Including the purchase of flowers, the list of guests, invitations, and all the details of the wedding, go through everything in detail. Xu Ruyi appears to be much more idle. Song Mohan is afraid that she is tired, does not want her to work hard, almost does not let her do anything. During this time, Xu Ruyi returned to his home. She was so bored that besides writing, all she could do was to design her own wedding dress and his dress. After that, Xu Ruyi bought fabrics to cut and make. Every stitch,Mechanical fine screen, every thread, was sewn by her own hands, fine to the edges and corners. On the wedding day, she found that the Song family was deeper than she had imagined, and at this time Xu Ruyi also recognized many political figures. No wonder, he can deal with all the troubles and settle everything. After their wedding, they went on a long journey for a year. She had planned to continue traveling around the world,MBR reactor, but she was surprised to find that she was pregnant. The appearance of this little life undoubtedly delighted both families. There are ups and downs in life, and they may not be perfect, but they will try their best to live a good life. Two people who have experienced all kinds of things cherish each other very much. Xu Ruyi, wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of light gray casual trousers, rotary vacuum disc filters ,rapid sand filters, looks fresh and neat. The lightweight and durable sneakers are very comfortable, and they are also very light on the ground made of cement. Xu Ruyi stretched out his hand and stroked the soft and fine short hair in front of his forehead, quickly adapting to his present identity. Today, she is the eldest daughter of the Xu family who disguised herself as a man and entered the college. The brother of the compatriot only wants to pursue his own interests and hobbies, and is unwilling to obey the family's arrangement and follow the established route they have set. He felt that such a life was boring and controlled like a marionette. But in the eyes of twin sister Xu Ruyi, it is very interesting. She quietly consulted with her brother and asked her to go through all the formalities in his capacity to deceive her parents who were far away from the ocean. As the youngest daughter of the Xu family, she has always acted recklessly. Because there was no family pressure, Xu's parents were very relaxed with her and did not supervise her life. The parents of the Xu family only thought that the elder brother had obediently entered the international private school and would work hard to inherit the family business. The younger sister has entered the Academy of Fine Arts for her favorite painting, and is happily spending her most beautiful girlhood. Little did they know that they had already changed their identities and went to the place they liked. Because of this, the original owner came to this campus and met the greatest hope and regret in his life-Han Shuyun, the male protagonist. Han Shuyun, who has a first-class family background and appearance in high school, is the prince charming in the eyes of almost all the girls in the school. He is excellent in both character and learning, and handsome in appearance. She also plays basketball well, and is also the focus of attention of the women in the sports field. Such a boy with all the advantages naturally has a proud personality. In the previous life, Xu Ruyi, the original owner, pretended to be a boy and sneaked into the campus and lived in the same dormitory with him. At the beginning, Han Shuyun could not bear to see her with some femininity, and his eyes could not help but be contemptuous. And she has a strong personality, and she is against the boy everywhere. However, as time passes, the girl's restless heart gradually changes. Han Shuyun is generous, forthright, affectionate and righteous. After all, the original owner is the little daughter of the beginning of love, can not help but begin to like to quietly observe the sleeping boys. She would peek at his diary and turn her eyes to him from time to time. When the night comes, sometimes she will take off her jacket and wear only a vest and shorts, or even a bare-chested boy, which makes her very excited. Han Shuyun, a real teenager full of youthful vitality, attracted her like a deadly poison. The original owner could not help but want to be close to him, but every time he was ridiculed and could not help resisting. She always thought that such a day was dull but warm. Until one day, the original owner peeked at his diary and found that there was a heroine in it. Chapter 57 64 women's "male God" vs overbearing school grass. It turned out that the girl was the original woman, Du Xiaodie, who was accidentally saved by the hero when the man was in school. Du Xiaodie is a somewhat noisy girl. She looks innocent and energetic every day. At first, Han Shuyun also hated her, but he could not bear the daily entanglement of Du Xiaodie. Gradually, he began to compromise and slowly found Du Xiaodie's good. Because there has never been another woman around,disc air diffuser, only Du Xiaodie has always been there. So in his opinion, it seems that the girl is the most perfect in the world. But in Xu Ruyi's eyes, he did not think so.