Sitting in front of the door was Wang Huixian. She sat in a chair, crossed her legs, and shook her fan leisurely. She had pen, ink, paper, and inkstone at her hand. A bookkeeper was writing something. Where do you think I am? How much business is there in one night? I bought this red carpet from a Persian merchant. Do you know how much it costs for such a big piece? "Are you still spreading it outside?" Lin Liyang, who was also sitting at the round table, interrupted her. "How many drinks have been poured on it?"? How much mud did you step on? I don't see you feel distressed on weekdays, but do you feel distressed at this time? "I can get a lot of money for a night in and out of here @" Wang Huixian carelessly flew a supercilious look, "those guests' ordinary goods naturally can't get into the eye, I don't put the best red carpet here, the best silks and satins," Wang Huixian pointed to the colorful silks and satins broken all over the floor, "do you think my Huixian Pavilion is the lowest Goulan Courtyard?" Lin Liyang made a strange sound: "Goulan Courtyard is still divided into three or six or nine classes!" "It's natural." Wang Huixian knocked on the table, "women are also divided into beauty and ugliness, Goulan courtyard is naturally divided into 369 grades.". In the most inferior Goulan courtyard outside,wholesale plastic pallet, it only costs a few yuan to sleep with a yellow-faced woman. Look at the flower queen in Huixian Pavilion who costs hundreds of gold a night! Lin Liyang curled his lips and said, "It's all the same if you turn off the light!" "An old man like you wouldn't understand." Wang Huixian snorted coldly. "Forget it. I'm too lazy to tell you. It's really a scholar who meets a soldier. I can't explain it clearly.". It's not you who owes me money, it's her. The round fan shook and pointed to the girl sitting there silently: "Wei Tianshi, Tianshi, well, he is also a senior official of the third grade!"! Don't pay back the money you owe! As soon as he had finished speaking,plastic wheelie bins, Wang Huixian's eyes lit up. He stood up and hurriedly went out to meet him. "Cui steward, you're here!"! Where is Lord Sikong? The middle-aged man in robes didn't have much expression on his face. He just snorted and said, "This is a little thing. Don't bother Lord Sikong. I'll just come and go." "But." The steward Cui did not look at the crowd, but continued, "Lord Sikong asked me to give you a few words." Wang Huixian's expression immediately became serious. He coughed twice and said solemnly, "Please speak, steward Cui." "You can make your own decisions about some small things. If you really lose, I believe Wei Tianshi won't be greedy for you for nothing." Wang Huixian nods repeatedly: "Cui steward says is." The steward Cui looked at her coldly and turned around. "So, I'll take my leave." "Then I'll see the steward out." When he reached the door, he saw a carriage stop at the door, and another man in a robe came down from the carriage. Although he was in the same robe, Cui's steward had a beard and a scholar's temperament. Although the man in the same steward's dress did not wear gold or silver, euro plastic pallet ,stackable plastic pallets, his robe was a fine moire brocade, his belt was inlaid with topaz, and his feet were shoes of silk and soft satin. There is a pearl on the surface of the shoe. At first glance, it doesn't look good, but when you look closely. He seemed to have a lot of money hanging on him. Wang Huixian rolled his eyes and looked at the steward without speaking. I am the steward of the Wangs. The man nodded slightly to Cui's steward and looked at Wang Huixian. Wang Huixian immediately put on a smile on his face and said to the man, "Wang's steward, you're here. Please come inside." The procuress of the brothel said the most words all day long, I'm afraid, is "please inside". As soon as these three words came out, Wang Huixian habitually took a tone of soliciting customers. Cui, who looked like a scholar, frowned and turned away. It was the Wang family steward who laughed and said, "It's the Cui family who bought shares in the Immortal Pavilion!"! Why don't you like this flesh business? Wang Huixian laughed twice, but did not dare to say in front of him that the Cui family was wrong. The Wangs' steward seemed to be dressed so heroically and had a straightforward personality, but I'm afraid it was a good person who could sit in the steward's seat beside Old Master Wang. "People have seven emotions and six desires, and the girl in the Fairy Pavilion is not bad." The royal steward looked at the complaining prostitutes standing aside and nodded. Wang Huixian smiled, but dared not take it seriously. The royal steward said that her girl was good, but looking at the scantily clad prostitutes, there was no lust in their eyes, just like looking at ordinary people. You sent someone to invite the old man, but he was too old to get up because he used to go to bed early, so the seventh son of my family told me to come and tell him. The steward of the Wang family followed Wang Huixian into the hall and walked to the girl who was standing at the round table with her chin propped up and her eyes closed. She bowed and said, "I've seen Miss Wei Liu." Call Wei Tianshi that is not familiar with the polite words outside, since it is one of the Wangs, or call Miss Wei Liu appropriate. The girl opened her eyes, nodded to him, and looked at him calmly. "I didn't expect to disturb Old Master Wang, but it's my fault." Chapter five hundred and forty naughty "Nothing is as important as Miss Wei Liu's." The Wang steward said with a smile and looked at Wang Huixian beside him, "Thank you for telling me this mother." Wei Yaoqing and Wang Huixian were quiet for a moment at the same time. At first glance, the heroic steward of the Wang family looked down on her, and the first half of the sentence stabbed her, and the second half of the sentence sold Wang Huixian. This is really.. Sure enough, Old Master Wang had come to see the show, and all the stewards around him were the same. As he spoke, the steward looked around and sighed. He stretched out his hand and pointed to the messy silks and satins that had been split: "The silks and satins of Jinhua Xuan are fifty taels each." He crouched down, touched the blackened red carpet, took a little powder and put it between his nose and smelled it. "Oh,plastic pallet manufacturer, a good Persian wool blanket, worth a thousand taels." Wang's steward touched his waist and quickly took out a palm-sized abacus made of white jade from his waist. There was a sound of white jade beads colliding in the lobby. Huang Tiandao probably has people who pass through here in one night. The clients who came in had.. You know the price of a popular girl in Xiange. Wei Yaoqing and Wang Huixian became more and more silent, and even Lin Liyang looked over with a surprised face.