"Senior, the younger generation has one thing to ask!" Zhan Feng stood up and saluted Zhu Wen beside him. Little brother, but it doesn't matter, as long as I can, I will never refuse! Zhu Wen is very straightforward. The younger generation wants to buy a small house here to accommodate some orphans without parents, but the younger generation has just arrived and is not familiar with people and places, so they want to ask the older generation to help arrange it. "This is an act of righteousness!"! Zhu is an idle cloud and wild crane. If you can help your brother to do a good deed, why not? "Great, senior, here is a silver note of five hundred thousand gold coins, as long as the orphan can be collected, if the money is not enough, the younger generation here, what do you think of the senior?" Zhan Feng said as he took out a silver ticket and handed it to Zhu Wen. Little brother, can you not always talk about this'senior '? After a pause, Zhu Wen said an unexpected sentence, "I want to ask my brother for a seat as a housekeeper after it's done. I don't know if I can?" "That's good!"! In the future, I will bother my predecessors to worry about things! I'm just afraid that the younger generation will be wronged by the younger generation here. Zhan Feng is very happy to hear, this Zhu Wen mixed with officialdom in his early years, and later traveled all over the world, like such a knowledgeable person to do housekeeper, Zhan Feng is desirable! After two people talk very congenially, about an hour later,Service Sink Faucets, Zhu Wen took 500 thousand silver tickets to do out. Brother, is Yin Xue beautiful? Yin Xue took a bath and changed her new clothes and couldn't wait to run out. At this time, Zhanfeng is still drinking by himself, and now he is more and more fond of the things in this cup. Heard the voice of Yin Xue turned to look, dressed in new clothes Yin Xue is bouncing down from upstairs, like a dancing butterfly has jumped into the arms of the war peak in the blink of an eye, but also impolitely sitting on the legs of the war peak, a pair of flickering big eyes on the red face looking at the war peak expectantly. Beautiful,Manual Flush Valve, Yin Xue is the most beautiful girl in the world! "Really?"? Cluck. Yin Xuehong's smile bloomed like a flower. Looking at the happy appearance of Yin Xue, Zhanfeng gave birth to a warm feeling in his heart. I really hope that Yin Xue will always be so happy. Three days later, Zhu Wen returned to the inn and talked excitedly with Zhanfeng for a long time. Zhu Wen has now bought a small manor, about 20 acres, probably can accommodate one thousand people, now all the people in the village have been called, a total of seventy-two people, the matter of receiving orphans is also in progress, heard this, the war peak is very happy, decided to move two days later. Two days later, Zhan Feng and Yin Xue were walking on the street, preparing to go to the manor they had just bought. Strangely, along the way, many pedestrians greeted them: "Hello, Lord Zhan!"! Hello, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, Miss Yin Xue! For a moment, Zhanfeng was puzzled, and everyone seemed to know him. Soon after arriving at the East Street, Zhu Wen came up from a distance, followed by two men who looked like boys. My good nephew, you're here at last! Zhu Wen said with a smile. Little man Zhang Gong has seen the master. Miss "Little man Zhang Hu has seen the master.". Miss The two boys came forward to salute. Introduced by Zhu Wen, Zhan Feng knew that they were brothers, both of them were Zhu Wen's deputies, and they were two smart and capable players. On the way, Zhanfeng said the question in his heart. After Zhu Wenyi's explanation, he understood that it was not a trivial matter for Zhanfeng to buy a manor to collect orphans. He had to be in place in the government. Therefore, it was soon known by Yu Shirong, the Lord of Oolong City. He was still worried about the refugees! Now there is such a fool to pay for the placement of orphans, but helped himself a lot, so in the city issued a commendation order, announced that the war peak became a righteous gentleman in Oolong City, and his deeds and portraits were posted all over the city, so that many people also know the war peak, and even some people even know that the little girl beside him is called Yin Xue. Zhanfeng could only smile bitterly and be speechless. The first volume starts from zero and the seventh chapter goes to the killing field. "Butterfly Dance Manor" is the name Zhan Feng got for the manor he just bought. (?) At this moment, Zhanfeng is in the small building overlooking the whole village. The people in the village are busy. At present, the recruitment of orphans is all over. A total of more than 800 orphans have been recruited and placed in the village. Yin Xue has also found a few small partners to play in the back garden. Zhu Wen arranged everything in good order and hired a teacher to teach these orphans to read and practice calligraphy. Originally, Zhanfeng wanted to teach the children some martial arts, but now there is really no time. The news from the border a few days ago was very bad. It is said that the special sand clan sent the army of 1500000, three days later will arrive at the border, and only two hundred thousand defenders of Langya Pass, the court reinforcements have not been heard from, the situation is very critical, once the border is lost, the neighboring Oolong city must suffer. Looking at the innocent faces in the village, can you really leave them alone? What should I do? Think again and again, the war peak made a decision, as soon as possible to the border to help the garrison guarding city, at the same time let Zhu Wen immediately arrange the transfer of the whole village. The next day, Zhan Feng invited Zhu Wen to the study for a secret talk and gave Zhu Wen 40 million silver tickets. He repeatedly told Zhu Wen that everything should be prepared in advance. Once the border was lost, no matter how much money was spent, the children should be transferred out safely. In fact, Zhanfeng does not have to go to the border in person, but Zhanfeng hopes that he can experience on the battlefield, through the test of blood and fire to further improve his martial arts, in the choice of life and death to find the mystery of a formula. Zhan Feng believes that as long as he can pass this test, he will surely take a big step forward in the martial arts. After everything was arranged, Zhanfeng was ready to leave quietly in the middle of the night, but before leaving, he stayed outside Yinxue's room for a moment. Brother, don't leave me. Suddenly, there was a loud cry from Yin Xue in the room. Startled, Zhanfeng hurriedly dodged to Yinxue's bedside, only to see Yinxue on the bed with her eyes closed and sweating, shouting in her mouth, "Brother, don't leave me.." Nope Apparently having a nightmare. Yin Xue,Time Delay Faucet, wake up, brother is here, don't be afraid! Zhan Feng called Yin Xue loudly. cnkexin.com