Maybe his eyes were too hot, maybe he had slept once, so he had a body feeling. Bo Hanchen, who was walking in front, suddenly turned around and looked in the direction of Lin Shen. A teenager who seemed a little thin wore a white shirt and a pair of simple jeans. White face wearing a pair of glasses with rectangular frame, slender peach blossom eyes separated by lenses, as if separated by a layer of hazy fog, some can not see through and unreal. The weak scholar seems to be a little shy. This is Bo Hanchen's first impression of Lin Shen. Only later did he know what a gentle scum was. Of course, he is also a beast in clothes. When a gentle scum meets a well-dressed beast, it is serious and well-dressed under the bed, dry wood and fire on the bed, sparks start a prairie fire. Lin Shen turned away from the eyes of Bo Hanchen and lowered his head to walk, as if he were an introverted teenager who did not like to look at others. Bo Hanchen moved his eyes back, stopped on Qin Zhixing's body, and said in a cold voice, "Go faster!"! I don't remember you being such a shy and coy woman. That night was not very active and enthusiastic! I'm so happy to move by myself. As a result, she had to walk slowly now, as if she was afraid that he would swallow her. Qin Zhixing swallowed saliva, not quite understanding his words, but also quickened the pace to follow up. Lin Shen was in the back,stainless steel squatting pan, watching the two of them parked beside a luxury car on campus. Then Bo Hanchen got into the driver's seat and took a look at the Qin Star outside. Bo Zong, you.. What exactly are you going to do? If there's anything, you can just say it now. Bo Hanchen's slender fingertips slowly tapped the steering wheel in front of him. He looked straight ahead and sneered, "Miss Qin is really forgetful, or really good at acting." This is the first time I've met you face to face. We didn't know each other before. President, you are rich and powerful, but don't bully others too much. Qin Zhixing blushed. Lin Shen patted his forehead, Bo Hanchen would not be moved by Qin Zhixing's spirit of "wealth can't be licentious,Flush Retrofit Kit, poverty can't be changed, power can't be bent", and then moved on to someone else. [Host, please pay attention to the words, people have not liked you, there is no transference!] Don't like me yet? Are you sure he doesn't like to *** me? That night, because of the hunger and thirst of his body, he could not endure the passion in his body. But Bo Hanchen is not bad, ah, the whole process is not cool, facial features are distorted, it can be seen that he still likes. [I'm going to buy detergent powder. See you later!] At the time of Lin Shen and the system skin, Bo Hanchen had already poked his head out of the car window, and then suddenly clenched Qin Zhixing's chin. Bo Hanchen looked straight at her with eagle-like eyes and said, stainless steel shower tray ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, "playing hard to get?"? You don't have to keep pretending. I know exactly what kind of person you are. Lin Shen stormed away, and Bo Hanchen was actually touching other women's chins! And What kind of guy is he? Make it clear! Host, don't you have any letters? Qin Zhixing clenched his teeth, was finally enraged, and suddenly pushed away Bo Hanchen's hand on her chin, and then suddenly raised his hand. The slap had not yet fallen on Bo Hanchen's face, and her wrist had already been grasped by two people at the same time. After all, it was a little far away, so Lin Shen was still half a beat slower than Bo Hanchen. That is to say, now Bo Hanchen is holding the wrist of Qin Zhixing, while Lin Shen's hand is clasped on the back of Bo Hanchen's hand. I just touched my chin, and now I'm touching my hand! In a fit of anger, Lin Shen clasped Bo Hanchen's hand and pulled it out. Bo Hanchen's eyes congealed, looking at the man who had followed him and Qin Zhixing all the way and had been eavesdropping on them. He raised his lips. "Why?"? Like this woman? # # # Chapter 191: President's Hacker Leprechaun (16) # # # Lin Shen roared in his heart: "Do I like her?"! I like you! Like you, like you! "Like this kind of woman?"? Small glasses, change a higher degree of it. Bo Hanchen said with a smile, how to listen to how irritating. Bo Hanchen regards Qin Zhixing as him that night, and now he belittles Qin Zhixing one by one, isn't that belittling him that night? Also, why call him small glasses! Lin Shen gritted his teeth, "my name is Lin Shen!" "The'deep 'of deep love, the'deep' of deep autumn rain at sunset in the deep mountains." Sure enough, he is a weak scholar, and he speaks in such a tone. Bo Hanchen glanced at him casually and opened his mouth carelessly, "Little glasses." As he spoke, he loosened his grip on Qin Zhixing's wrist and easily shook off Lin Shen. Small glasses hand strength is very small, a look is a person who does not go out to exercise all the year round, can not do heavy work, can only read and write. Qin Zhixing is extremely angry, "Bo Hanchen, did no one teach you what respect is?" Respect? I didn't see you being so rational that night when I was in my crotch. Lin was deeply ashamed. Fortunately, he had been vaccinated with Qin Zhixing before. Qin Zhixing only thought that Bo Hanchen was slandering him. General Manager Bo, do you have hypochondria? Were you so horny that you had a bad dream and blamed it on her? Lin Shen almost blurted out, if you are hungry and thirsty, why don't you reply 1. Bo Hanchen gave Lin a cold look. "I didn't talk to you. You'd better go away with your glasses. There's no need to mind your own business for such a woman." "What kind of woman?" Lin Shen gritted his teeth and slept all night. Did Bo Hanchen hate him so much? Obviously, he was very happy at that time, but he put on his pants and began to seek revenge! What kind of woman? Bo Hanchen smiled, leaned close to Lin Shen's ear and whispered, "You don't know how much she called that night." Lin Shen's face turned red. Such a woman is vain and indiscreet. You still want to stand up for her? Go and cure your brain. Although his voice was small, Lin Shen and Qin Zhixing could hear it clearly. Qin Zhixing's eyes contained water mist and roared, "Bo Hanchen, don't go too far!" Lin Shen gave a thump in his heart, and if he continued to make trouble, he would harm the innocent. He quickly appeased Qin Zhixing, "Don't listen to this mentally retarded person,Time Delay Tap, this idiot goes out without a brain." He spits blood, he talks nonsense, you.. You 。