Yang Xiaoshui looked up at Cheng Lingbo and shrugged: "Lingbo, you should know, in fact, people live in this world, there are many forced, can have a chance to wronged their hearts, is also a luxury!"! Some people want to wronged their hearts, do not necessarily have this opportunity, so I am very cheap to cherish this opportunity! Cheng Lingbo chewed this sentence carefully, but there was no response for a long time. After a long time, she opened her mouth leisurely: "Yang Xiaoshui, if you need help, I can help you!" "Oh, Ling Bo, this is not like you. You always come and go alone, but you are chivalrous!" Yang Xiaoshui chuckled, smiled, pulled the corners of his mouth, and gasped. No, I do not need help, I am very good, very good, but you, think impassable can come to me this bosom sister! "How old are you?" Cheng Lingbo asked. Twenty! Yang Xiaoshui said, "I didn't pass the exam before, but I swear I took the exam of Central America. Not everyone is like you. I'm a little stupid. I took the exam for three years, but I won't come here!"! So, I finally succeeded, but also old! "There are thirty-two in the class, and you are not old!" Cheng Lingbo raised his chin and talked to Yang Xiaoshui very seriously. Ha ha, you are very good at comforting people, think of those big brothers, I feel really lucky! And you,38 tube fitting, even luckier, entered the Academy of Fine Arts at the age of eighteen, a good child! "I'm not a good boy!" Cheng Lingbo said lightly, put down his hand, lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, eyes do not blink. Yang Xiaoshui looked for clothes from the cabinet. Found a skirt and a sweater, then put on, stood in front of the mirror to look at themselves, and asked Cheng Lingbo: "Lingbo, do you look good in this way?" Cheng Lingbo looked at her lazily and said,needle valve manufacturer, "It would be more perfect if the chest was bigger and the cleavage was deeper." "Oh, you can joke. Do I have to squeeze?" "Well, your breasts look big!" Cheng Lingbo responded lightly. Haha- "Yang Xiaoshui burst out laughing, just laughing and suddenly burst into tears, and then solemnly said:" Well, he said so, you say I want to cut off this chest, is not free! " Cheng Lingbo heard this sentence, the whole person froze, did not speak, but looked at Yang Xiaoshui without blinking, at this moment, she read a kind of despair from Yang Xiaoshui's eyes with a smile and tears. It was the despair and desolation that did not belong to the age of twenty. Originally, everyone lives so hard, so necessary, even Yang Xiaoshui, who always smiles like a flower, can not escape the entanglement of sadness. Why don't you let us women go when you say men are tired of it? I'm not a man and I can't give you an accurate answer! But escape, as long as you want, is easy! Cheng Lingbo said quietly, "If you don't want to run away, then you still have nostalgia!"! Desperate to escape, no one is a rival. Yang Xiaoshui wiped away the tears from his eyes and smiled softly: "Ling Bo, hydraulic fitting supplier ,pipe fittings manufacturer, you're right!"! Really do no turning back, everything else is no longer a reason, including education and cruel reality! And I, whether it is nostalgia, or compromise, have to continue! Sometimes think about it, a person suddenly appears in life, occupies your time and space, your thoughts, a little bit of nibbling and annexation, becomes ubiquitous, when you get used to it, he loses you! But when you turn around and leave, he pesters you! You can only have him in your world, but in his world, there are Yingying and Yanyan, singing and singing every night, wonderful! As long as you want, you can have a romantic night and watch the flowers bloom and fall. Men are nothing, the problem is, you can't do it! That's the difficulty, isn't it? "Oh, yes, that's it!"! I am stupid, so shallow and inexperienced to deal with the killer of love, he is often teased by him, and he can also pretend that nothing happened when he lost his temper. I don't know my weight in her heart, so I often worry about gains and losses! "Then leave a bottom line, violate the bottom line, and never look back!"! Love as deep as the sea is not suitable for today's fast food men and women, every man for himself, the devil take the hindmost. "Ha ha ha-" Yang Xiaoshui burst into laughter again, "Lingbo, you are so cute, a good person is not for himself, the devil take the hindmost! But can you do it? "Still working hard!" Cheng Lingbo lifted his eyelids and did what he could not do, let's work hard! Love more, will accumulate resentment, resentment more, turn into hate, hate more, life is destroyed, why bother to come? Think of here, she suddenly felt a lot of clear mind, seems to pull with Yang Xiaoshui so little, the mood is also a lot better, why bother? "I want advice on catching up on sleep, and you should also catch up on sleep!" Cheng Lingbo doesn't like any movement in the room, so she can't sleep. Yang Xiaoshui put a cold towel on his face again and nodded. You go to sleep, and I'll go to sleep later to catch up on my sleep! I didn't sleep much all night. It's really not human to sleep with me! "Maybe it wouldn't be so hard if they were sleeping with us!" Cheng Lingbo gave another sentence. Yang Xiaoshui completely silly, smiling at Cheng Lingbo, she also looked at her, two people looked at each other a smile, all in silence. At noon, they asked for takeout in the dormitory, ate and went back to sleep. Cheng Lingbo slept in the dormitory for a whole day. Pei Qiyang did not come to disturb, also did not look for her, she rarely quiet for a day, very calm. In the afternoon, Yang Xiaoshui dressed up to go to the appointment, his face was still a little red, covered with a thick foundation, but covered the flaw, the handprint was not so obvious immediately. However, Yang Xiaoshui also succeeded in aging several years, this heavy makeup makes her whole person look 30 years old, Shuiling's 20 years old was spoiled a little too old. How is it? Yang Xiaoshui asked her when he left. It's not so good! Cheng Lingbo shook his head, "but maybe it can make a man lose his appetite!" "What do you think?" "I think it's rather unappetizing!" "That's good, that's what I want!" Yang Xiaoshui happily carried his bag and stood in front of the mirror. When the phone rang, she answered it immediately,stainless steel needle valve, and then there was a sneer on her lips, but her eyebrows were full of sorrow. All right, I'll be right down. 。 chinaroke.com