"Thank you, bye!" I said and went to the door of my room. I opened the door and looked. It has everything in it, sofa, TV, refrigerator, … Beauty Yeah, beauty. Am I in the wrong room? Yes, it's room 2033! I went out and looked at the number on the door to confirm it. Did she go to the wrong room? That must be it. Miss, did you go to the wrong room? Does this look like my room? I said to her. That's right! Is this where I live? Said the woman. So what do you do? Teacher If you want to stay with me, I'll ask for a change of room tomorrow. No. Am I here to help you with the housework? My name is Miyuki. The woman saluted and said. Are you a real person or an intelligent person? I asked. I don't want to live with real people. I am an intelligent person, and I was sent by the Dean to take care of you! "That's right!"! Fine! Then you go and do your thing. I'm going to have a rest. Then I went into my bedroom and lay down on the bed. Hehe, I just finished a battle and my body is not good. Blame the boy Riyao for opening the pain nervous system. So even if my body is strong how abnormal,Flush valve price, there is no way to resist ah! That goes straight to the nerves. If that's not the case, it's okay to be beaten like that in reality. [Text Text Chapter 54 Objectives] Teacher Li, come to dinner. "The first novel is www.01xs.com," the woman exclaimed. When I heard the meal in bed, I went out immediately. As soon as I came out of the bedroom,Self-closing Shower Valve, I smelled very fragrant. That Miyuki, right! Don't call me Teacher Li, just call me Long. I sat down and said. I see. Does it taste good She asked when she saw that I was already eating. Yummy! Why did you come here? You could have opened a restaurant! Such a good craft should be eaten by someone? "I'd like to, but the law says that intelligent people can't run all the businesses.". I had to come here to do this. Miyuki said sadly. So that's it! All right, you don't have to do anything here except cook delicious food. I thought about it and said. That's no good. I have to wash clothes, sweep the floor and do everything. I have to take care of your sex life. Miyuki said. I just spit out the rice in my mouth. What? My sex life? I don't need this. You can do the rest. I didn't even do it with a real person, but I will do it with a robot. That's what idiots do! I really miss six women. I don't know how they are? No problem. It's up to you anyway. All right, I'll do the dishes. Dragon, go and rest! Miyuki cleared the bowls and chopsticks and said. Then I'll trouble you. I'm going to bed. I said and went back to my room to sleep. I was already asleep when Miyuki finished washing the dishes. She went to my room and got on my bed. And then I don't know the wire-like thing that came out there. Attached to my head. It turned out that she had been ordered by the dean to use the memory search machine to check my memory. And I'm dreaming here, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and in my dream I'm back in the land of creation. Dragon, you're back at last. Where did you go after you destroyed the God of destruction last time? Ray patted me on the shoulder and asked. I went to another universe. I became a teacher there, you know? I used to be studied like a white mouse! Fortunately, I ran fast. By the way, where are my wives? I want to see them very much! "Well, don't be sad, dragon!"! They all died in the Dragon War. He was looking for you. But the six girls want to take you to fight, and the result is like this. I'm sorry I didn't protect them. Ray said sadly. It's not possible. It's not possible. I'm gonna kill him. Then he unfolded ten pairs of wings of chaos and flew away. When I got there, I couldn't find the dragon. Then I remembered that I could use time travel. Just when I wanted to use it, the dragon came, and the God of destruction came. It broke my body before I could break the seal. Qianqian, Xixi, Lifeng, Jessica, Meilin, Linna, you have to wait for me! "Ah!"! It was a dream! Don't die! You must wait for me to go back. Miyuki, what are you doing here? I saw Miyuki in my room and asked. I was drawn here by your cry. Did you have a nightmare? Miyuki said with concern. Yes. It's okay now. You go back! I want to be alone. I have to think about it. I don't know where the God of destruction has gone. Even a shadow can not be found, it will not be dead! It's impossible. I think he must be recovering somewhere! By the way, ask Yu Xing tomorrow. He should know where the God of destruction in this world is. As long as we find the God of destruction who has been sealed in the universe, we will have a chance to destroy him. I won't play with him this time. Right. Oh, so decided. Miyuki, why are you still here? I asked, seeing that she was still there. I am an intelligent person, and I don't need to rest. You slept well. She replied. When she said that, I remembered that she was not human. Then I'll go to sleep. Good night Then he went to sleep. And Miyuki didn't find my memory at all. I just captured one or two pictures. And it's an unrealistic picture. One is a picture of a dragon and the other is a man with many wings. This is nonsense. How can there be gods or angels in the world! The next day, I went out after dinner. After I left, Miyuki told the dean about it. The dean is also very strange, "Miyuki, you don't have to search his memory.". He's already taught those kids. But only one has evolved successfully. And it doesn't last very long. You go down! Then he turned off the communication. And Miyuki has no complaints,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, because it's a robot! "Dragon, did you play all night yesterday?" Blue came out of nowhere. What! I don't have that hobby. I didn't do anything. By the way, did you already know? I just remembered that Blue brought me here. What he just asked shows that he knows. cnkexin.com