At 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, the list of matches for the final 16 and the final eight will be announced. The match will continue at 2 o'clock at noon. Please continue to pay attention to it. And please remember the beautiful and lovely rain and dew. We will see you again. Finally, I wish you all a happy game. Rain and Dew took Tianci's hand and said with a smile, and then slowly disappeared into the competition venue with Tianci. Ding. The system will close the venue in 3 minutes. Please get ready to leave early. At the next moment when the rain and dew disappeared, the players in the competition venue received the exit prompt from the system, and everyone was reluctant to leave for a long time until the system forced the exit. It was the same white room as when I came in, but my mood was different. Tianci, do you choose experience reward or gold reward? Rain and dew stood in front of Tianci and asked Tianci. Oh? Now it's changed to one prize at a time? Tianci said with a little surprise. Well, now after the final 32, there will be a one-prize system. Rain and Dew said with a smile. Are there only experience and gold rewards? The entry prize of the top 32 is more generous than this. What Tianci wants now is equipment, not experience and gold. Ha ha, I have no way to set the system, but the players who enter the top 16 will be rewarded after all the matches are over, and then the reward will definitely satisfy you. Rain and Dew have probably guessed Tianci's idea. Yes, for Tianci, this game is no less than all the previous games to enter the top 32, but the reward is only experience and gold coins. Oh, so that's the experience reward. Tianci is a little depressed. The designers of the game are so cunning that they put the real reward at the end. With the confirmation of Tianci,plastic trash bins, Tianci's experience bar immediately began to rise. Looking at the beige experience bar slowly rising, Tianci was so happy. How many hours can I upgrade to Daguai if I win a game! And you can think about it, the more experience you get in the back, the more experience you will get. Haha, if you can get the first place, then it is estimated that your level can reach level 12, right? 38%,drum spill containment, Tianci's experience bar stopped at 38%. Tianci was very satisfied and saw that there was nothing to do, so he said to Yu'lu: "If there is nothing to do, send me out. It is estimated that my friends are waiting outside." "Wait.." Originally, Tianci thought that Rain "Dew" would send him out directly, but he heard Rain "Dew" say to himself and so on. At the same time, Rain "Lew" gently leaned over to Tianci, as if to whisper to Tianci. Feeling the softness of the rain and dew leaning on his arm with a trace of coolness, Tianci's brain is a burst of fever, "Er, rain.." "Is there anything else, Lu?" Rain "dew" is closer, almost the whole person is attached to Tianci's body, the faint fragrance of rain "dew" makes Tianci fascinated, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet box, only to hear rain "dew" whisper in Tianci's ear: "Tianci, you want to win the next game, I am still your referee in the next game.." Just listening to the seductive voice of Rain and Dew, Tianci felt that his face was touched by two wet things. Tianci immediately felt dizzy in his brain. Rain and Dew actually kissed himself. Come on, if you win the next game, there will be a reward. Listen, it's my reward. In the dim light, Tianci was sent out of the white "color" room, and his mind kept returning to the last words of rain and dew. My reward. My reward. Tianci, how are you? What are you thinking about? Biyue asked Tianci who appeared beside her, and Tianci's expression after appearing turned out to be "stupid". What are you thinking! I guess this guy is still silent in the cheers of ten thousand spectators. "An arrow pierced the heart and said contemptuously beside her, but speaking of it, when she just announced the victory of Tianci in the rain and dew, she also joined the team of cheering Tianci. Later, when she thought about it, she also felt strange. How could she not help shouting together?"? "Huh?" Tianci at this time seems to be pulled back to reality, after a surprise to find the side of the blue moon, an arrow through the heart, strategist, bull and others. Nothing, there is something wrong with the system transmission. Hey, hey. Tianci smiled and found an extremely absurd reason for himself. Looking at Tianci looking for reasons foolishly, everyone immediately cast "despise you" eyes, fate has not appeared the problem of system transmission delay since the opening up, Tianci looking for reasons is simply too "inferior". Hey, Tianci, I don't care why your expression is so crazy, but you have to tell me what happened at the last moment? It happened so fast that I didn't see anything clearly. Tell me about it quickly. An arrow pierced the heart and immediately asked Tianci after despising Tianci. What she asked was exactly what other people were most eager to know now. Listening to the question of an arrow piercing the heart, Tianci's expression suddenly changed, and his thoughts flew back to the last few seconds of the game, the few seconds that decided the victory or defeat. "Pazi." -243 "Tianci cut down a sword and found that Ah Quan had stopped retreating. It was time to release the thunder flash. Almost when all the thunder energy on the main sword of Tianci Thunder was about to attack Ah Quan, Ah Quan also began to attack Tianci." Put. Zizi.. A faint blue instantly condensed the tip of the main sword of the sky thunder, and the sky thunder flashed out. Clap, clap, clap. -98…… -100…… -111…… 97 "Tianci was instantly hit four times by Ah Quan one second before the release of the thunder flash, but Ah Quan's head was also hit by the thunder flash at this time," -237 ", Ah Quan entered the two-second paralysis that could not move and could not release the method. At this time, Tianci was the last to react. He was not hit by Ah Quan's four punches, but at that time, Tianci did not think of this problem at all. He only knew that Ah Quan had entered a two-second paralysis,mobile garbage bin, and now was the best time for him to attack. But Tianci, who was preparing to attack, found that Ah Quan's gloves had changed from green to red.