Fuji pushed Yukimura away, and the smile on Yukimura's face, which was a little unstable, was really ugly this time. LUCKY! Buer, you are here! The bearer was Qianshi, who had just finished the game. He was covered with sweat, but his spirit was unexpectedly high: "Did you see my game? Did you see my game?" Sitting down next to Buer, Qianshi couldn't help his desire to pour out: "If it weren't for the tiebreak, I would definitely win!"! The friendly match 6-6 was really not enjoyable. Then he suddenly felt a chill down his spine. Is the air conditioner too windy? Fuji's attitude towards Qianshi's hindsight is to watch the play. Yukimura, who was beside him, laughed so hard that everyone was afraid: "So, a kiss between him and Zhou Zhu took a set of time, but the result was not successful?"? Tezuka, Atobe, Chiishi. Well,PET bottle Mold, it's all good. He wrote it down. ……” This is Atobe and Tezuka who feel bad at the same time. Chapter 82 Chapter 82 The Difference of Millimeters As soon as the list of singles three is announced, only Oshitari, Chihara and Echizen are left in the team. At present, the Japanese team has two wins and one draw, and it can be said that the United States team will not be able to win the next match, and they will work hard to get a draw. This is no different from a bolt from the blue for some people who are crazy enough to treat the game as a show and want to squeeze profits. Now sitting in the lounge listening to Qianshi continue to chatter,water bottle packaging machine, you can almost imagine the rage of the American coach in the lounge at the end of the corridor. I feel very good when I think about it. With this in mind, the list of singles two announced on the radio also came out. Ninjutsu Yuuji. Wearing a flat mirror, the Ice Emperor Genius still has the same impenetrable smile on his face, which looks much weaker than his opponent's muscles with obvious texture. Fuji was naturally impressed by Andrew as a player. He didn't know whether the American coach had given him a thorough account of Andrew's tennis career before the start of the game in order to soften his heart or distract him. Give up everything, there is no beauty in life, win for the sake of winning, be a tennis machine, a tennis player without any personal feelings, this is the most satisfying person for American coaches. However, if it is the past, Edible oil filling machine ,bottle blowing machine, Buer may also sympathize with a game to consider how to save the teenager, now. He looked into the screen at Oshitari, who was pushing his glasses and looking very lazy. He was not sure if someone had told Oshitari the tennis story about the tennis machine. The same tennis school, the same title of genius, and even two people have very similar tactics and tennis play. But they took different paths. On the surface, the two geniuses can't really be serious, but in a sense, the beliefs of Fuji and Oshitari are totally different. No two is too focused on people who play tennis, while Oshitari is too easy to take seriously. Most of Bingdi's students come from famous families, and tennis is doomed not to be the only one. For Oshitari, it's a sport and a pastime. He has talent in everything, especially in tennis. He's not obsessed with winning, he's not obsessed with tennis. So it is difficult for such a person to win the game from a person with firm beliefs, even if he is a genius. I just don't know whose defense line will be broken first? Buer is interested. Such a player who drifted away from the United States because of the war, lived in the lowest and darkest slums, suffered from oppression and poverty, and finally became the only ladder to another life, won with his life, and finally became a tennis machine without emotion. Such an experience tells these teenagers who have some happy lives, how can they not be soft-hearted and sympathetic? At least, what the American coach needs is to disrupt the rhythm of the Japanese players. Therefore, it is impossible for him to give up such a good opportunity for the sake of interests. We pulled our eyes back to ten minutes ago. When Atobe left the lounge and found Oshitari at the end of the corridor with Fuji's reminder, he listened to the touching version of the American coach's story together. If this is Kikumaru, it must be moved to tears. But this is Oshitari, where the Ice Emperor has always been known for his calmness, plus Atobe. "That's ridiculous." Atobe hit the nail on the head. "Oshitari, don't let your sympathy run rampant." "Nobility does not exist in the blood, but in the heart." How proud is Atobe as the motto of life? Neither he nor his followers are weak. Survival of the fittest in natural selection. He believed in the cruel law. Does birth matter? Important. But there's never a shortage of rich dudes. Is a comfortable environment important? Important. But there are more heroic leaders in the war of troubled times. Atobe has always known that whether a person is outstanding or not is not determined by his family background. As the emperor of the ice emperor, he did not rely on money and power to make people submit. His tennis is also made by the sweat of hard training day and night, without a trace of falsehood. How about a war escape to America? You can't decide where you come from, but you can create your own future. Andrew practiced his tennis skills and left the slum, which Atobe appreciated, but Coach Baker used it as a weapon and came here to make tennis machines and play with his life or something-in his uncle's words, he was very disdainful. Not focusing on the game is the biggest disrespect. Go all out, win or lose? If you don't have the determination to win,Vegetable oil filling machine, is it threatening your opponent with your own life to say that you must win? It's so stupid. Does Atobe think I really sympathize with him? Oshitari shook his head and looked at the American coach who had just finished telling the story and listened to Atobe's comments. His face was a little wrong. He suppressed a smile: "Sorry, Atobe's elite education has always told him that the law of the jungle in this world is the supremacy of strength, so.." 。 gzxilinear.com