“......... This Fatty Zhu .... How dare you ..... Did you take the wrong medicine? ? "After a long time, the people around finally reacted, all looked at Zhu Pang with a strange face, to see if the fat man had taken the wrong medicine, and dared to fight with himself and others." What, am I wrong? Do you people dare to try? Don't be coquettish if you don't have the courage. Don't insult the Xuanqing brothers here. ", feeling the needle-like eyes around him, Zhu Pang's round face suddenly kept cold sweat, but he still mustered up his courage and shouted loudly to the people around him again." .. "Once again heard Zhu Pang drink, around the people's faces, all gradually appeared a trace of anger, they are usually used to Zhu Pang's weakness, are used to bullying Zhu Pang, at this time to see Zhu Pang actually dare to resist themselves again and again, how can this make them not angry? But have the heart to scold back, but dare not take Zhu Pang's question, they are not Zhang Han, can not have the courage to test the power of the strange sword, for a time, the whole scene reached a deadlock. Ha ha, Zhu Pang brother, don't get angry, some people's eyes are a little problem, today let me let them polish their dog eyes.. "When the whole space is a deadlock, suddenly a light laugh,outdoor whirlpool, like a small stone into the calm lake, splashing ripples, also broke the tranquility of the whole world." That guy.. "Huh, who do you think he is?"? I'm going to cry to death later. "That's right, big talker.." Zhang Han's voice had just fallen, and the people around him were no longer entangled in the problem of Zhu Fatty, but cast their angry eyes on Zhang Han again, waiting for Zhang Han to make a fool of himself. Hei Hei.. "See people so angry looking at their own construction, Zhang Han Hei Hei smiled,hot tub spa manufacturers, once again gave Zhu Pang a comforting look, also did not speak, turned to the huge blue strange sword, eyes fierce light flash, fiercely raised the blue strange sword high, in the eyes of countless people vicious, looking forward to worry, aimed at his arm, slowly rowing down." What's the matter with this guy? "It's not that I dare not!" "Eh?..". It's possible ...” Countless people around all looked at it with a stunned face, and Zhang Han in the focus stopped the blue strange sword, and his mouth was constantly talking about it. Hey, hey. These fools.. Labor and capital are not fools. Why do I draw my arm? I can't test it by drawing my fingers. "Zhang Han suddenly gave a strange laugh, and then in the stunned eyes of all the people, he suddenly lifted the blue sword in his hand again, and then gently drew it down to the index finger of his left hand." This guy, really shameless.. "See Zhang Han actually to his index finger, the people around first one Leng, jacuzzi bath spa ,endless swimming pool, then all reacted to come over, fiercely to Zhang Han cursed up." Scold, scold! Anyway, I have a lot of meat... "Zhang Han heard the crowd cursed, not only do not feel the slightest shame, but feel taken for granted.". Since Zhang Han came to the dark universe, he has lost his magic power, and the whole person has become like a mortal. In the life of the whole human world, I don't know how, even his heart has changed, and he has become more ordinary, like a human being, not like Pangusi before. Clear Xuanqing Daozun, who stood high above the masses, was an ordinary person, so Zhang Han made such a shrinking behavior. However, although Zhang Han's behavior is very shameless, but after the people have scolded, see Zhang Hanli do not pay attention to themselves, also angrily shut up, looking at Zhang Han's movements. Finally, under the attention of the public, the huge blue sword and Zhang Han's small index finger were finally cut off. Catch An expected sound suddenly sounded in the ears of the people, at the same time, Zhang Han's index finger is also slowly began to slowly flow out of a gurgle of golden blood. Ha-ha, I told you, that guy, he really can't.. And pretend to be a master ., this is terrible! Ha-ha "Yes, so rampant, I thought he had some ability, but I didn't think he was another B.". ” Hearing the puff and seeing the blood flowing out of Zhang Han's index finger, countless comments broke out again in the crowd around him. Brother Xuanqing.. Are you okay? ?” Zhu Pang looked at Zhang Han's injury, ignored the ridicule around him, ran up hurriedly, tore off a sleeve on his clothes, and slowly wrapped up Zhang Han's injured index finger. Uh Ignoring the sarcasm around him and Zhu Pang, who was anxiously treating his wound, Zhang Han looked at the blue sword carefully, his eyes full of weirdness. Just now, when the blue strange sword just touched his index finger, Zhang Han felt something was wrong for a while, and before he could react, he gave a puff, and then he saw his strong and incomparable under the strange sword, like a fragile tofu, gently broken, and his index finger began to slowly retain the gurgling blood, and although he saw the blood flowing. But there is no pain at all, which shows the sharpness of this strange sword. Brother Xuanqing, what's wrong with you? Are you all right? Zhu Pang saw that Zhang Han completely ignored the ridicule around him and himself, but looked at his bloody index finger in a daze. He was so anxious that he thought Zhang Han could not stand the blow and had a problem. He hurriedly shouted Zhang Han, and his short fat hand shook Zhang Han's arm. Er.. How interesting It's all right. Brother Zhu Pang, your sword is really hard and sharp enough. You can make a price! I bought it. "Listening to Zhu Pang's anxious cry and feeling the shaking of his body, Zhang Han's body trembled and came to his senses. Looking at Zhu Pang,whirlpool hot tub, who was anxiously looking at himself, Zhang Han smiled and ignored the injured index finger. Instead, he raised the blue sword again and looked at it carefully again. Then he turned his head and slowly turned to the anxious Zhu Pang. Chapter 12 of the main text takes the fat man back to get the money. monalisa.com