Guo Pu's body suddenly trembled, but he immediately said with a smile, "Girl, I have only one word. I am for you.." "Don't say it's for anyone's good," said Mei Xin. "I just want to ask if you have feelings for me." "Thank you for your kindness, Miss Mei," said Guo Pu in a low voice. "I can only be grateful to you." "Then I can't say anything more," said Mei Xin with a faint smile. Guo Pu hesitated for a moment and said, "Miss Mei, can you tell me why you can't accept Master Hai's sincerity?" Mei Xin nodded and said, "Because feelings can't be forced at all!" Guo Pu said, "I'm afraid the position of each other is the biggest obstacle. Miss Mei, what if Haibel is willing to give up his splendor and wealth and the title of the royal family for you?" Mei Xin did not answer, but said with a faint smile, "What's the matter with Gan Qing, who is ruffling a pool of spring water?"? I think Master Yan is very nosy. Hai Qing has given you a very generous treatment, hasn't he? Guo Pu smiled: "I wish all the lovers in the world get married..." "Is it?" Mei Xin raised her eyebrows and said, "I advise Master Yan to mind his own business." "Miss Mei," said Guo Pu, "I already have Yunzhu." "I think Master Yan is misleading himself," said Mei Xin. Guo Pu seemed to be trying to avoid it. "The girl hasn't answered my question yet," he said. "I have only one thing to say," said Mei Xin. "Feelings can't be forced. Since the debt of feelings can't be avoided, it's better to bear less than more." Guo Pu raised his eyebrows and said, "Girl, how can you bear it? Are you hard-hearted?" Mei Xin said lightly, "Why does Master Yan treat others too leniently and blame others too harshly?" Guo Pu was in a daze and speechless. "Miss," he said, "this is not an angry thing." "Master Yan," said Mei Xin, "every word comes from the bottom of my heart." Guo Pu was stunned again, shaking his head and smiling bitterly! Mei Xin suddenly asked,decorative palm trees, "Master Yan, since you know that Mei Xin is a member of the Hongmen Heaven and Earth Society, and you know the bottom of the Hongmen Heaven and Earth Society very well, why did Master Yan refuse to attack Mei Xin or inform Hai Qing?" "It's very simple," said Guo Pu. "I've received a great favor from Miss Mei." "That's private," said Mei Xin. "You shouldn't do that for the public." "The law of the country is nothing but human feelings," said Guo Pu. "Sometimes it's hard to separate public and private affairs." Mei Xin smiled and said, "Master Yan served the Manchu court. Is it difficult for him to watch the Hongmen Heaven and Earth Society devote itself to the great cause of recovery because of his personal kindness?" "No!" Guo Pu shook his head and said, "I won't attack the girl, and I won't let the girl have any rebellious behavior." Mei Xin said with a smile, "This is a new thing that I have never heard of. But, Master Yan, Mei Xin has the so-called rebellion almost all the time." "That's because I didn't know and didn't see it," said Guo Pu. Mei Xin stared at him with a smile and said, "But I believe Master Yan will never attack any of the loyal and righteous adherents of the first Dynasty." Guo Pu raised her eyebrows and said, "That's because the girl is too confident. I ask the girl to look back." Mei Xin didn't seem to want to argue much. She smiled and said, "When I mentioned the so-called great kindness of living, silk ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, I remembered one thing. That night, Master Yan broke into the Forbidden Palace to assassinate him.." "Miss Mei," said Guo Pu lightly, "this is going to be beheaded. It's not a joke. It's not Yan Nanlai, but a bold rebel who still doesn't know who it is." Mei Xin said with a smile, "Master Yan is so alert. I can't think of any difference. In order not to argue with each other, even if he is an unknown person, the bodyguard'Blood Drops' did his best to catch the assassin that night, but Master Yan fell in the'Eight Alleys' with the wound of a hidden weapon from Tangmen in Sichuan.." "Miss Mei," said Guo Pu, "that was not the injury caused by the unique hidden weapon of Tangmen in Sichuan. It was the hidden weapon I hit when I was fighting with someone in Tianqiao." "You can't hide it from me, Master Yan," said Mei Xin. "I haven't met anyone from Tangmen in Sichuan," said Guo Pu. "I have neither enmity nor hatred. ” "But if you want to assassinate someone," said Mei Xin, "that's another matter." "I told you it wasn't me," said Guo Pu. "Miss Mei, please don't give me the charge of being beheaded." Mei Xin said with a faint smile, "I don't want to argue any more. I'd like to ask Master Yan. Later, Master Yan abolished the right hand of Tang Ziji, the chief bodyguard of Tangmen in Sichuan. What's the reason?" "It was just a misunderstanding," said Guo Pu. "I mean," said Mei Xin, "it's linked to Master Yan's wound." Guo Pu said, "I wasn't hurt by the secret weapon of Tangmen in Sichuan. It wasn't connected at all." Mei Xin was in a daze and said with a smile, "It seems that Master Yan's wit and words have made me bow to the wind and feel inferior." "All right!" "Miss," said Guo Pu lightly, "you should know that facts speak louder than words." "I know, Master Yan," said Mei Xin. "But you and I both know who is telling the truth and who is not telling the truth. Master Yan is not eloquent, but sophistry." "Whatever the girl says," said Guo Pu with a smile. Mei Xin smiled and said, "Anyway, you're going to quibble to the end, aren't you?"? Master Yan? Guo Pu did not speak, but Mei Xin went on to say, "This is out of misunderstanding. Master Jia, who killed the Lama and the'Blood Drops' last night, ran away with serious internal injuries. It happened that Master Yan also had internal injuries. This should be a coincidence, isn't it, Master Yan?" Guo Pu nodded and said, "Yes, girl, this is a coincidence!" Mei Xin said with a smile, "Then who is Master Yan trying to deceive with wine?" "Miss," said Guo Pu, "I was injured because I was drunk. I didn't drink after I was injured." Mei Xin said, "I'm afraid only Master Yan knows whether it's true or not. But it doesn't matter. When I go back, I'll ask my father to ask Zhou and Gan. After I ask, I believe the truth will come out immediately." Guo Pu didn't speak this time! Mei Xin glanced at him and said, "There's one more thing. I'm afraid Master Yan doesn't know yet. Master Zheng, the'iron-faced old man who wants to kill the herbalist ',faux grass wall, has been to my place. He asked me to get together with his colleagues and get rid of Master Yan at all costs. I didn't agree. As a result, he had no choice but to say that he was passing on the'Loyal Heart Flag' order.." Guo Pu's expression shook, but in an instant he was calm again.