The shrill and terrible whistling sound, back to d dàng on the quiet snow lake, shaking the ice and snow flying, even the cold willows on the bank are flying up. Xiahou straightened his knees and stood up. At this time, he was covered with blood and looked miserable, but once he stood on the snow lake, he was domineering, like an indestructible mountain. It is more like the blood flag outside the gate on the north shore of Yanming Lake. The blood flag whistled and danced in the cold wind, but it seemed that it would never fall. Xiahou looked at the south cliff. There was no expression on his pale face, and there was obvious pain in his trembling voice, but there was still a strong sense of arrogance in what he said. Ning Que, is that all? …… …… (Also today.) !。 www/ m Volume II Winter Lake Chapter 286 Gun Volume II Winter Lake Chapter 286 Gun "Is that all you have?" "You think you can kill me like this?" I haven't taken out my most powerful means yet. Don't say you can't do it. (Read this book at) ~ ~ "" The shrill whistling sound returned to d dàng on the snow lake. Xiahou walked toward the south bank of Yanming Lake in the night s sè. Because of the injury of Tu Tu, he walked very slowly and his voice trembled a little, but his footsteps were still so stable, and his bearing was still so powerful and arrogant. Standing on the edge of the cliff, Ning Que looked at Xiahou walking slowly on the ice of the night lake. There was no expression on his face, but his mood was a little strange. He felt the cold brought by the wind and snow. The thirteen arrows in the arrow box had already shshè light. Hundreds of pieces of paper accumulated after two years of hard work had turned into yellow waterfalls and brilliant storms in the houses on the north bank of the lake. All the small iron pots in the mud at the bottom of the winter lake had been detonated. His most powerful means seemed to have been used completely, but he still failed to kill Xiahou,beam impact tubes, and could not even stop him from walking slowly to the south bank. Is this the strength of a strong man at the peak of martial arts? …… …… The falling snow on the city walls has become much thinner. Big Brother looked at the direction of Yanming Lake, his clean eyebrows and eyes could not hide his worried expression, and the old cotton-padded jacket on his body trembled slightly, as if hesitating to float. Ye Su looked slightly, he did not expect that the battle on the lake of winter would present such a situation, from the beginning to the present,aluminium coated steel tube, Xiahou would be fully restrained, and would be so seriously injured. I have to admit that Ning Que has given me a lot of surprises. Master Guan's disciple is not an ordinary person, but unfortunately, he will die tonight. He looked at Big Brother and said, "Unless you do it." The elder brother understood the meaning of this sentence. Tonight the world's strong gathered in Changan city, the Academy only he and junmo come forward, in order to give Ning Que to create a fair environment, junmo is responsible for watching the Tang military, and he is responsible for watching the Haotian way én peerless genius, corresponding, he and junmo is also watched by each other. If he makes a move, then Ye Su will certainly make a move. I don't know what I remembered, but the expression on Big Brother's face gradually calmed down. The teacher often asked me to learn from my younger brother. I have been thinking about what I should learn. Now I want to learn his attitude when he encounters difficulties. He looked in the direction of Yanming Lake and said, Precision steel tubes ,precision welded tubes, "The most admirable thing about Younger Martial Brother is himself. He is his own sky. There is no limit. When everyone in the world thinks he can't do it, he can often take another step forward and climb the stone steps. This is true when he enters the Academy, when he climbs the old Academy, and when he climbs the second floor." Then how can there be an accident tonight? …… …… A lot of torches were lit outside the camp of the Feather Forest Army, which illuminated the surroundings very brightly. The snow bridge outside the camp looked like a yyü belt, while the man wearing a high crown on the snow bridge looked like an immortal on the yyü belt. With the passing of the wind and snow, time is passing. From the day to the night at this time, I do not know how long has passed, the confrontation of the snow bridge has been continuing. Junmo, the second brother of the Academy, has been sitting on the snow bridge. Zhenguo General Xu Shi and the powerful Feather Forest Army have been staying under the snow bridge. General Xu Shi leaned against the railing below the snow bridge and looked at the Second Elder Martial Brother sitting cross-legged in the snow on the bridge. He coughed twice in pain and said, "Ning Que's challenge to Xiahou, in my opinion, is a provocation to the dignity of the Tang military, so I want to prevent this battle from happening." The Second Elder Martial Brother slowly raised his head and looked at the leader of the Tang military. The thin snow on his hair and eyebrows rustled down and he said, "Now that the battle has begun, words are unnecessary." "Yes, it is no longer necessary." Xu Shixue's eyebrows gradually fluttered. Looking at him, he could hardly suppress his anger and said, "So you must rather die?" The Second Elder Martial Brother said, "Now that the battle has begun, there will naturally be life and death. As a soldier of the Tang Dynasty, don't you understand this simple truth?" After a pause, he said with a cold expression, "Besides, Xiahou is not a great man. Who dares to say that my younger martial brother will lose?" In the eyes of the two men of the Academy, Xiahou, the king of the Tang Dynasty, may not be too terrible an opponent, but now it is Ning Que who is fighting with Xiahou. Xu Shi thought so, and then said with an indifferent expression: "There is no miracle in the world." The Second Elder Martial Brother looked at him and said earnestly, "The Academy is the place where miracles are created." …… …… "If you can't kill this person after fifteen years of preparation, then the rest can only depend on destiny, but the teacher said that there has never been any destiny in this world." Ning Que stood on the cliff and thought so. He glanced up at the sky, looked down at the man coming from the snow lake, raised his eyebrows slowly, and asked, "We really.." Can it work? After the arrow box was empty, Sang Sang opened her eyes. Holding a big black umbrella, she looked into Ning Que's eyes,Cold Drawn Tubes, nodded very forcefully, and said, "Because we must succeed." 。