuan, Gangchuan is really careless. Gangchuan looked at him and only said, "You can really suffocate people to death. How did Ah Duan come with you?"? Tiehe took a breath and heard Eden say behind him, "Tiehe will take Tuotuo to see Ah Duan tomorrow,304 stainless steel wire, or I will be entangled by Tuotuo." She looked at Gangchuan, who had already got on the bus with Tuotuo in her arms, and smiled at Tiehe and said, "Really, I'll adopt Tuotuo to you quickly." Iron River "Hum", say: "Good. Gangchuan settled his daughter, listening to Tiehe said so, "Hello",Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, said: "You want to give birth to your own ah, why do you want my daughter, I can be this one..." Tiehe pulled the corners of his mouth. Gangchuan! When Guan Youmei heard this, she lifted it to her eldest son. "Get in the car.". Xiao Tie, get in your father's car. She said no more and got into the car. Gangchuan Eden was stunned by his mother's sudden change of face. Eden hurriedly pushed Gangchuan, said hello to Tong Shengli, and then got on the bus. Tiehe turned around and saw his father standing three steps away from him. He tried to relax and asked his father to get on the bus. Tong Shengli motioned to him and wanted to walk with him. The father and son walked slowly along the winding and quiet path. It was already May, and the air was filled with the fragrance of pagodatree flowers, which was sweet and greasy. Iron River was wrapped in this warm sweet, only to feel chest tightness. When you hold and look at it properly, the mood that you try to suppress almost spurts out at this time. Xiao Tie, I heard what your mother said. Tong Shengli took the lead. After walking for a long time, my son didn't say a word. He spoke first. Uh "Let me give you my opinion." Tong Shengli said this sentence, and took two steps, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "Xiao Tie, your mother must have said that our attitude is the same-we have to be responsible for Ah Duan.". A Duan is our daughter-in-law and daughter. We don't want her to be in danger. "Father," Iron River stopped, he looked at his father, father and son are very similar, but he is half a head taller than his father. His chest was tight. "When my mother was pregnant with me, she was in great danger, wasn't she?" Tong Shengli also stopped. He flicked his hands twice, released them, and turned around. Grandma said that. The Iron River said quietly. Uh Tong Shengli nodded his head. He doesn't seem to want to recall that time. When Youmei was pregnant with Tiehe, she accidentally suffered from pregnancy-induced hypertension. They had a very difficult time. Even some time after Tiehe was born, when Youmei was not out of danger, he did not want to see the child who made Youmei die. At this time, he felt a little guilty about Tiehe, and the days that had passed forever were as vivid as yesterday, which he had never forgotten; Before, he had almost never thought of talking to Iron River about how he had come through at that time. Father, "Iron River looked at his father.". Father said nothing, but he understood. What my father has experienced may be what he will experience, although he strongly resists this possibility. Tong Shengli saw something in Tiehe's eyes and nodded his head. Boy, you really made a mess of your mother and me. Tong Tiehe was wringing in his heart. He knows. My father and mother didn't say anything, but my grandmother nagged me. He said that he, the devil of the world, had almost killed his mother before he was born. He lowered his head. Xiao Tie, we really can't force Ah Duan. And I know that, to some extent, Ah Duan is a stubborn child, and she is even more stubborn than your mother. Tong Shengli said slowly. A gust of wind blew, and the withered pagodatree flowers rustled down and fell on the shoulders of the father and son. Don't just think about what is most important to you, Xiao Tie. You should also think about what is most important to you two. Tong Shengli clenched his fist, emphasized "you two", and then said, "Maybe it's not a bad thing for you two to get through this together, right?" The eleventh chapter of the main text is the meandering of lotus and fir (23). Tong Tiehe's throat is tight. Tong Shengli said: "The premise is that a Duan's life and health are the first." He glanced at the car that had been following not far behind him. "Xiao Tie, I believe you can do your best." "Thank you." Tong Shengli nodded, and his son's "thank you" made him have mixed feelings. He looked at the son standing tall and big in front of him, and could not help thinking, if he and Youmei had twisted and insisted on giving up the child, what would it be like now? He patted Tiehe on the arm. "Ah Duan is stubborn. You don't have to say anything. Anyway, you two have to face and solve things together.". Your mother and I hope you two will be better in the future. "Yes." Xiao Tie, we are not going to put more pressure on Ah Duan now, nor in the future. So this time, I won't go to see Ah Duan. Tong Shengli looked at the time, "I'm coming back.". Also "Yes." "The elders of the Jing family, especially your father-in-law and Ah Duan's uncle, need you to go if Ah Duan refuses to communicate." Tong Shengli told his son, "I think your mother is also a little flustered this time,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and there are some places that are not thoughtful, you mention it.". Contact me at any time. "Yes, Father." The Iron River answered. sxthsteel.com