If the original owner wants to go home, he must seize the movement of the space-time machine from Xiao Wang. The movement of the space-time machine can become the key to start the space-time machine, which has the function of controlling time. Wu Tian dedicated the movement to Xiao Wang, and used the power of the movement to solidify the time on Xiao Wang, so that Xiao Wang was no longer old and could live for a long time. Such an important thing, once it is in the hands of those in power, who will hand it over. There is no way for the original owner to retrieve the movement. And the movement was Wu Tian put into the heart of Xiao Wang, unless Xiao Wang is willing, otherwise forcibly take out the movement, Wu Tian installed on the mechanism of the movement will automatically launch, kill the person who forcibly seized the movement. In this world, the existence of the movement is only known by Wu Tian, Xiao Wang and the original owner. Wu Tian set up a comprehensive defense against the original owner, so the original owner has no chance to get close to Xiao Wang in a thousand years. The entanglement of the three men did not die together until the power in the movement was exhausted. Counting the time, now Wu Tian has put the core of the space-time machine. Put into Xiao Wang's heart inside, Tang Ge wants to snatch the movement ahead of time the plan has already fallen through. Tang Ge, who knows all the truth, just wants to shout at the sky: "Go to your seven uncles and eight aunts.". To finish this mission, hehe. However, she has never seen anything in the world. She has done a lot of things that break people's fate and kill people. Think in another direction, this kind of possession. It is not so difficult for the supreme power to rob life? Very difficult, ah! But my life is still in the hands of the system, and I can't do it if I don't work hard. Tucao finished this task, Tang Ge will get the information on hand detailed analysis, hoping to find some clues. Not to mention,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, this look really let Tang Ge find a place to drill holes. The original owner and Wu Tian came from the same place, and their breath was similar, and Wu Tian also knew the appearance of the original owner, so there was a portrait of the original owner in the palace of Xiao Wang. The dark guard who guards Xiao Wang has a portrait of the original owner, in order to know whether the original owner is close to the palace at the first time, with bad intentions. The original owner had indeed sneaked into the palace of King Xiao, but before he could see the back of King Xiao, he was discovered by King Xiao's dark guard and reported to Wu Tian. Wu Tian immediately appeared to prevent the original owner from entering the palace. Although Wu Tian wanted to kill the original owner, it was a pity that both of them had protection certificates issued by the Time and Space Administration. If the certificates were not invalid for a day, Wu Tian could not attack the original owner as a companion. And the people in this time and space can not kill the original owner and Wu Tian, the protection certificate has its own defense function, ordinary physical attacks for them, simply useless. In his previous life, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Wu Tian wanted to kill the original owner again, but there was no way to avoid the disaster of the original owner, so he could only guard against it. Unfortunately, the original master is too simple. Otherwise, as long as others make a wish and make a vow, they can enter the Time and Space Administration to be a time and space repairman, but the original owner has been squatting outside for 80 years. The biggest difference between Tang Ge and the original owner is cunning. Tang Ge is not the honest temperament of the original owner. While Wu Tian's defense against her is not perfect now, Tang Ge hides his body breath and changes his appearance to blend into the palace of Xiao Wang. The next day, Tang Ge found an opportunity to sneak into the palace, taking advantage of the opportunity to recruit the Chamberlain in the palace. Tang Gonggong, who is often shy, timid and easy to throw down, is fresh out of the oven. ! pbtxt520xs > Chapter 352 repair time and space fortress (3) (aiyousheng. Com). Female to male, male to non-male, after some modification of the Tang song successfully mixed into the palace of Xiao Wang, became a small Chamberlain in the imperial kitchen. It is said that Tang Ge was able to sneak into the palace smoothly, thanks to the natural petite body of the original owner. The chamberlains in the palace are basically chosen from the children. Although castrated normal boys can no longer grow up except somewhere, their bodies will grow up as usual. There is no special requirement on the age of this recruitment in the Xiao Palace, otherwise even if Tang Ge can lie about his age, his body can not be reduced. The Chamberlain is not like a palace maid. When he reaches a certain age, he will marry someone in the palace. Because of a certain lack of body, the Chamberlain basically stays in the palace all his life. Or follow the royal children out of the palace to serve the prince and princess. At the beginning, Tang Ge also wanted to pretend to be a palace maid to sneak into the palace, but the next day he heard that the palace was recruiting a Chamberlain. Tang Ge did not hesitate to rush over and embrace the name, and gave a trick to the head of the recruitment, and was successfully admitted. As a Chamberlain sneaked into the palace, and after appearance modification, and with the hidden amulet to suppress the original owner's own breath, Tang Ge admitted that now meet with Wu Tian, Wu Tian also can not recognize her. After entering the palace, Tang Ge was assigned to the imperial kitchen to burn the fire. To say that there was no water in this job, Tang Ge said that no one would believe it. Small chamberlains like Tang Ge who had just entered the palace had to start from the grass-roots level, and few of them could directly enter the imperial kitchen. Now that he had entered the palace, Tang Ge honestly burned the fire, commonly known as responding to all changes with no change. Xiao Wang's heart is not easy to take, especially a true heart, and it is a heart that loves men but not women. Since ancient times, there are few infatuated ministers, which does not mean that there are no infatuated people. For example, Tang Ge met one of the mission targets, Xiao Wang is an infatuated emperor whose heart is Wu Tian. Wu Tian brought the time and space machine core for Xiao Wang, so that Xiao Wang has a thousand years of life,304 stainless steel wire, Xiao Wang does not need descendants to govern the country for him. Without the trouble of carrying on the family line, Xiao Wang's pursuit of love is no longer obstructed. Every day when Tang Ge was burning in the palace, he could hear what King Xiao had done to Wu Tian. sxthsteel.com