"He doesn't laugh, he doesn't have emotions, he seems to live in a different place from her.". Some people, perhaps living in seclusion in the mountains and forests will have a sense of detachment from the dust, but he just lives in the most prosperous Fancheng. Jiang Yue listened to Xuan Ning's words, only to feel that she was obsessed with the national teacher. But if really according to what she said, then the state of mind of the national teacher, where will talk about the feelings of these children? And this identity age is there, and now given marriage, it is more and more impossible. Xuanning talked for a long time, then lowered his head and said, "But.." I still feel like I can't be with him, like I can't get to him no matter how hard I try. She is the most noble princess of Dayao, which is not worthy, and naturally it is not a matter of identity. Thinking of the distance between herself and Chu Shen, Jiang Yue felt a sense of sympathy. She put her hand on the back of her hand and asked in a low voice, "Xuan Ning, are you really.." Do you like the national teacher so much? Xuan Ning looked up, his eyes were bright, and he bent his lips and said firmly, "I like it, I like it very much." The author has something to say: · The author's bad taste.. Old Man and Lori _ Chu Dabao: Finally there is one who is older than me! PS: Thank you girls for your thunder, Mada (~ 3 ~)? ~ Qing _ Section Reading _ 66 Qing Little Steamed Bun Demon Throws a Mine Time: 2014-12-11 18:03:35 Feifei Queen Throws a Mine Time: 2014-12-11 04:25:22 Low-key vest threw a mine throwing time: 2014-12-10 15:52:06 Chapter 56 Chapter 56: Quiet —— Jiang Yue did not think that Xuan Ning's obsession with the national teacher was so deep, but who can say about the feelings? She had never seen the appearance of the national teacher, but she could imagine his matchless elegance. Ice @ Fire! Chinese WWW. Binhuo. COM, if you love to play and read, come to Lewen Novel Network www. lwxs520 Such a fairy man, it is no wonder that Xuan Ning will be tempted. Jiang Yue appeased Xuan Ning and had a meal in her house. But two days, Xuan Ning really seems to be a big circle of thin, Jiang Yue looked very distressed,caustic calcined magnesite, busy for her to pick up a lot of food. Xuanning looked at the food piled high in the bowl and looked up at Jiang Yue discontentedly. "Do you think you are feeding pigs?" It was rare that she was in a slightly better mood, but it was such a feeding method. But now Xuan Ning is really hungry, the original thin face, now the cheeks bulging, like a small frog. Jiang Yue looked at her and couldn't help laughing. She filled a bowl of chicken soup for her and said, "If I can feed you round, it doesn't matter if you are a pig or a cat." It doesn't matter? But she has a relationship! Xuan Ning's beautiful eyes glared at her mercilessly and secretly said, "How can she be compared to a pig, the noble princess of the Great Yao Kingdom?"? Jiang Yue's eyebrows and eyes were curved and her lips were slightly warped. She was really in a very good mood. After lunch, Jiang Yue returned to his princess mansion, looking at the strange and gorgeous mansion in front of him, Jiang Yue only felt a little strange. Although Mammy Xue and the two maids were there, and so was Xiao Bao, but Chu Shen. Jiang Yue reached out and knocked on his head, secretly saying that he was really spineless. When she got married two months later, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, it was estimated that she would have to face Chu Shen all her life. A lifetime. Think of this beautiful word, Jiang Yue only feel the whole heart is warm, the corners of the mouth can not control the bend up. · Jiang Yueyuan is just an orphan girl who has no background. Now she has been given the title of princess and is about to marry Duanwang Chushen. In the future, she will be the princess of Duanwang. Naturally, many people come up to curry favor with her. These Fancheng ladies, which one in the heart is not convinced by Jiang Yue? Looking at Jiang Yue's luck is really too good, but think carefully, it is just relying on a charming face. Serves the human by the color, after all will be the color decline love to relax, the girl's family is most likes to compare, before this Jiang Yue has the beauty, but the status is low, now all of a sudden was sealed the princess, simply like an overnight wealth. They have a sense of pride, do not want to curry favor, but the order of the parents in the house is difficult to disobey. After all, Duanwang, who has always been highly valued by the emperor, has no oil and salt, and now he finally has a soft rib. Although they are polite on the face, they always look down on Jiang Yue in the final analysis. Jiang Yue naturally understood that she did not care about this before, and always felt that she did not have to care about those irrelevant people. But these days, the question of identity has made her a little upset. That day she seemed to be confused, even encouraged Xuanning, but now think about it, this matter is really inappropriate. But listen to the news from the princess mansion, saying that Xuanning is in a very good mood these days, and even his appetite is much better. This made Jiang Yue feel happy and worried. She understood Xuanning's temperament. She was afraid that she would not turn back if she did not hit the south wall. But she thought, "Like a person, isn't it because you are brave?"? Between her and Chu Shen, everything is natural. Although she likes him, but is ignorant of a smattering of knowledge, at this moment, she can not say how in the end she and Chu Shen together. In the evening of this day, the servant girl beside Meng Chan came to look for her specially, with a hurried look. Jiang Yue thought that something had happened to Meng Chan, so she took the green bead with the servant girl to Yipinju. Usually when she came out with Meng Chan, she would come to Yipinju, but now it was almost dark, and she felt a little strange. And see Meng Chan at the moment, but see her well. Jiang Yue was stupefied. She breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Xiao Chan, why are you looking for me in such a hurry?" Meng Chan winked at the servant girl, Jiang Yue also let the green bead step down, only chat with Meng Chan alone. Meng Chan is the same age as her, usually the most lively and noisy, but now it is quiet, there is no smile on her face. She saw that Meng Chan's eyes were slightly red,dap diammonium phosphate, and she looked like she had just cried. Knowing Meng Chan for half a year, Jiang Yue had not seen her cry, so she was even more worried. stargrace-magnesite.com