Chi Enen was the only one left in the huge presidential suite for a moment. With no one around, she was particularly relaxed, lying on the sofa and looking out at the sea without blinking. Right She took out her cell phone, snapped two pictures and sent them to Chi Baobao, who was far away from home. Then he recorded a small video and sent it to Lin Anxin's mobile phone. Lin Anxin quickly replied to her message, "Where did you go?"? How can there be an ocean?] [State of W.] [Country W? How did you get there? It's complicated. I'll talk to you when I get back. [All right.] Lin Anxin was quiet for a few seconds, and suddenly another message came. [En, Su Chengyan has returned home.] Chi Enen's hand holding the phone paused and stared at the screen in a slight daze. Su Chengyan. Are you back? Chapter 48 go to the night market. Lin Anxin probably felt that it was not good to tell her this, and changed the subject, "Go out and have fun, remember to bring me a gift!"! Don't come back without a gift!] There were a series of expressions of baring teeth and brandishing claws. Chi Enen chuckled, and her cell phone quickly replied to her. [Good.] The mobile phone screen quieted down. She put down her cell phone and looked out of the window at the blue sea. Birds fly freely in the sky, and waves beat the rocks one after another to make a pleasant sound. Chi Enen's mood gradually relaxed. Anyway, Su Chengyan will come back when he comes back. What does it have to do with her. Since she was rejected by him five years ago, they have been strangers without a relationship. Chi Enen forced the last bit of discomfort in his heart down and found a pillow to put on his head. She didn't have a rest for a day and took a five-hour flight, and her body was already exhausted. After the initial excitement of watching the sea passed,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, sleepiness gradually came. Chi Enen's eyelids kept fighting, and soon he fell asleep. Have a good sleep! When she woke up, it was already afternoon outside. The warm sunshine was shining on her through the French window, which was very comfortable. Chi Enen yawned, rubbed his eyes and sat up. The presidential suite was still the same as before she fell asleep, and it seemed that Li Beijue had not finished the meeting. Remembering that I can go out for a stroll later, I can't help but feel excited. Chi Enen found the cloakroom,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, changed into a simple skirt from inside, tied his long hair into a ponytail, and went out full of youth. Good morning, Miss Chi. Because she called Huo Yi in advance, when she came down, Huo Yi was already waiting in the hotel lobby. Chi Enen greeted with curved eyes, "Good morning." She walked up to Huo Yi and couldn't wait to ask, "Huo butler, where are we going later?" "Where does Miss Chi want to go?" Huo Yi asked her. Me? This question baffled Chi Enen, but she was not a hypocritical person, and said generously, push button toilet flush valve ,Prison toilet for sale, "I don't know.". To be honest, this is my first time to come to W country. I don't understand the language, and I don't know where to play here. Huo Yi gave her a surprised look. He has been with Li Beijue for so many years, and it is no exaggeration to say that he has seen all kinds of beautiful ladies. But it was the first time he had seen someone as magnanimous as Miss Chi. He hesitated for a moment and suggested, "Why don't I accompany Miss Chi to the night market?"? There is a night market not far from the seaside. There are many local specialties in it. You can go and have a look. "Yes." Chi Enen is in high spirits. As it happens, she promised to bring a gift back to Anxin. Huo Yi said it was not far, and it was really not far from the hotel where they lived. The location of the night market is near the shoreline she saw when she first arrived at the hotel. Although there is only one street, it is particularly lively because of the large number of tourists. As soon as Chi Enen came, he was attracted by the dazzling array of local trinkets. Huo Yi saw that she had chosen carefully and was flushed by the sun. After thinking about it, he said, "Miss Chi, you pick first and don't go away.". I'm going to buy a cup of coconut milk. "Good." Huo Yi walked away. Chi Enen's mind was still on all kinds of exotic gadgets on the stall. Suddenly, she found a simple silver ring from a large number of colorful ornaments. Her eyes lit up and she picked up the ring and asked the boss, "Boss, how much is this?" This ring is simple and generous, and it is just right for men to wear. Chapter 49 are you shameless to take our things and not return them? The boss is an out-and-out Chinese, and he babbled a lot. Chi Enen didn't understand a word. She held the ring in her hands and tried to communicate with only a few W words. Suddenly, a charming voice came in, "Wow, what a beautiful ring.". Honey, I want the one in her hand! You buy it for me. At first hearing the familiar language, Chi Enen turned his head. She saw a man and a woman standing not far away. The man is probably in his early forties. He is fat and slightly bald. He is ugly and innovative. But the woman holding him looks only about 20 years old, melon seed face, big eyes, long black hair and waist, looks particularly pure and moving. When two people stand together, they are two extremes of vision. Chi Enen couldn't help but look twice more. It was nothing. Anyone who saw this combination would look twice more. But somehow, she acted like she pissed the girl off. The girl raised her eyebrows and glared at Chi Enen, scolding in a bad tone, "What are you looking at?"? I have never seen a beauty! Bumpkin! Chi Enen has never been the kind of person who will smile when someone slaps him in the face. She pulled the corners of her mouth and returned it lightly, "I really haven't seen a beautiful woman with a dirty mouth." The word "exit is dirty" is particularly clear. The girl's face suddenly changed and she stared at her even worse. Holding the man's arm again, "Husband, I want the ring on her hand." Chi Enen just thought he didn't hear, took the ring, and continued to gesture with the boss. The girl saw it, clenched her teeth, grabbed the man's hand and said with emphasis, "Husband!" The man who was entangled by her came forward,Flushometer valve, pointed to the ring in Chi Enen's hand, and chattered something to the stall owner. The stall owner was suddenly enlightened and compared two fingers. He took out his wallet, drew out two hundred yuan and handed it to the boss.