"There is a reason for the coexistence of all things." The holy body of Dacheng whispered to itself, but the movement of bbō exploded over the royal families like the thunder of nine days, and they were so frightened that they were cold. What Ye Fan and the God King in White had done before, and the various situations they had laid down, were far less deterrent than the appearance of the Holy Body of Dacheng! "Boom" A golden light flew up from the top of the sacred city, running through the whole eastern wasteland and reaching the southern region. The brilliant fairy light disappeared, and Dacheng Holy Body walked on foot, but disappeared in an instant. In a moment, he came to the south from the north and came down on the earth, but all the strong people who knew all this through the interaction of heaven and man were frightened. This is what means, a few steps from the northern region to the southern region, this must have great magical power, no wonder the legend of the ancient emperor can go back and forth between the stars alone. At this time, even the saints can not help but tremble. On this day, the ancient people are afraid to the extreme, it can be expected that the posture will be lowered in the future, no longer dare to despise the human race, in their view, this is the existence of a living ancient emperor, swallowing mountains and rivers, threatening nine days and ten places! The Holy Body of Dacheng entered the southern region. Some people speculated that he had gone to the ancient forbidden place. Some people claimed that he had entered the Bronze Immortal Hall. At the moment when he fell into the earth, all the Qi was lost, and no one could feel it any more. No one knew that he came to a mountain alone, and the white flowers all over the sky followed him all the way, each of which was white and flawless, flowing with a faint fragrance. In the depths of these mountains,Beverage packing machine, there are some mounds, much lower than the mountains, and if you look closely, some of them look like tombs, but most of them have been destroyed, almost no longer exist, dilapidated and desolate. The white uuā petals fell in front of the collapsed mound, and the eyes of the holy body of Dacheng turned, as if it were thousands of years old,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and his God-dimmed, with a kind of sadness. I came to see you. Standing in front of a collapsed hill, he muttered to himself, "I can reach for the stars and catch the moon, I can smash the stars, but I can't let you live.". Keep your ageless face, but you can't keep that wisp of fragrance. He stood silently for a long time and walked to the other mounds that were about to be worn out in the years. There was something like tears flashing in his eyes. He said, "My old friends who fought side by side with me, my comrades in arms, I have come to see you." With the vicissitudes of life, the cemeteries he had built with his own hands had already sunk and disappeared, and his brothers, old friends and confidants who had gone through life and death with him all rested here in peace. I came back, no longer separated, with you forever … Eventually, the holy body of Dacheng turned into a rain of light, which disappeared into the mountains. The rain of light sprinkled into the tomb of his confidante and fell into the tomb of his old friend who fought side by side with him in the past. RF@。 Chapter 891 of the main text. The holy body of Dacheng turns into light and rain, dribs and drabs, water bottling line ,juice filling machine, sinks into the mounds, disappears in the wild mountains, and the world does not know that it is eclosion. At the same time, Ye Fan's primordial spirit trembled, and the light that the holy body of Dacheng touched between his eyebrows dimmed and finally disappeared. He passed away. Ye Fan stood on the broken mountain of the black sè, silent, he could foresee the end of the Great Sage's body, see all the magnificent mountains and rivers, and eventually leave the dust. Looking back after hundreds of thousands of years, standing in front of the graves of comrades-in-arms, old friends and confidants, I have a special sadness, witnessing their old age and death one by one, and finally burying their bones with my own hands. Ye Fan thought a lot, this will also be his life? Half a lifetime of glory, half a lifetime of loneliness, he wants to see Pang Bo, Ji Ziyue they grow old one by one, and finally bury their bones for them? This outcome is too sad, he does not want this result, if there is such a day, how will he face it? At this moment, he really felt the sadness of Dacheng Holy Body, watching the people around him go to the end of their lives one by one, saying goodbye to those who had fought side by side, and seeing them return to the loess with his own eyes, what kind of sadness is that? Ye Fan thought of that scene, could not help but shiver, and then slowly came to his senses, the only good thing is that the day is still far away. What are you thinking about? Yan Yixi asked. Ye Fan quickly tidied up his mood, Dacheng Holy Body is a mirror, reflecting his past life, but also indirectly reflecting his life. "It's a pity that he left like this. This is an existence that can compete with the ancient emperor. To miss him is to miss a fairy tomb. It's an incalculable loss for those who are interested in researching the past of the emperor." Duan De bared his teeth. Not long after, the monkey, Pang Bo came back, they pursued thirty thousand miles, but only saw some traces left by Hua Yunfei and Li Xiaoman, and failed to fight with one. What happened here? "The breath of the ancient emperor just now filled the air. It was so creepy that we couldn't move in the distance." Pombo said. Ye Fan told the story just now, and the startled Ziro was stunned, unable to speak, and even called it a terrible pity. The war here is completely over, and I don't know how many enemies have been killed. The twelve no-start killing arrays have harvested countless lives. This broken mountain is full of broken limbs, heads, broken bones, and blood mud, like a Shura field! "Finish work.." Ye Fan said to himself. Blood fog filled the air, curled around the top of the black sè mountain, full of fishy smell, which made people vomit broken bones, meat sauce and so on piled up together, shocking. In the Tianduan Mountains, many people did not enter the central area, but just came to watch. At the moment, the killing array had collapsed. Relying on the courage to approach, everyone felt creepy and cold from head to foot. The broken mountain of black sè was doused with blood, and the cruel scene made everyone jumpy and cold hair stand on end. Some timid people gave out strange cries and quickly retreated. The scene here was terrible. This was not the world. It was clearly a real purgatory. At the foot of the mountain, many people stood still and saw the blood flowing down the black sè mountain from the clouds to the root of the mountain. This terrible scene shocked everyone. Tianduan Mountains,liquid bottle filling machine, every black mountain is ten thousand feet high, this is the blood flowing down from the flattened top of the mountain, how many people must die to cause such a terrible scene. gzxilinear.com