The legalization of cannabis has opened up a new and promising market for many businesses and organizations. Cannabis business pro forma

However, this market has not yet defined a convenient, affordable, and comprehensive system with which to network with and advertise to existent and potential players in the industry. This problem is reinforced by the large number of new entrants to the industry – including both startups and established companies looking to expand their profile. Commercial cannabis cultivation

Google, Facebook and Twitter all have advertising policies that restrict the promotion of the sale of cannabis. Google’s policy prohibits ads that promote “substances that alter mental state for the purpose of recreation.” Facebook restricts any “illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.” And Twitter bans “illegal drugs” as well as substances that cause “legal highs.” Instagram and Facebook have decided to go a step further by removing pages of cannabis related businesses.

The source of this problem lies partly in the need for industry participants to navigate legal restrictions (including those related to advertising) and partly in the tendency of both principal industry members and ancillary providers to maintain a low profile. Hence, the industry is characterized by tighter networks who are likely not accessing the best possible deals for their operations or the clients in need of their products/services.