"All right." Gu Jue nodded, spoke slowly, and said word by word, "I'll try my best to catch up." - When Ruan Anan got home, his mobile phone kept shaking in his bag. She felt out and saw a call from a strange number jumping on the screen. Few people know Ruan Anan's mobile phone number in China. Basically, they are very familiar with it. They seldom receive calls or advertisements from strangers. But she did not hesitate too long, the screen picked up: "Hello?" "Ann, it's me." Ruan Anan was stunned at first, and when he reacted, he immediately hung up the phone. And that head seems to expect what to be the same, hurriedly way: "Do not hang up first, you listen to me to finish first-" Ruan Anan took a deep breath and shouted, "Dad." She even smiled. "Are you missing me so much by calling me so often?" The other side seemed to be choked by her and did not make a sound for a long time. The two sides were deadlocked, and then Ruan Anan heard a faint sigh. She did not want to ask such questions as "How do you know I returned home?" Ruan Anan grasped her cell phone with her fingers: ".. Now that I'm on the phone, let's talk on the phone. "Ann." The familiar voice came out, "I haven't seen you for three years. Go home." The voice was obviously hoarse and uncomfortable to listen to. Ruan Anan suddenly has a kind of indescribable feeling, Gu Jue that words let her afternoon has been in a very excited state, but this phone seems to have some toxicity, before the happy in an instant all disappeared. She said in a low voice, … That's your house, not mine. There is no sound, and the phone is not hung up. Forget it. Ruan Anan squinted, took another deep breath, and exhaled, "." I'm going there now. I won't eat, I won't spend the night, and I'll leave after seeing you. "Good." Ruan family villa from C more than half an hour's drive, Mingsu villa area, opposite is the city's most expensive, known as the Linjiang Mansion, the location is very good. Because of security reasons,rapid sand filters, the car could not drive in. Ruan Anan paid the money to get out of the car and walked for ten minutes to the door of Ruan's villa. The last time she came back was three years ago, but after all, she was familiar with the place where she had lived. She stepped into the door and went in. Nguyen Thi is not a very good background, if you want to say the advantage, it may only be a word of stability. Almost do not do business linked to risk, steady win, these years, although not brilliant, but also without merit. In Qingcheng, the status of the Ruan family is not good. Compared with ordinary families, it is more than enough, but compared with the two families of Lin and Gu, it is the difference between branches and leaves and towering ancient trees. The moment Ruan Anan stepped into the living room, a female voice came to his ears, and when he spoke, every sentence had a tone word, Rotating sludge scraper ,lamella tube, which was particularly sweet and greasy. It's also very familiar. Well, I've already come back from France with my mother, because school has started. "Yes, I also signed up for the'Game Cup '. The most powerful scholar in our class is in a group with me. It's really a loss if you don't join." When will you come to my house to play? My mom brought you a little present at fashion week.. It's nothing special, it's just a bracelet, not expensive. "By the way, Qiqi told me that the second son of the Gu family had come back." But I haven't seen the picture either. It's so mysterious. Honey, do you know him? "No, don't talk nonsense!"! I didn't! I don't even know him. I'm just curious. "" Ruan Anan leaned against the door and watched her nominal stepsister blowing water with a phone in her arms. Ruan Lin, the daughter of the Ruan family, looks sweet and sweet, but she is too petty to be on the stage. She is also a little famous in the circle of celebrities. On the contrary, Ruan Anan found no such person. So after she attended a birthday party of Jiang Yi, a bunch of daughters secretly checked her and wondered who could directly hook up with Miss Jiang. Ruan Anan this trip is a formality, was still thinking about whether to avoid or directly ignore her upstairs, do not know why, accidentally listen to these words, directly can not help laughing out loud. Ruan Lin, who was on the phone, turned her head along the sound, and her expression stagnated for a moment from the original doubt. Ruan Anan laughed and still found it interesting. When she entered the room, she stepped forward and said, "Why, the last time I came back, you liked Jiang Yi's brother, but this time it was the mysterious second son of Gu?"? Do you like who you are? "Ruan Anan." Ruan Lin first muttered in a low voice, and then opened her eyes as if she suddenly woke up: "Ruan Anan?"? Why are you back?! "Oh, you know my surname is Ruan, so why can't I go back?" "But-" Ruan Anan raised his eyebrows, "this is really not the place I want to go back to." Ruan Lin walked up to her and seemed to feel that she was particularly unreasonable: "If you don't want to go back, don't go back."? Why are you still here if you don't want to? Didn't you walk very smartly at the beginning? Go and never come back if you can! Ruan Anan did move out a few years ago. Father does not love mother, leaving a pair of mother and daughter who drag themselves into two hundred and fifty thousand and eighty thousand all day long. Since you have the conditions to go, are you an idiot or a fool if you don't go? She's not Cinderella. Given the chance, she can't even get along with her wicked stepsister for a day. But in this story, Lin Songbai is probably the identity of the fairy godmother, vicious stepsister and stepmother from beginning to end do not know her relationship with Lin Songbai. …… It's not clean. In fact, if you regret it, you can say it directly. You just want to come back and live again. You don't have to go to a lot of trouble. My mother and I won't be unwelcome. Why do you make me look so ugly? Do you have much luggage? If you want to move back, let Uncle Chen help you directly-Oh, sorry, Uncle Chen is a new driver, do not know you, or I will take you there. Ruan Lin is still pressing, the speed of speech is slowing down, every sentence is hinting, but also more and more superiority, then turn around to go. Ruan Anan's lips were slightly flat and he grabbed her arm. When Ruan Lin looked back, her proud look was still floating on her face, and she was cocky. Ruan Anan held her firmly with one hand to prevent her from breaking free, unlocked her mobile phone with the other hand, pulled out the missed call and turned it down. Then raised,wall penstocks, almost to the eyes of Ruan Lin, told her not to see also have to see. One by one, all red missed calls. khnwatertreatment.com