Shit, how could anyone find out! I'm puzzled! In a few minutes, I ran to the Tiger Cave. I didn't have time to take care of the stone tiger and bronze tiger on the road, so I got rid of them directly and went to the second floor! It's already started inside! There are three bodies lying on the ground, and none of them are logged out of the server! But the devil they five people are besieged by nine people, the ice has obviously been unable to support! I jumped out and shouted, "Stop it!" The crowd was startled by the sudden sound, and they returned to their weapons one after another. The two teams confronted each other like this. I walked over to the devil and whispered, "Didn't I tell you?"? Don't do it until you have to! The devil was wronged and said, "Elder brother, they bully people too much!"! To molest sister-in-law! With a low roar in his ear, I held up the dark sun and walked over. "Who's the boss? Stand up!" I asked coldly. Then a Taoist monk with a white fan in his hand came out. His son was not tall and his name was Lonely and Cold. He looked at me and asked, "I am the eldest brother. Those lying on the ground are my three brothers. How do you think this matter should be handled?" I put the dark sun mercilessly into the soil and scolded: "Damn, how do you deal with the matter of molesting my wife?" Lonely cold face frowns to say: "Just because my little brother said 'this woman is really beautiful' you have a reason to kill him?" I was speechless and looked back at the devil and Bingbing, who knew they had made a mistake and turned their heads away, while the extreme ferocity showed a "I'm sorry" expression. Fuck! Is it obvious that our side is wrong? What should I do? Lonely and cold face continued: "I know you are that red through half the sky hooligan, but even so, I can not allow someone to kill my brother in front of me,Inflatable dry slide, you must surrender his life today!" Then he pointed to the peasants! I knew you, the best player in the world, could not stop being lonely! Kill three people in one breath? I'll see what you can do about it! I mercilessly glared at the farmer, who was stunned by my frightened eyes. I said with an expressionless face: "People have been killed even if they are not killed. How about this? We have half of this mine. Let's forget about the previous things!" The farmer's voice said, "Boss.." I'm sorry I None of your business! Don't blame yourself, we are brothers! I replied that the peasants were moved by me. Lonely cold face seems to be frowning meditation, I do not know who shouted: "Damn!"! You don't own this mine! Why should each person have half? With your name on it? Lonely cold face back with the eyes that can kill people to stare at the speaker,Inflatable meltdown, I am happy too late! Fuck! I wish you wouldn't! ***! I own the mine! Strike while the iron is hot, I scold: "Damn!"! Since you don't want the mine, fine! What do you say! Do you want me to apologize to you? The expression of the lonely cold face at this time is completely in line with his name, cold face, snow-white face, can not see a trace of blood, as if it is a dead man. Today, if you don't fall down three people, my lonely cold face will disappear in Xuanyuan City immediately! Lonely and cold face gambled on his biggest chip. Yo, isn't it obvious that the more is bullying the less? But I would be afraid of this? Chuan Yin told them: "Pay attention to adding blood when fighting for a while, and leave the matter of killing to me!"! Don't embarrass me! Do you know? The response was a neat "Yes!" "Well," I sneered, "since you've said so, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable mechanical bull, I might as well add some chips. If I don't kill all of you today, I'll disappear in front of you forever!" As I spoke, I slowly used the query reputation skill to query them one by one. I found that there were four people with a reputation of more than 600, two with a reputation of 500, and the remaining three with a reputation below 500. I said, "Kill Left 3 first!" The lower the reputation, the lower the level of the person and the fewer monsters he kills! This is what I summed up. Bingbing turned into a puff of smoke and rushed to an archer on the left, while I carried the dark sun and tried my best to cooperate with Bingbing's killing. Lonely cold face cried out: "Thick feelings of water," a green light will cover my whole body up, I suddenly can not lift a trace of strength! " Shit, this is bad! Cursed! I cried bitterly in the air. Everyone saw that the boss had started, and immediately got busy. An assassin used his lightning speed to come to me and stabbed me in the chest with a knife. A violent blow-100 HP, so it drifted away with the wind. Farmer strange cry, rushed to the assassin's side, hit 13 punches in a row, the assassin knew fierce, hurriedly use their own super-high agility to escape. Do not know whether he was born at the wrong time, or how, was extremely ferocious throwing axe mercilessly hit the head, so, a scream, fell on the low! Fuck! Extremely ferocious, it's a berserker! With a huge axe, a full 1 person high! What hit the assassin just now was only the hidden weapon he carried with him. Shit! Fierce, well done! As I cursed the assassin, I also shouted, cheering for the extreme ferocity! At this time, the lonely cold face and the three swordsmen behind him also rushed up, while the demon Taoist released a cold amulet to freeze the lonely cold face, and then drove the little devil to meet the three swordsmen. Now I simply have no power to tie the chicken, can only look at the brothers for their own desperate, at this time I thought of Xuan Iron Arrow! I took out a bronze bow and shot at one of the Taoist priests, freezing him! "Ah!" With another scream, Bingbing came out of the smoke and cut the Taoist priest who was frozen by me with the dagger in his hand. Lonely cold face behind two Hercules professional guys, one of them picked up a huge stone in his hand and smashed it at Bingbing! "Not good!"! Your mother, don't hit my wife! I scold, the system actually prompted: you learn new skills, please name, I did not want to think, directly as "anger", suddenly the yellow light on my body soared,Inflatable indoor park, the curse on my body has disappeared, strength and speed actually increased a full double! I waved the dark sun in my hand and shouted, "a furious attack!" The hard stone was cut to pieces with a knife.