The two men jumped into the stone gate in turn, and the old man followed them. He patted the stone wall slightly again, and the stone gate closed. In the middle of the stone wall, there was a long and bottomless bluestone corridor. Ye Bai two people hide surprise, the old man's fingers do not know where to move, the eyes once again bright, a lit bronze animal lamp suddenly appeared in front of three people. The old man held the bronze animal lamp and led the way. By the dim light, they followed the old man. They didn't know how far they had gone. They only knew that the terrain was getting lower and lower. Ye Bai suspected that they had already left the Blue Mountain City and didn't know where they were. After walking for a long time, the terrain slowly rose again, and finally, it came to the same place as the dry well that had just jumped down. As soon as the old man pressed the mechanism, a board opened, and the three of them jumped out and came to a huge melting hole. Countless stalactites hanging upside down can be seen everywhere. The cave extends in all directions and looks like a hall. As far as the eye can see, it almost makes Ye Bai and Wu Mei gasp. On the four walls, a huge iron cable as thick as a child's arm nailed a white-haired woman in the middle of the melting hole in a big shape. At the bottom, there was a burning fire. The highest flame was only a few inches away from the woman, and it seemed that it could touch her lower abdomen. The woman's long hair fell down and her face was not clear. I don't know how old he is. But just look at the long hair as white as silver, you will know that you will never be young. And Ye Bai also keenly saw that with the underground flames moving. The white-haired woman's lower abdomen Dantian part, there is a group of red light rolling once, every time rolling. The red light will grow by one point. Swallow Dan Jin! King Xuan is strong! Ye Bai was startled, because he saw that this white-haired woman was practicing an extremely mysterious and powerful method with the huge stove below, and the red beads rolling in her lower abdomen must be the unique symbol of the Xuanwang class strong man, Xuandan! With the constant sucking of firepower,Diameter tape measure, the white-haired woman's Xuandan in her lower abdomen grew stronger and stronger. Between a breath, unexpectedly like a baby, with the power of life. Ye Bai opened his eyes wide. His face was full of horror. The world of Xuanshi all knows a ballad: "Xuan Dan appears.". King Xuan becomes, and heaven and earth change. This is the realm of King Xuan. And there's another line in this ballad. Fire and water help each other. Huff and puff the sun and moon, Xuan Dan turns into a baby! That is to say, in the later period of Xuanwang, the Xuandan in his body will slowly absorb changes and have life. That's Xuan Ying. And the realm of Xuanying, which is the means that Xuanzun strong people can possess,tape measure clip, seize the creation of heaven and earth, from then on, life span far exceeds that of ordinary people, and evolves many magical powers of heaven and earth. Because Xuan Ying, and the dead general Xuan Dan, there is an essential difference, its greatest merit is to have a life. Life is also a kind of mystery. The mystery of life and the mystery of death are the two most magical and great forces under the mystery of time and space. If you understand life thoroughly, you can break through the limitation of time and live far beyond ordinary people. Therefore, Xuanzun class strong, often generally can live a thousand years, to their realm, it is really standing on the top of the world, except for a few people can go beyond this limitation, Xuanzun class strong, is the ultimate power of the world. And this white-haired woman locked in the air of the melting hole with four chains, the Xuandan in her body actually has a trace of the mystery of life. This is a sign that we are about to enter Zhunzun! Even, Walking measuring wheel ,Fiberglass tape measure, it can be said that she is now a quasi-respect, even if only the weakest existence in the quasi-respect, but also accounted for a word of respect. Once she realizes the mystery of life to Dacheng, Xuandan completely turns into Xuanying, and the moment she rises from Dantian to the sea of knowledge, that is the real Xuanzun level strong man. This is actually a peak Xuanwang! A peak Xuan Wang who touched a trace of life power! The super strong man in the realm of quasi-respect! Ye Bai suddenly turned pale, his face changed greatly, and he stepped back involuntarily, and the horror in his heart was really beyond words. This is the first time he saw such a level of super strong, before even know after Xuanwang, is Zunjing, but also only heard. With his present strength, easy Xuan Wang, naturally don't take it to heart, but a quasi-rank of the strong, but he is not just into the Xuan Wang soon under the Xuan king can match, others move a finger, can easily kill him thousands of times, want to escape can't escape. He can be so confident in front of Ximen Xionglie, because he is not afraid of the strength of the other side, so he can be so calm and casual, but if Ximen Xionglie is a quasi-superior strong, even if he gives the congenital blood crystal to the other side, he dare not say half a word. This is the change brought about by the gap between strength and identity, and Ye Bai is not shocked. Seemed to feel the gaze of Ye Bai, suddenly, the woman hanging in the air suddenly raised her head, suddenly, Ye Bai saw a peerless face that should not appear in the world, such as jade, such as snow, like flowers. A pair of eyes, as bright as the stars in nine days, seem to contain the track of time, and seem to be filled with a taste of life. I can't tell what kind of look it was, but it made Ye Bai stunned for a moment. It was the first time in his life that he had stood in place completely because of a woman's face. All the women I've seen before, including Gu Xinhua, Tan Tai Ziyue, Sikong Si, Feng Xue, Wu Mei. They all have their own characteristics, one in a million. But if you put them in front of this nameless white-haired woman hanging upside down in midair, it seems that they have completely lost their color for a moment. Ye Bai could not even find words to describe the feeling of this moment in his heart, what it was like. Suddenly, the white-haired woman smiled at Ye Bai, as if the river had been frozen for thousands of years, suddenly began to flow, and like the stars in the sky, it was so bright, brilliant and gorgeous. Her eyes, like two of the most pure and expensive black gems,Walking tape measure, blinked slightly, and Ye Bai's heart jumped violently, almost suffocating in an instant.