Although Jin Rui, who was holding her little hand, had a cold face, she was extremely handsome. Her face was as clear as a sculpture. Her face was very handsome. She had a pair of bright eyes. Although it was cold, it did not contain any impurities. It was dark and bottomless. Her complexion was as clear as jade. Her black hair was like satin pinned behind her head. There were only a few strands of broken hair in her ears. She had a beautiful figure and stood there. Unspeakably elegant out of the dust. The two of them walked side by side, like a couple of immortals. Looked at this woman, and then think of him against the death of the ginkgo, that ginkgo is outstanding in the vicinity, but compared with the Rui lady, there is no comparison, get an answer, the Rui doctor is afraid to look down on ginkgo. Jin Rui asked Mei Guo in a low voice, "what do you want?" Mei Guo shook her head gently. "Just a change of clothes." Jin Rui also no longer asked, led her to the clothing workshop, picked up a few good white clothing material for the shopkeeper to measure the body of Mei Guo, let him rush to sew out. Looked at the lower abdomen of Mei Guo, at this time still can not see anything, I am afraid that in a few days will show, and chose some soft material for her to make a few wide robes. The shopkeeper looked at the size he wanted and was puzzled. "Doctor Rui, your wife is slim. She can wear this size with two more." Jin Rui does not like to smile, but at this time a slight smile, "is really to install two people." The shopkeeper woke up from a dream and congratulated him again and again. Jin Rui smiled, but Mei Guo's heart was sour, and the hand held by Jin Rui oozed cold sweat. Chapter 009 ulterior motives. Out of the clothes shop,Time Delay Tap, Mei Guo was more silent than when she came. Jin Rui looked at her sideways and held her hand more tightly. After a few steps, a boy ran up to him. He stopped in front of them and saluted with his hands in his arms. "Doctor Rui, my old lady always complained of leg pain at night these days. I don't know if it's an old disease. My master wanted to carry the old lady to you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Just now he heard that you were in the market. My lady sent me to ask if it was convenient for you to come to your house." Jin Rui was afraid that Mei Guo would come out for a long time and be tired, so she was in a dilemma. Seeing that he did not answer immediately, Meiguo guessed what he was thinking and raised his face to him. "Go and have a look. Although the old disease is not an acute disease, one more day of illness is always one more day of discomfort." Jin Rui secretly thought of other people's house, also do not need Mei Guo to walk around, as long as sit to rest, but also just as well,Self-closing Faucet, also promised. Small fellow hurried to lead the way in front. Outside a courtyard, only to know that the boy was from the village head's family, but since he had come, it was not good to go again. When he entered the door, the village head was waiting for the wind at the door. When he saw the two of them, he hurried out and ordered the servants to look at the tea. Mei Guo listened to the village head's voice, a little thought, the original is to the village head's home. Jin Rui, however, did not want to delay much and asked, "Look at your old lady first." The village chief hurriedly led Jin Rui to the backyard, the old lady's residence. As soon as she entered the backyard arch, a little girl came and brushed Jin Rui. Then she said to the village head, "Madam knew that Mrs. Rui was coming. She said that the old lady was ill and had a heavy body. Mrs. Rui was pregnant. It was not good to be with the patient. She asked the maidservant to invite Mrs. Rui to drink tea inside." Meiguo herself was a doctor, and she didn't care at all whether she was a patient or not. But she was well-intentioned, and it was not easy for her to refuse directly. She brushed away her good intentions, stainless steel toilet ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, but said to Jinrui, "Since her wife is well-intentioned, I'll go and sit inside and wait for you." Jin Rui took her hand and did not let go, but when he saw that she was going, it was not easy to stop her. Anyway, in this house, he dared not do anything disrespectful to Mei Guo, so he let go of his hand. The little girl, who understood her face, helped Meiguo. "The road is very smooth. With my help, I can't fall down to Mrs. Rui." Jin Rui nodded and let Mei Guo go with the little girl. He followed the village chief to the old lady's house. The old lady's leg was not an old disease, but she had been unable to walk for many years. After she was cured, she was too excited to walk all day long. Older people naturally could not stand such a torment. After a period of time, they were very tired. After that, they were lazy on the soft couch every day and did not exercise. Rich people were used to it. Originally, this leg should not be exercised too much every day, but it is also necessary to exercise. Like her, she either moves endlessly or does not move at all, which naturally leads to problems. After a long time, if the blood vessels are not smooth, it will begin to swell, and naturally it will be painful. Jin Rui knew where the problem was at a glance, explained the matters needing attention, and then took the golden needle and pricked a few needles for her to smooth her blood. Mei Guo went to the inner room, and his wife politely followed, led Mei Guo to sit down and asked someone to make good tea. Look at Mei Guo carefully, although blind, this temperament is extraordinary, no wonder Ginkgo cried a few nights. It turned out that Ginkgo went to Jin Rui's house during the day. On the surface, it was nothing, but when she got home, she cried for half the night every night. How could she not be distressed as a mother? She wanted to see the blind Mrs. Rui. After being polite, he sat down for a moment and asked with a smile, "Where is Mrs. Rui's home?" It was just an ordinary polite remark, but Meiguo was very uncomfortable and smiled reluctantly. "The little girl is with her husband, and there is no other mansion." The lady breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that all the beautiful clothes on her body were purchased by Dr. Rui, not because she had any background. "Mrs. Rui is really lucky. Dr. Rui has excellent medical skills, is young and promising, and has a bright future." Mei Guo holding a teacup, smiling lips, Jin Rui is really great, the world is afraid that no one dares to look down on him, but listen to people praise him face to face, still can not help but happy. Bead curtain light ring, ginkgo's voice came, "Niang, I heard you invited Rui's sister?"? Really Ginkgo ran quickly to the table, sat down beside Meiguo, took the box of osmanthus cake from the table and handed it to her, "This is the osmanthus cake they just brought back from Yanjing. It's delicious. Sister, try it." As soon as Meiguo heard the word'Yanjing, 'her heart trembled. She couldn't eat any cake. "I can't eat anything now," she said with a smile. Ginkgo biloba has also heard that people who are happy to eat are very picky and not reluctant. The village chief's wife saw her daughter trying to please Meiguo,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but her face sank slightly. She coughed lightly, "Niang is talking to Mrs. Rui, and you're here again." 。