After about a cup of tea, his Dantian warmed up again, and a trace of magic power flowed into the Dantian and was stored again. Han Li raised the corners of his mouth, showing a smile, and finally decided that this congenital purple gas was indeed the key to restoring his magic power. So after a day and a night, when he bought more than half of the elixir and cloud crane grass are taken, Xiu Wei gradually rose, and soon recovered to the late yuan Ying. Just when he was overjoyed and ready to take all the remaining elixirs in one breath, his expression was stagnant. At this moment, the power of the medicine that had not been completely transformed before in his body finally turned into magic power little by little, and gathered in the Dantian. However, his Dantian is like a water tank filled with water, which can no longer store any magic power. He could only watch helplessly as the magic power, which lingered in the Dantian for a while, dissipated little by little and disappeared. Han Li sighed, knowing that it was mostly related to the mutation of yuan Ying in his body, and that it would not help to take more elixirs. And the reason for this can only be found out after he has recovered some of his physical body and divine consciousness. Nowadays, he can not rely on practice to improve his magic power, and he can only recover to the late level of yuan Ying by means of elixir. How to speed up the recovery of physical body and divine consciousness has become the primary problem. Thinking of this, he could not help but have a headache, rubbing his index finger between his eyebrows, and lost in thought. Moments later,heavy duty plastic pallet, he seemed to suddenly think of something, raised his head, turned over his wrist, and took out the token of the guest elder. Han Li put the divine consciousness into the token, and a geographical distribution map of the Cold Flame Sect, which was composed of golden rays, appeared in front of his eyes. After searching the map for a moment, his eyes finally fell on the three small characters "Sutra Pavilion" marked on Jisheng Peak. Chapter 34 theft The mountainside of Chuyun Peak is covered with white clouds. A young disciple,collapsible pallet box, wearing a white moon robe, was walking up the steps of the mountain road. One of his feet was raised, and when he was about to step up a stone step, he felt a flower in front of his eyes, and then the whole person stood in the same place, unable to move, and even the divine consciousness became blurred. Then the figure beside him flashed, and a tall young figure suddenly appeared there. It was Han Li. Tell me more about the Sutra Pavilion in Zong Nei Zang. Han Li's eyes flashed blue, staring at the young man's eyes, and said slowly with a strange voice. Located on Jisheng Peak, the Sutra Pavilion is divided into two pavilions, one inside and the other outside. The outer cabinet is open to all disciples and elders, while the cabinet only allows the inner disciples and elders to enter.. The white-robed disciple's eyes were scattered, like a wooden man's half-dull answer. Listening to what the disciple said, Han Li's face did not change, plastic pallet supplier ,wholesale plastic pallet, and a thoughtful look flashed in the depths of his eyes. As a top priority, Leng Yan Zong's management of the Sutra Pavilion is naturally very strict. On weekdays, the disciples and elders of the clan not only need to pay a lot of Lingshi, but also need to deduct the contribution points of the clan. Zongmen contribution points are a measure of the contribution of the disciples and elders to the sect. They are generally obtained by completing the tasks issued by the sect. The more arduous the tasks are, the higher the contribution points can be obtained. Without enough time to accumulate, it is impossible to have enough contribution points in exchange for high-level skills and secret skills. Therefore, it is necessary for some people to deviate from the sword and seek other ways. Once upon a time, there were also quite a few casual practitioners with bad intentions who sneaked into the Sutra Pavilion to steal the classics under the pretext of joining the Cold Flame Sect and becoming an elder of the Outer Gate. As a result, all of them were discovered without exception, and their fate was miserable. There is no other reason, that is, the precautions of the Sutra Pavilion are too strict, and these people have no chance to take advantage of it. According to the white-robed disciple, there are alchemy elders stationed in the cabinet all the year round, and there are people patrolling from time to time, day and night, cold and heat without interruption. In addition, there are numerous powerful prohibitions, which are difficult for ordinary monks to approach. Han Li hesitated in situ for a long time, pointing to the white-robed disciple's fingers between the eyebrows, the body like a ghost, disappeared from the original place in an instant. The white-robed disciple lifted the soles of his feet for a long time before he stepped on them. He stumbled and nearly fell. After stabilizing his body, he rubbed his tingling calf, looked around blankly, shook his head somewhat inexplicably, and continued to walk up the hill. After about a stick of incense. Han Li's figure appeared on Jisheng Peak. He stood under a tall green cypress tree and looked at a two-storey octagonal attic in the distance. The attic was about nine feet high, with a total of eight corners and eight sides, but only one door was opened in the south direction. On the walls and roofs of the attic, there are many kinds of complex runes for lightning protection and fire protection. Two teams of friars on patrol circled the two sides of the attic, interspersed back and forth, alternately patrolling. After looking at it for a long time, Han Li's face showed a little thoughtful look, and his figure blurred and disappeared from the original place. That night. There is a valley in the depths of Leng Yan Zong, where there is a bluestone hall. From time to time, there are teams of patrol disciples passing around. There are as many as seven or eight teams. The leaders are all deified and obviously attach great importance to this place. A patrol team flew silently from the entrance of the valley, and one of the leaders, a big man in green robes, seemed sleepy and yawned silently. Just then, dozens of feet away, another patrol team flew over and headed in a different direction. Green robe big fellow see this, couldn't help curled his mouth. Although Tianfu Hall is an important place of Leng Yan Sect, it is too careful to arrange so many night patrol disciples. Not only is the location here hidden, but there is also a large array of protectors outside that covers the whole mountain gate. Where can anyone sneak in here. Naturally, he did not dare to say these words. Instead, he ordered his disciples behind him to be careful and alert, and was about to fly into the valley. At this moment, a hall not far from the big man in Tsing Yi suddenly sounded a loud clap of thunder, and then burst out a piece of purple light, and immediately returned to calm. The big fellow in Tsing Yi was stunned and didn't seem to react. What man! "No,collapsible bulk container, someone sneaked into Tianfu Hall!" The night patrol disciples behind the big fellow exclaimed. Qingpao big fellow at the moment also reacted to come over, frightened swoop down, instant to the outside of the hall.