"Needless to say, no matter what the reason is, it is irreparable now. It is useless to say anything. The most important thing now is to rescue the son immediately!" Burial day congeals the eyebrow to say. Save the Son? The God of shattering was stunned, and then all of them flew into a rage. What do you mean? Did someone hijack the Son? "Who dares to disrespect the Son." See if I don't destroy his family! "If anyone dares to hurt a hair of the Son, our clan will hunt down and kill him to every corner of chaos." "What's going on?"? Lord Seiko, where is she now? Said the shattered God king, frowning, with a terrible aura of power all over his body, apparently furious. The Son is the biggest enemy of their shattered Protoss. If anyone hurts the Son, they will give the most cruel revenge at all costs, because if it were not for the Son, the shattered Protoss would have been completely destroyed in ancient times, and they would not exist. …… It's not who has taken the son, but for some reason, she is now sealed in a confined space. That confined space was built by the Creation Protoss, and Brother Wang and I couldn't open it at all. The star glass looked up and said. Creation Protoss? Hearing the name, the shattered gods were stunned, and then their faces showed complicated looks. In the past, they would have gnashed their teeth at the mention of the words "shattered Protoss", but at this time, their expressions were completely different from those in the past. Burial day indissolubles temporarily, ask: "Father, how to return a responsibility?"? Have you already met the God of Creation? "Alas, so many years of resentment turned out to be nothing but an illusion." With a wry smile, the Broken God King said, "Hen'er, Xing'er, do you remember that the last page of our ancestral precepts was sealed by power? Our ancestors said that the last page could only be opened by lifting the power seal on the day we left.". Later, we all came to the inner chaos world under the dimensional transmission array, and then we lifted the seal together and opened the last page of the ancestral precepts. It records everything that happened in those years, including the reason why the shattered Protoss were driven to a desperate situation and the truth. Only then did we realize that we had never been qualified to resent anyone, and that the destruction of the Protoss was a well-deserved retribution. The "false appearance" they left behind is to hope that we can not give up hope and struggle under the support of hatred, and that the blood of the shattered Protoss will continue.. Until the day of the miracle. At the same time, the ancestors are extremely regretful for what our clan did in those years, saying that good and evil will come to fruition in the end, and that if we do injustice, we will kill ourselves. They hope that if our clan can see the light of day again, we will not kill people in vain, nor interfere with the world that is bound to change greatly outside, but develop quietly, which will destroy the blood of the Protoss from generation to generation.. Star glass: "… …" Burial day: "… …" "We all know the truth of that year.". But now, it doesn't matter anymore. What we need most now is to save the Son, and the rest can be discussed later. Gather all our strength.. There is no reason why we can't destroy all the spiritual veins and open the space blockade! Said the funeral in a solemn voice. Half a year ago, in the battle with the God King of Creation, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, the Burial Heaven and the Star Glass were blocked by the God King of Creation for half a month before they broke away, but at that time, they could not feel the breath of Ye Tianxie and the Holy Son. They broke into Mount Borneo, found the God of Creation, pressed for his whereabouts, and learned that he had entered the blockade that could only be broken by destroying all the spiritual veins. As a result, after the burial of the sky and the star glass, all the time was focused on destroying the spiritual veins. However, how could the God of Creation let them get what they wanted? In the past six months, they fought several times, but the God of Creation was so powerful that even if he was in charge of the afterlife, he still could not match them. They were blocked three times. This time, it was only two days ago that they left, and when they were ready to enter the sky again, they felt the familiar breath and returned here as quickly as possible. Yes, nothing is more important than the safety of the son. Hen'er, Xing'er, take us there right away, on the way, and tell us in detail what happened. Burial day and star glass nodded at the same time, the heart is finally full of hope. The King of Creation is very powerful, more powerful than their father, but now, all eighteen gods of destruction have come out, and there is no reason why they can't defeat the King of Creation. Ten thousand steps back, even if they still can not be defeated, their eighteen gods scattered to destroy the spiritual vein, how can the creation God King stop it. In the past six months, they have only seen one God of creation. On Mount Borneo, in addition to the God of creation, they have only detected the breath of two gods of creation, one of which is extremely weak, which makes them suspect that there may be only three gods of creation left in the creation Protoss, one of which has not even fully awakened and grown. Brother, wait for me. I'll get you out right away. And then, with you, find the hope of saving the earth.. Meditate in the heart, the star glass stretches out both hands, cuts through the space with the purple light, the vision suddenly becomes cold: "comes with me." Chapter 1251 the longest day on earth (4). Collect [Qingdi Literature Network] to provide you with wonderful novel reading. Skyline. A line of shattered Protoss, a total of eighteen gods of the shattered at the same time came to the East Gate of Heaven. And this is undoubtedly the day when the most gods have ever gathered in the sky. Although the people in the sky are strong, they are still as small as ants in front of the true gods. A Brahman goddess is enough to frighten them. They always submit and never dare to offend. If they know that there are eighteen true gods in their sky, I don't know how they will react. This is the sky. Chaotic space, there is still a place where Reiki is so abundant. Destroying the God king exclaimed that the strong aura here made him feel relaxed and happy, which was not comparable to the chaotic space outside where he was at the beginning. If he could grow up in such an environment, he would even have reason to believe that his divine power would be twice as great as it is now. On the way here, he has listened to the star glass about the general situation,plastic pallet bins, know the status quo of the son, know Ye Tianxie this person. I also know that he is the reincarnation of the most powerful God, Tracing the Night. binpallet.com