"You've really offended him." Tang Dongling pursed his red lips and looked at Lin Dong and said. I don't like trouble, but if someone insists on sticking it up, I can only kick it away. Lin moved to smile, and then to Tang Dongyu arch hand: "Thank you, Miss Tang, I first seat, I think today's auction will be very exciting." As soon as the voice fell, he did not stay any longer, and took Mu Lingshan to the seat below. Tang Dongling looked at the figure of Lin Dong, beautiful eyes flashed slightly, look at this situation, the person in front of him and the Lin Dong in Dongxuanyu are the same person, there should be about 80%. Because the tone of character of the two men was almost the same. No wonder dare to challenge with Xie Yan, the original spirit is also quite not weak. Tang Dongling smiled softly and then turned away. That guy is so annoying that he wants to blow him away. When falling to the seat, Mu Lingshan's small mouth curled and said that what she said was naturally the previous Xie Yan. Lin move slightly nodded, he can see that Xie Yan to Tang Dongyu seems to have some special meaning, the previous one is that kind of speech, no doubt has the meaning of giving him an eyedrop warning, but his way of expression is quite problematic, he chose Lin move the most annoying threat warning. This makes Lin, who has always been eating soft but not hard, feel quite uncomfortable. Lin Dong took a distant look at Xie Yan, who was sitting in the VIP seat in front of him. His eyes narrowed slightly. He hoped that this guy would not come to make trouble for nothing. Otherwise,Ceramic Bobbin, he would not bother to care about his identity in the Evil Wind Cave. If he got angry, he would be killed directly. In front of Xie Yan, for this kind of vision seems to be quite sensitive, the corner of the eye glance, is swept to see the rear of the forest move, that was already a bit gloomy eyes, more appear cloudy. Master Shaodong, is that Lin Dong who is said to have wounded the old man with evil bones? Beside Xie Yan, an old man dressed in black with muddy eyes also took a look at the direction of Lin Dong and said. Well,ceramic bobbin element, a boy who knows nothing about heaven and earth. Xie Yan gave a sneer and said, "If it hadn't been for our mission, I would have broken this boy's limbs and caught him in front of the old man with evil bones." "Oh, you don't have to get angry. If things go well, when the auction is over, I can catch him. When the time comes, you can do whatever you want." Said the old man in black with a faint smile. Although the evil bone old man's injury in the hands of Lin Dong makes people feel extremely incredible, but they also understand that this must be Lin Dong secretly made some tricks, and the evil bone old man carelessly just hit, want to keep an eye on, this Lin Dong is also at a loss, after all, no matter what, he is just the strength of Xuanjing Xiaocheng. Get the thing first. Xie Yan looked around and said, "a lot of heavyweight forces have come this time. I think they're all coming for that thing. It's still unknown whether we can get it." The old man in black nodded. He hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Is the news really true?" "I don't know yet, 7g Ozone Generator ,Kamado bbq grill, but whether it's true or not, I have to fall into my own hands before I can rest assured." Xie Yandao. Uh Lin moved the line of sight, is also from the front of the Xie Yan body back, just want to close their eyes to rest, but is to feel a pair of eyes shot at him, immediately slanted his head, and then is to see in front of the right position, a very handsome man in white, is smiling to stare at him. The body of the man in white is slender, his hands are extremely slender, and present a kind of white color, it seems that there is a feeling of turning hands to cover the universe, which is quite strange. Lin Dong looked at the man in white, but his eyes froze slightly. He murmured, "Gan Kun's hand.." Zhou Gan. "It's really lively." Lin moved to the man in white nodded and smiled, and then withdrew his eyes, secretly shocked in his heart, this day at the auction, it is really a gathering of strong people from all sides, ah, it seems that the auction, but some good play to see. Knock! And when this thought flashed through Lin Dong's mind, in the center of the vast auction room, there was a clear sound of the bell singing, and then a beautiful red shadow came, it was the Tang Dongling. Lin Dong looked at the woman in red who had fallen onto the stage, and his waist was slightly straight. He knew that the auction was about to begin. Chapter 914 devouring the corpse. The ringing sound of the bell spread in the vast auction room, and the noise that had soared into the sky also subsided quietly at this moment. Countless fiery and expectant eyes shot out, and finally stayed on the red shadow on the auction platform in the central position. Tut-tut, now Miss Tang is more and more beautiful, looks like a little fox, people are itching, if anyone marries her, I'm afraid it's really a blessing. "Haha, and she is the eldest lady of Tianshang Pavilion. If she marries, the endless wealth and resources of Tianshang Pavilion, as long as she has some talent, she will become a first-class strong person in the sea of chaos." "Oh, don't be cranky. The young Junjie chasing her doesn't know that he can go from the north to the south of Tianshang. How can it be your turn?" “……” Lin heard a lot of laughter coming from all around, and his eyebrows were slightly raised. Although he had always guessed that Tang Dongyu should have a high status in Tianshang Pavilion, he did not expect that she would be the eldest lady of Tianshang Pavilion. It's really a little rich woman. Lin moved to snigger, with the financial resources of Tianshang Pavilion, if anyone married her, he would really be able to reach the sky in one step. On the auction platform, Tang Dongyu faced the countless mixed with all kinds of eyes, but there was no discomfort at all. Her delicate cheeks were filled with some itchy smiles. This woman was born with a kind of charm. Although it was not obvious, it was a little touching. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Tianshang Pavilion, I would like to thank you for coming here first. This Tianshang Auction should not disappoint you. Tang Dongyu looked at the audience, smiling, light voice,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, so that many people were slightly intoxicated to close their eyes, this auction will be hosted by a very eye-pleasing beauty, presumably more comfortable than an old man. global-ceramics.com