Hearing Long Hair's words, Wang Ming patted Long Hair on the shoulder with satisfaction, but never thought that Long Hair thought Wang Ming was going to hit him, and fell to the ground in fright, looking at Wang Ming in horror! Embarrassed to stop his hand in midair, for a moment, Wang Ming could not help laughing awkwardly, but soon, Wang Ming became serious, slowly stretched out his right hand to the long hair lying on the ground. After taking a look at Wang Ming, Long Hair decisively put his hand into Wang Ming's big hand and let Wang Ming pull him up from the ground. For a moment, they stood face to face. The next moment. Wang Ming Meng stretched out his right hand, hugged the neck of the long hair, waved his left hand to the distant board inch, and then three people together, went to a remote corner, constantly gesturing, as if discussing something! As the three people talk, slowly, the expression of long hair from the beginning of fear, to the later restraint, and then to the later relaxation, happy, until the last excitement! Ban Cun had an excited expression on his face from beginning to end. Finally Wang Ming clapped his big hand hard on the shoulder of the long hair and the board inch, this time, the long hair was not frightened again, a smiling face nodded to Wang Ming, opened his mouth and said a few words, and then. The three of them walked side by side towards the crowd! Soon, long hair, board inch and Wang Ming walked back, at the same time. Long hair opens a mouth: "Good, tell everybody a good news, from now on,wire nail machine manufacturers, I and board inch followed Wang Ming, how should do, everybody understands!" The eldest brother The eldest brother With Long Hair's words, the guys standing around shouted one after another. At the same time, Bancun frowned and said to his brother standing in the distance, "Depend on.." I didn't hear what Long Hair said! Call someone! The eldest brother The eldest brother Hear the words of the board inch, finally. The whole forest garden open space sounded a continuous cry, wry smile looking at this scene, Wang Ming can not help but feel funny, these guys, obviously want to learn the underworld, but how can they learn like it? The temperament of the underworld can not be learned, it is spelled out with blood and sweat! To be honest,Nail machine supplier, for everyone to call their boss, Wang Ming felt unusually awkward, super awkward, how to listen to how false, how to listen to how goose bumps! But if you don't call it that, who knows who you are? How can his name break through? Thinking of this, Wang Ming made up his mind. After looking around for a week, he said loudly, "Well, don't call me boss in the future. It's too uncreative and too lack of technical content!" At this point, Wang Ming paused for a moment, then said with a smile: "However, we always need to have a name to the outside world, so in this way, you can call me Brother Ming in the future!" Brother Ming? Hearing Wang Ming's proposal, everyone could not help saying a few words doubtfully. It doesn't matter if you don't read it. The more you read it, the more catchy it is. The more you read it, the more you feel it has content. Who is your boss? My boss is brother Ming! Gollum. Gollum. Looking at everyone's happy appearance, Wang Ming also felt very satisfied, at this time, the feeling of hunger, can not help but rise from the stomach, until then Wang Ming remembered that he had not eaten lunch, Investment casting parts ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and. Yaxin may still be waiting outside! Thinking of this, Wang Ming opened his legs and ran in the direction he had come. As he ran, he shouted, "Well, you should study it carefully. I have something urgent to do. I'll go first.." Watching Wang Ming ghostly over the nearly two-meter-high flower wall, with a phantom-like speed away in an instant, for a moment, long hair and board inches can not help but look at each other, this. Is this still a person? When Wang Ming returned to the original place, has disappeared the trace of Yaxin, looking for a circle did not find, Wang Ming directly back to the class, finally met in the corridor just came back from the outside Yaxin! See Wang Ming is still a mess, Yaxin is not greatly surprised, she does not understand, it has been such a long time, how can he not go home to change a set ah? Even if you don't change it, you have to wash off the vegetable soup and so on! Whew. Seeing that Yaxin was safe and sound, Wang Ming breathed a sigh of relief. Then, following Yaxin's eyes, he saw himself in a mess. He quickly turned around and ran into the water room to wash up. When everything is ready, from the afternoon class, has not been a long time, wearing wet clothes, Wang Ming bitter face back to the classroom, the so-called people are iron, rice is steel, a meal does not eat hungry panic, at the moment Wang Ming is like this, the morning to eat that thing, early do not know hundreds of years ago to digest light, and after the intense exercise just now, now Wang Ming, It can be said that the hungry chest sticks to the back! Under Yaxin's gaze, Wang Ming's eyes glowed green, frantically rushed to the table, grabbed the two steamed buns in plastic bags, and opened his big mouth to bite them down, ignoring that the skin of the steamed buns had been wet with water! Click. Under Yaxin's dumbfounded gaze, Wang Ming threw his big head and immediately bit off a big piece of steamed stuffed bun. He swallowed it without even chewing it. Yaxin saw very clearly that although the steamed stuffed bun was not small, Wang Ming did not bite the stuffing in such a big mouthful! Just swallowed a steamed stuffed bun, Wang Ming not only not full, but more hungry, trembling all over, once again opened his mouth, a hard bite down. The first bite, really did not bite the stuffing, but the second bite, Wang Ming can see the meat! Looking at Wang Ming jumping his feet blowing his fingers, looking at the blood on his fingers, and a half steamed buns thrown to the ground by Wang Ming, for a moment, Yaxin simply did not know whether to cry or laugh! Two big steamed stuffed buns, Wang Ming only ate a mouthful, although the second mouthful saw the meat, but saw Wang Ming's own meat, a mouth down, his fingers were bitten, the blood flow, rushing. Fortunately, there are simple medical equipment in the classroom, OK tension is not lacking, with the help of Yaxin, fingers are finally no problem, but. Looking at that thing on the ground, Wang Ming almost cried out, originally. That complete steamed stuffed bun does not matter, but just busy, do not know who stepped on a foot, plastic bags are also broken, it is a mess, to the dog do not eat! People are always like this, when you are very hungry, suddenly give you a steamed bread to eat,Nail machine manufacturer, not only will not relieve your hunger, but will make you feel more hungry, obviously. Wang Ming is like this now!. autoparts-dx.com