Wei Rumei bit her lip, in fact, she went back to her mother's home to say this, but the family did not agree. Wei's grandmother and Wei Guohua and Wei Ruhui both said that if she moved away, it was estimated that she would not get much of her parents' house and property in the future. After all, compared with the two sons, Xiang's parents obviously preferred the eldest son and were more afraid of the eldest daughter-in-law. If she didn't get any benefit, she would have suffered all these years in vain. In fact, this point, Wei Rumei also took into account, but she really can not bear. “…… In fact, I want to ask Big Brother one more thing. Wei Rumei said haltingly, "I don't think about the money and the house. I'll talk about it when the old man and the old woman really have that day. I want to move out and live a comfortable life for a few days now. So I want my eldest brother to help me persuade Shuping. I can see that he has some ideas in his heart, but he's afraid that no one will take care of his parents.." You are helping me to persuade him, if not, we and the old people take turns to accompany the old man. "Can I say it?" Wei's father asked hesitantly, is it appropriate for one of his brothers-in-law to participate in the housework of his sister's brother-in-law? "It's not for you to help me out, but to test and let Shuping have a preparation in his heart. When I talk to him carefully in the evening, he can treat it as a serious matter." I am the dividing line of moving house & & & & "Nuannuan came over and sat here. My sister-in-law bought a pot of meat and you ate it with Xiangyang." Wei Rumei smiled and shouted, "Big brother, come and eat, too." "When will you move here, sister-in-law?" Nuan Ri asked with a smile. Coincidentally, the house of Xiang Shuping's unit is not far from Nuan Ri's home. It takes only 30 minutes to walk. It's very convenient for Wei's father to come and help clean up the house. That day Wei Dad and Xiang Shuping tentatively mentioned Wei Rumei's idea. Xiang Shuping didn't say anything but sighed. After returning home, he took the initiative to talk with Wei Rumei about the separation of the family. The couple agreed to talk with their parents for the last time. They could come to dinner with their eldest brother and sister-in-law,fish measuring tape, but they couldn't just let Wei Rumei serve the whole family. As a result, the old man of the Xiang family simply gave them ten thousand yuan and let the three of them move out. The old couple didn't want to live with them at all. Xiang Shuping's so-called taking care of his parents was wishful thinking. Wei Rumei is angry and funny, although as she intended, but the heart is not quite the taste, feelings have always been her self-sentimental, maybe the old couple so torment her is deliberately want her to move away. I found a car for you, and you and Shuping will move the furniture here tomorrow. I'll stock up tomorrow, so I won't come. Wei Dad helped Wei Rumei and Xiang Shuping repaint the walls these days, and found someone to simply lay a wooden floor, and now it's almost tidied up. All right, "Wei Rumei answered with a smile," I've been busy for so many days, Wheel tape measure ,Walking tape measure, and I've delayed a lot of your business, haven't I? " Speaking of work, no one in the Wei family could compare with her eldest brother. They said that they used to have a small house in Wangxi Street, which was built by Weiguo Gang himself on the basis of the original building. The furniture inside was all made by himself, not only of good quality but also of beautiful style. Originally wanted to let her eldest brother also help her clean up the house to make a few pieces of furniture, but people also have their own work, not so much time to do everything by themselves, just help her contact a few bricklayers and carpenters, usually to supervise the work for her. It's all right. Now your sister-in-law and I have hired someone to watch the booth. Besides, your sister-in-law goes to see it every day. Said Wei's father. Then I'm relieved. Said and looked at the warm day, "after the close, warm can often come to my sister-in-law's house to play, used to live with Xiangyang's grandparents, do anything is not convenient, warm day and ice these children have never had the opportunity to visit.". If I had known what the old man was thinking, I would have moved long ago. Why did I put it off until now? This house is close to Shuping Unit and Xiangyang Kindergarten, which is much better than before. "It's just a little small." Wei Dad frowned, Wei Rumei's new house is only 38 square meters, is a big house with a kitchen and bathroom, not even a living room. Now the children are small, it's nothing to live in, but in a few years it will be crowded. Let's talk about it in a few years. When Xiangyang is bigger, we'll change it. Wei Rumei didn't take it seriously. Although her parents-in-law were partial to her uncle, they didn't treat her and Xiang Shuping badly in terms of money. She had saved some money in the past few years after her marriage, so she didn't have to worry about buying a house. What's more, Shuping's unit was good, and it was not impossible to transfer the house even if she wanted to. Wei Dad nodded and put down his chopsticks. "I'll take Nuannuan back first. You can go home, too. You'll have a busy day tomorrow." Wei Rumei answered and sent Wei's father and the warm sun out of the gate. Suddenly, he remembered one thing. "Brother, you can come over tomorrow night. Guohua said that the rich in our family will contribute money and strength. You can help clean up the house. He also has to show his heart. Tomorrow, he will bring our mother to see my house, and then invite our family to a restaurant for a meal." Wei Dad nodded, sighed in his heart, and for a long time he was the one who could only contribute if he couldn't afford it. Wei Guohua didn't even show his face when he was working seriously, but now he has come to take away half of the credit. He has been busy for a few days, and I'm afraid he's not as decent as Wei Guohua's meal in front of his family. Chapter 31 at dinner.. The next night, Wei's father and mother led the warm sun to Wei Rumei's new home. It happened that Wei's grandmother and Wei Guohua's family of three had just arrived. Granny Wei turned around twice and frowned at Wei Rumei and his wife. "This house is too small!" "It's enough for three people to make do with it!" Wei Rumei said with a smile that she was quite contented. Shuping worked well and earned a lot of money and loved her. Although his son Xiangyang was a little naughty, he was still very cute most of the time. In the past few years of marriage, he had nothing to pick except a little contradiction with his parents-in-law. Now that she has left her parents-in-law to live alone, she feels that life will only get better and better even if she is not satisfied at all. Yes, I'll make do with it first,tape measure clip, and when Xiangyang is bigger, I'll change to a suite. Xiang Shuping echoed. Mom, you don't have to worry about Third Sister. My third brother-in-law is so good at making money that he can't afford to buy a big house. Tian Siyun hugged the child and said with a smile. tapemeasure.net