As he spoke, the disciple who had taken Jiang Lan's clothes returned, and Jiang Lan immediately took the clothes into another guest room. After changing his clothes, Jiang Lan came out again and saw that Hua Lao was the only one in the small living room. Hua Zhen and the other disciples had already left. Seeing that Hua Lao looked at him with a more meaningful look, knowing that Hua Lao let others leave, there must be something he wanted to say to himself, Jiang Lan paced to the chair opposite Hua Lao and sat down. Hua Lao took a deep look at Jiang Lan, sighed, and then leisurely opened his mouth, "Lan boy, the old man asked you a word, you must answer truthfully, your thoughts on Ann girl, in the end is just a temporary intention of a fresh, or serious?" Seeing that Hua Lao talked about him and An Chenxi as soon as he opened his mouth, Jiang Lan restrained himself and showed a bit of seriousness on his face. He said seriously, "Do you think I am the kind of person who wants to pursue Chenxi temporarily?"? If you doubt my sincerity to Chenxi, I can make a statement to you now. I, Jiang Lan, am serious about An Chenxi. It is truer than real gold. I swear with this body and my life that I will not marry An Chenxi in this life. I will treat her kindly all my life and never let her down. If I violate this statement, I, Jiang Lan, will die a terrible death and disappear! In order to show his seriousness, Jiang Lan even solemnly and directly said the full name of An Chenxi. Hearing this, Hua Lao was stunned for a moment. "You child,spill plastic pallet, just say it. Why do you make such a poisonous oath?" "I'm not afraid that Mr. Hua doesn't believe in my sincerity." Jiang Lan straightened his body and said with a straight face. Old China sighed again, "I have no children, and I like you children from the bottom of my heart. Old man, my life has been saved by Ann girl several times. This child, I love her from the bottom of my heart, and I regard her as my daughter. The parents of this child are unreasonable, and they don't expect them to think for Ann girl." As a master, I can't take Ann's life seriously. I also hope that Ann can find a good home. I think you two children are right. If you two children can finally achieve success, the old man will love you. What kind of mind do you have? The old man knows in his heart. You just said so much,plastic bulk containers, which shows that you really love Ann deeply. But, Lan boy, you also know, the word of love is the most difficult to understand, how many children in this world are trapped by love, hurt by love, you are so persistent to Ann girl, if one day, Ann girl did not choose you, what should you do? If Miss Ann didn't choose you, what would you do? This sentence whirled in Jiang Lan's ears, Jiang Lan covered his eyes, his face showed deep and gloomy, all the time, he identified the baby girl, then felt that she could only be his, perhaps the time was a little long, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet bin, but he absolutely did not allow the result to be wrong. Now, by Hua Lao so outspoken to ask this question, just so thinking about the result, Jiang Lan's heart is extremely uncomfortable, as if the heart was dug away in general. Nope! He will never allow this to happen! "She will choose me!" For a moment, Jiang Lan looked up and said firmly. What if Ann hadn't chosen you? Hua Lao insisted. No if, no one is more suitable for her than me. Jiang Lan said stubbornly. You child. Hua Lao shook his head helplessly. Hua Lao, my life was saved by you. You see, I had to be saved by you, and you had to be saved by Chenxi several times. This is an equal sign. In this way, my life is not Chenxi's. This is a marriage made by heaven! "You are a child with a lot of crooked ideas!" Old Hua laughed. Anyway, you can't stop us from being together. "Now that you've said that, I'll give you an answer. You can run things between your two children by yourself, and I won't stop you. But now Ann is still young, and you can't rush some things." Hua Lao's words were obscure, but Jiang Lan understood them. Jiang Lan nodded with a smile, "Hua Lao, you can rest assured that I have a sense of propriety.". ” It's rare that Hua Lao felt that he was an old man telling two children this kind of thing, and his face was a little hard to hang on. He clenched his fist and coughed, and then said, "Besides, whether you two children can come together in the future depends on Ann's girl. Ann's girl is a child with ideas. If you still don't choose you in the end, you have to know how to help and let go.." "Old Hua, can you not say such painful words?" Hearing this, Jiang Lan's smile stiffened slightly. The old man's advice is unpleasant to the ear. "You don't say good advice, this is not unpleasant to the ear, this is to stab my heart, you also know, I this person's temper is stubborn, once identified, will never change, I have made a poison oath, must be Chenxi, if I can't be with Chenxi, I would rather be alone for the rest of my life, I haven't skimmed the eight characters with Chenxi yet, you can't encourage and encourage, look at the good." To say these words early now is not to stimulate me! Jiang Lan's words were somewhat plaintive. ……” Hua old aphasia, rare to see Jiang Lan show a look of frustration, can not help feeling, this boy has always been casual and uninhibited, when there has been such a worry about gains and losses, is really a thing down a thing! "Now that you've promised not to stop us, it's settled that you can't help others to compete with me in the morning and evening." After a pause, Jiang Lan felt that what he had said was not clear enough, so he added, "Your own apprentice is not good either!" "Who dares to rob you, the devil of the world, who protects you so tightly?" Old Hua glanced at Jiang Lan and said helplessly. To tell you the truth, your big disciple seems to be somewhat interested in Chenxi, but your big disciple is so cold that he is not suitable for Chenxi. Besides, I don't have a deep affection for Chenxi. Maybe he just wants to be fresh for a while. Jiang Lan did not care whether Hua Lao was Jin Yunxiao's master or not. In front of Hua Lao, he spoke frankly without concealment, and his words were somewhat exclusive to Jin Yunxiao. When Hua Lao heard this, he couldn't help being stupefied again. "You say,plastic pallet manufacturer, the owl is also to Ann's girl." "I don't know, but last night in the Heavenly Palace, his attitude towards Chenxi was somewhat abnormal." Jiang Lan's eyes are slightly deep.